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Stillness Practices
The Still Mind & Breath is not Swayed

The true way to love to reflect and to meditate deeply and constantly
upon the significance and the meaning of love, its origin,
its expression through the soul, its qualities, goals and objectives.
Love never comes from the lower (personality);
it is the free unimpeded in-flow from the higher.


Silence gives rest to the mind and this means giving rest to the body.
Sometimes rest is the only medicine needed.

BREATHE! Feel the Silence of Peace. The inner stillness within your core. Sweet blissful beautiful silence. Let your breath fill you, nourish you. Feel the connection of your Divinity, the highest knowledge, feeling serenity and peace. Feel the power of flow moving through you! Hear the flow in the music of Silence. Assimilate any incoming messages of inner guidance into your Being. Follow their promptings.

Ground your self in the Spirit in Nature, absorb the sentient exchange of energies. "As Above, So below; As Within, So Without." This builds the capacity to interact intuitively with all sentient life. Grounded in body and Spirit, a direct channel of energy is produced. Imagine a crystalline pillar and see yourself looking out from within it. Your vision spans across great fields of consciousness. Everything is apparent - clear to you. There are no distractions, just peace, serenity at the highest point that you can reach, the Infinite Source of Love - the Pleroma - the Galactic core of creation. You are a Divine emanation - An original creation with purpose, with goal orientation and in tandem with Nature - A Co-Evolutionary Pathway.

Open yourself to miracles that happen every day because they exist, look for the wonder in all things in Nature. Your heart will attune with reverence and empathy for all that is. This is the gift in connection with the Divine Mother Spirit, of a balanced crown chakra whose sound therapy is held within the silent voice in Nature. AAHHH, blissful silence in a world of increasing noise pollution that drones out the whisperings of the inner voice. Turn off the TV- unplug from the computer! Align with your true Nature!  
Remember Who You Are


Accessing the Higher Realms Through Spiritual Earth

We belong to the ground. It is our power and we must stay close to it or maybe we will get lost.
~Aborigine, Narritjin Maymuru;Yirkala

The magnetic Kosmic body is generating energy onto the Earth for our absorption. We can tap into the source of these spiritual energies as demonstrated in the following meditation for assimilation through resonance with the greater rhythm of life. Entrainment with Spiritual force allows us to mediate this energy of light into the body for healing, and to feed and sustain Nature’s matrix. The fifty-three natural webstring senses and sensitivities available to us through our body consciousness form the connective webstrings between the dimensions. They act as conduits between the levels of thought and layers of feeling.

To utilize life energy most effectively we tap into the abundant energies above us, around us and below us. This requires body awareness to Ground, Center and Expand Nature’s attractions through increasingly heightened sensory perceptions. First we must ground. Grounding is a deep rootedness of Being that allows us to be present with what is. Without presence further evolution of the senses are difficult to register. Earth is the medium to anchor the body and ground consciousness - body and space. It is how we ground Spirit into matter through our own biological processes for full somatic enlightenment.

Benefits of grounding consciousness into the etheric body is that it fortifies and keeps it free from excess weight; maintains open and circulating energy centers; and cultivates life energy to rise naturally and abundantly. Next, is to center consciousness, to focus into the true heart within. This mediative stance produces coherence for webstring relation and empathic communication within the life matrix. This provides a space for healing, of reverence and gratitude for life’s creation. With permission we engage heart to heart with the Mother. Limited self created boundaries dissolve and empty for the wellspring of Nature’s compassional love to fill us. Full of Love, we expand to pay it forward.

Amplified webstring connection outreached from the inner heart, assimilate intelligence to evolve the senses. They Increase the vibrations of body and consciousness to rise into subtler states and locations out of time, to bridge the gaps in consciousness. Webstring connections create bridges, from self to other, and from thought impressions to manifestations born of the Intelligence of Creation Itself, the One Life, Source of ALL. Direct experience will show you.

As Above, So Below
As Within, So without

"As above, so below" means that the macrocosm of the universe is mirrored in the microcosm of the human body, and that the archetypal patterns of structure on the causal and astral levels of reality have their lower reflections on the physical level of being.


