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Conscious Living & Loving
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Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. ~ Seneca

he source of expressed life energy emanates from the centrifugal force of Spirit that when in balance are nutriments for the soul.


To dwell inside a sustainable body that is expressive of our Soul’s creativity we must acquire the principles of whole health. Whole heath means that we are grounded in our bodies, that we follow sound nutrition, quell our emotions so that they do not overtake us and monitor the incoming & outgoings of our mind. We open our hearts to love to share and nurture ourselves and others. We understand that we are sexual beings and that our primordial energy is a force to cultivate towards liberation of the soul. We do this not through restriction but though creative self expression and selfless desire to aide humanity towards a better life.

Evolutionary Nutrition
Increase Psychic Ability & Spiritual Awarenes

The body is intelligent & is plugged into a whole energy matrix that works together, both inside & outside it. Energy is the foundation of the Universe with its Laws and Principles that refer to the ways in which cause and effect phenomena are related. Universal laws are extensions of physical laws, which apply to the spiritual world. They constitute an interrelated framework of expression for right living. These unseen guidelines for our behaviors affect our lives creating our physical world in the order they provide in a seemingly chaotic universe. Understanding and surrendering to the greater Wisdom of this Kosmic circuit and making choices within it, is the only way to bring in peace and harmony to our lives. Abiding in the Kosmic rhythm of Universal Law, we take control of our lives by overcoming negative outcomes. Hereby, we change the results of our behaviors and receive insight into which behaviors to avoid. With practice, we produce a rhythmic alignment with the Kosmic Circuit that raises us to a higher level of consciousness.  Such alignment produces alchemical tools to become self-realized and radiate love towards those asleep in their grace.

Power comes from understanding the application of the Laws in the world and their affects on the body-mind. On the inner levels, the body relies upon internal thought forms and emotions to direct it whose impressions affect the etheric energy centers of the body and its auric emanations drawing to it that vibrational pattern or attractor field that is held within. On the outer levels, we draw to us through attraction (magentism), the Laws in motion. For instance, to consciously build a light body it is important that we utilize Spiritual Law to establish healthy primary nutrition and dietary habits that clear the nervous system and allow intention to flow unimpeded through the body’s energy pathways. Since energy is the foundation of the Universal and everything is interconnected, how we breathe, and what we eat, drink, think, feel, say, and do impacts the health of our body-mind. The body-mind works together, but when there is inner conflict, there is dissonance and confusion. This out-of-balance state offers little capacity for vibrational alignment with Soul realities, which creates the channel for receptivity to align with Source Creation. Whenever there is receptivity, clarity, and focus, we are more effective in utilizing the power of intention and the Law of Magentism and those attractor fields within it - the principle of like thought attracts like thought -- to maximize our desires and also to create results in our relationships, diet and lifestyle. For example, in the Self Heal Manual on Body Wisdom, I share in the chapter on "Internal Body Perception" how our body listens to our inner dialogue. Whenever we say, "I am fat," our fat cells actually listen and respond. Our cells are intelligent and respond to focused energy. Sending our body negative messages draws attractor energy fields to us to assist in creating our perceptual reality. The Universe is responsive to the fulfillment of our desires. The question is, "what is being put out as the expression of your desire?"

There are five layers of the self to develop towards inner sustainability: 1- Self-love, which is the foundation of everything. 2- Self-containment in how we manage our personal energies. 3- Self-discipline in how we direct our personal energies toward our desired experience - right action. 4- Self-sovereignty that is free from approval in order to govern the law of our own being. 5- Self-actualization that is free from projections. To create a joyous sustainable life for ourselves, we might learn what impedes progress (doubt and fear) in the body-mind complex in order to achieve Self-actualization. There is ever a need to examine the things that disrupt energy and create blockages that distort the stream of conscious intention from manifesting in ways that are life affirming.

The following blockages require necessary address and clearance on several levels before there is true capacity to manifest. Much of our creation process requires "letting go" before we can ever expect to receive. We must let go to let in. To empty in order to fill.

1- Blocked Energy Pathways & Channels broadcast to the world an internal state of dis-ease by the Law of Magnetism. The nervous system-the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, etc. must be free of distortion and operating at peak performance, as they are the transmission tissues for broadcasting information upon the intra-dimensional planes.