GROUND, CENTER, EXPAND Nature Connection Meditation

Stand barefoot with feet hips distance apart. Center your consciousness in your heart. Take a deep breath and gently exhale. Inhale deeper and fill your lungs with life-giving air. Feel your heart expanding with each breath.

Now feel that life force energy and move it down your body as you breathe into your legs and feet. And as you exhale, feel the energy move through the soles of your feet into the Earth.

Take notice of your feeling senses. How your energy body feels a magnetic pull into the earth – an attraction to root into the rich moist darkness to absorb nourishment that Mother Earth so freely gives. Allow that webstring attraction to root into the Earth take hold. Let the feeling sense of gravity provide anchorage and balance.

Imagine the soles of your feet forming roots that slide through the soil finding cracks in the rocks as they merge into the Heart of Mother at the center of the earth. Ask permission to engage. Open your electromagnetic sense and assure that the webstring connection between your heart and the heart of Gaia is strong and firm. Feel the glow of Her love and the warmth of Her unconditional heart pervade you.

Feel the pressure of energy rise through the soil and into your legs and pelvis. Cradle the energy in your pelvis-*-. Breathe in again and feel it rise to fill your abdomen, bathing and nourishing all the organs there. Use your breath and feel it rise to your heart filling your being with love and nourishing your lungs with in-spiration. Let this healing energy rise up to massage your face and nourish your brain.

With your energy expanding, register the attraction to reach upward like branches of a tree toward the sun. Feel the receptivity at the crown of your head liberate your consciousness through the layers of the atmosphere to the very stars themselves. Assure that your webstring connection to the stars are strong and firm, then expand into All That Is connecting to everything and nothing - the void of pure emptiness.

As a receptive conduit of spiritual force, open to Kosmic resonance. Harness the energy for descent through the crown of your head, past the zeal point at the neck, the chest and abdomen, legs and through your rooted feet into the magnetic Earth. This looping between Earth and Heaven creates healing synthesis using the body as a conduit of spiritual energy flow.

Empty and full at the same time, from feet to crown, the body is equally receptive to Earth’s liberating currents and to the heavenly currents descending into manifestation. You can adjust how much energy you assimilate from each reception point, root or crown. You can open or close these channels so the energy flows are just right for your comfort and healing. Take a moment to do that now.

Now, let the open-ended columns of energy converge at your Diamond Heart, the nexus, so that you have an admixture of both Earth and Heavenly energies. Let this energy flow out down your arms and out your hands to pay it forward with love in action.

Feel yourself standing fully present with the energies of Earth and Heaven flowing up and down through your being converging at your heart. Know that your heart is a center of power where healing can occur. Feel that energy flow out your hands to be used for whatever healing purpose you have in mind. Energy is neutral, so use your energy wisely and always engage with permission in connecting with others and in Nature.

Alisa Battaglia©2012


Global Communion & Group Meditation
Ritual & Earth Cycle

The Law of Third Force states that when two or more are gathered together for a
common purpose there is a third force that is Greater than the sum total of the members.

There are certain periods where Earth receives infusions of spiritual energy to aid planetary evolution. These times of incoming spiritual energy makes individual and group meditations a powerful gateway for the assimilation of those energies. For example, with the influence of the moon out of the way, an alignment set up between the Earth and the sun allows the full energy of the sun - symbol of the soul's light - to impact freely and directly upon human consciousness. This influx of light inspires spirit to flow outwardly into human consciousness, facilitating closer contact and relationship between all individuals who are receptive and sensitive to the vibration of the inner planes. As we become more attuned to the inner rhythm of such integrative periods, no matter where we are, or what we are doing, we can each take the opportunity to link up in consciousness with the organized spiritual in-flow of Light permeating Mother Earth to bring about necessary healing. This communion of hearts and minds enables us to go forward within the bonds of love and light - leaving the past behind and focused in the NOW, where all parallels merge.

The observation of these incoming cycles is perhaps the most important discipline for contacting and distributing spiritual energies throughout the world. We must pause within from the outer concerns of life and and in collective group effort work together via Earth communion, meditation and contemplation to create a channel, a rainbow bridge of connectivity through which spiritual light can anchor into matter and creatively flow. As a united invocative group of goodwill - we act as a unified focal point of light illuminated in love increasingly sensitive to impressions from the Soul that enables our lives and work to be guided from within co-creatively with Nature.

One such cycle is the full moon, a period for intense meditation and quiet, subjective work. There is a five-day period in the full moon approach to establish an inner alignment with the soul and our groups. They are the two preceding days of renunciation and detachment where there is spiritual preparation for the day of the full moon; the actual day and exact moment of the full moon space is held as a silent channel in alignment with Spiritual intent, focusing thoughts upon fulfilling the need of humanity and planet Earth; and the two days of distribution succeeding the full moon where the energies contacted permeate our hearts, through our group and throughout the world. Each monthly full moon cycle is influenced by the astrological constellation. Each sign of the zodiac has a key quality or qualities that are built into human consciousness by meditating upon them. We use these spiritual keynotes in meditation to expands our hearts, deepen our love and connection with Nature to dissolve the illusory barriers of separation that in reality does not exist - to bridge the gap between the two worlds of spiritual activity and human demonstration--to ground Spirit into matter.


Cultivating Non-Attachment

Having enjoyed a sweet delicious taste, And having sometimes tasted what is bitter,
Do not greedily enjoy the sweet taste, Do not feel aversion toward the bitter.

When touched by pleasant contact, do not be enthralled, do not tremble when touched by pain.
Look evenly on both the pleasant and painful, not drawn or repelled by anything.
~Buddha, "The Connected Discourses of the Buddha"

There is the globe,
The foundation of my bodily existence.
It wears me out with work and duties,
It gives me rest in old age,
It gives me peace in death.
For the one who supplied me with what I needed in life,
Will also give me what I need in death.
~Chuang-Tzu, the great Taoist sage

Impermanence, bliss and compassion are the central ideas in Buddhism from which all else peripherally revolve

Impermanence- We should not be too strongly attached to life, for if we are, we will find ourselves buffeted against the sharp rocks of change. Radical impermanence suggests that instead of living in the past and future, we should learn to live in the present as fully as possible. This moment, at least, we are alive, while we cannot be sure we will be alive tomorrow.

Compassion- As we judge people and lament others selfishness, their hating this and wanting that---realize that we are just the same. This helps us to see others in ourselves and ourselves in others lending compassion and forgiveness.

Bliss- We are lead to bliss, a state of profound spiritual satisfaction, happiness or joy, when we get “that nobody can step into the same river twice.” (Heraclitus) We may think that the river we step into tomorrow is the same river we stepped into today, but this is just an illusion. The river is always flowing along, so we can never step into the same water twice. Let go into the river of the Divine.

Cultivating non-attachment is about following a certain inner path, a certain way of engaging with the world - a middle or neutral way that does not cause us to be overcome by extremes and to rise above the duality of our desire for 'this' and 'that'. There is an inverse relationship between desire and attachment. Through desire we give rise to attachments. For every desire, there is a corresponding attachment, namely, to the object of desire. Attachments are based on the egocentric point of view, with its offspring, the notions of 'me' and 'mine'.

We see variant extremes played out within the human condition that reduces us to two strong impulses, desire and hatred. Either we are strongly pulled towards what we like or repelled by what we hate. Almost everything we say and do, and most of our interests pursued, speech and activity are motivated by and absorbed into whom we like, what we like, and what we hate. Understanding this framework of object and subject as a false dualism lends the basis from which to work if we are to live a serene and happy life in a world of constant flux.

With practice, we can rise above the natural tendencies of the ego-mind and root out each and every point of attachment. For example, our conspicuous attachment to our bodies with its physical comforts and the enjoyment of the senses that if we consider it is ultimately a potential source of suffering. For instance, we seek to elude the inevitability of death by evading the thought of it. However, the body is constantly changing under the cyclic law of entropy. Impermanence reveals on a daily basis that life is fleeting and ever-changing and every day we are reminded of its transient nature through the danger and uncertainty of death. From moment to moment, the body is passing from youth to old age, from life to death. Fear of death is a form of attachment as is the lust for life. Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

Not only are we attached to our bodies, but also to our possessions. We continually weave a net of clinging around our clothes, our car, our house, and our wealth and loath to part with our “things” by accumulating more “stuff,” as if more will allot years to our lives.