2- Certain foods and substances interfere with circulation, assimilation, rejuvenation, and elimination, thus affecting body processes and clarity of mind, thereby inhibiting the power of intention to manifest without corruption through the brain and mind.

3- Lack of Intention, clarity and focus on what is desired interferes with the invocation of the power of intention and congests the aura with fragmented thoughtforms. The Law of Magnetism (Attraction) only works in our highest favor when the body’s nervous system is clear of emotional charges (miasms), internal congestion, and is essentially free of projected mental distortions.

4- Split or bifurcation of the Body-Mind (See "Alignment & Integration" Self Heal Manual) is when there is a lack of alignment between thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions, which causes great emotional confusion, poor choices, and gullibility for lack of discernment. There is no real power of choice because the body-mind is lead by old programming that recycles feelings of failure, unworthiness, inadequacy or doubt to fulfill desires, and so on. Through the Law of Magnetism, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy by magnetizing to us our negative thoughts and project them haphazardly into manifestation. Until there is a semblance of alignment between our body and mind, we live in a trance of self-deception. No positive thinking affirmations and ongoing "prayers" can overcome the inadequacy and inner discontent felt at the Core of Self. It is always an inside job!

5- Repressed Body Feelings and Emotions are an excellent way to pretend through life by living in the "head" disconnected from the feelings in the body and heart-mind. Such disconnect leads to most illnesses and emotional breakdowns. Psychic turbulence keeps us frozen from looking within the hidden recesses of the unconscious life of the body-mind. Since this mindset contributes to the great illusion, it is impossible to be clear and focused thereby sabotaging the capacity to consciously co-create anything meaningful or bring it to completion. THETA HEALING, EFT and Breath Release work helps to release the stagnant flow of suppressed emotional energy.

NOTE: The Body is a condensed level of consciousness that we live through, which makes it important to eliminate unconscious emotional patterns that contain charges (reactivity superlative to the situation at hand). Working through stubborn emotional issues frees up internal space like clearing used space on a hard drive. The feeling body acts as our unconscious mind in that it registers every feeling and thought. This free stream of incoming and outgoing communication allows reception for messages of strong intention. When we access feeling in the body, we access our true power.

THETA HEALING works to diffuse patterns and their emotional charges on All the subtle levels and dimensional planes of Being.

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Keys for a Better Life
Commit to a life of Intentional Excellence

Where there is enjoyment, nothing is a chore.
When there's no enjoyment, everything becomes a chore.
It is as simple as I have put it.
It really is all about you, and the enjoyment of the greatest play on earth, you.
~ Maharaji

By carefully following some basic health principles -- simple things like exercising, eating whole foods, sleeping enough, getting sun exposure, and reducing stress in life -- will drastically reduce the need for conventional medical care.
Eat raw foods Address Emotional Traumas Develop Positive Thinking
Eat the right fats Sleep properly
Have meaningful & masterful sex
Drink pure water Exercise
(friends, pets)
Smile Alot
Avoid Sugar Get optimal Sunlight Exposure
Good Posture
Avoid toxins in Food, Products,
& in both Thought & Emotion
Pray, Meditate, Relax Trust & Have Faith Good Hygiene

Eat right for your Nutritional Type to control insulin & leptin levels

Connect with Nature
Develop Good Habits

Leonardo Da Vinci's Prescription for Life

Do not eat when you have no appetite, & dine lightly.
Stay standing a while when you get up from a meal.
If you take exercise, let it not be too strenuous.
Chew well, & whatever you take into you...
Make sure you do not sleep at midday.
Do not lie with your stomach upward & your head downward. Be well covered at night.
...Should be well-cooked &
of simple ingredients.
Let your wine be mixed with water, take little at a time...
And rest your head & keep your mind cheerful.
He who takes medicine is ill advised.
...Not between meals, nor on an empty stomach.
Avoid wantonness & keep to this diet.
Beware of anger &
avoid stuffy air.
Neither delay nor prolong your visit to the toilet.
(Reprinted from P.E.A.S. Journal)
Reference: Will Durant, The Renaissance, 1953.

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