The subtle threads of intellectual attachment and infatuation with many things, our memories of past or future anticipations are attachments as well that keep us out of the moment, where life resides. Life is flowing, always changing, and we must never look back to the moment, which has sped by, nor must we look forward to the moment which lies ahead. Rather, we strive to live in the present, flowing along in harmony with the rhythm of life, appreciating each moment for what it is worth and allowing it to pass on to be replaced by the next.

Even spiritual experiences may become objects of attachment. For example, in meditation we often gain unusual experiences and can become attached to their duplication or to attainments gained, such as initiations. Understanding the nature of impermanence is the wisdom gained to leave every attachment behind until there is not even a speck left for the mind to grasp.

To discover the state of absolute freedom that is rightfully ours we must let go of everything, high and low, exalted and debased, pure and impure, existent and non-existent, and the mind will become calm and pure by itself. With sufficient determination to work through our manifestly unsatisfactory way of living—that of being little more than a slave to our impulses and practice becoming more detached, more neutral, less emotionally charged, less engaged with the alluring things we want, and less averse and enraged by the things we dislike. In lieu of our attachments and delusions between subject and object, we have the potential to achieve ultimate freedom, eternal peace and perfect enlightenment. Moments of non-attachment looks something like this:

" I am present with my body; my breathing becomes very refined, approaching stillness; mental activity has calmed down; I feel no threat–there is a certainty of belonging; I perceive my inner world as an open space with no boundaries–awareness extends in all directions rather than being focused on specific thoughts; self-acceptance flows out into the environment. Things “out there” seem intimate to me, an extension of myself." ~Deepak Chopra

Practicing this cultivation 'Check List' daily will deeply habituate you to following an inner path that engages the world in a higher way.

• Check your life for dangers around you.
• Check yourself for symptoms of impending illness.
• Check your mind for negative thoughts.
Critically review all your recent interests and activities to see if everything is in integrity.
• Check your motives for doing or saying things.
• Correct your wrongs and right any errors if you can.


The Path of Meditation

Don't strain. Don't force anything or make grand, exaggerated efforts. Meditation is not aggressive.
There is no place or need for violent striving. Just let your effort be relaxed and steady.

~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, "Mindfulness in Plain English"

editation has been compared to the flow of breath because it conforms to the natural rhythm of the universal in-breath and out-breath - the respiratory cycle of all energy. All of life is a part of the respirational ebb and flow of cyclical spiritual energy. As we become conscious in our breathing and live in tandem with these rhythms, we begin to entrain to the greater vibratory flow of which we are a part. Meditation is essentially a means of centering ourselves into that flow so that we can contact, hold and distribute spiritual energies. If it is our intention, we eventually align within the rhythm of the planetary heartbeat, which reveals over time that our practice has greater implications beyond the development of our self and is in fact, a part of the vast planetary process.

Meditation is perhaps the most transformational tool on both the individual and planetary levels, as it is a way to commune with GOD. As a vehicle for the expansion of consciousness, it leads to coordination of the soul, mind and brain upon which there is a period of alignment that occurs by stabilizing and calming the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Meditation is pre-requisite to building a Luminous Body that links the integrated personality with the soul. Eventually, the soul grips the vehicles that enable facility of concentration and positive orientation. On our journey, this inner connection leads us from dark to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality, off the cycle of rebirth and eventually onto the path of higher evolution.

With meditation, visualization is a key component for learning to wield and direct energy in conformity with the purpose of the soul. A seed thought, an aphorism, quality or symbol that when pondered during meditation opens the mind to deeper realities. However, the first step on the meditative path is to examine our purpose, why we want to do it, so that our practice is grounded in positive purpose--to truly reflect spiritual ideals that embody service and sincere commitment to action. Implementing the rhythm of daily practice to commune with Spirit even when conditions conspire to interrupt the rhythm are vital. While meditation brings in fiery energies, at first it is recommended that a meditation period last between 15-20 minutes to eliminate over stimulation that might force the Kundalini energy to rise prematurely, potentially causing damage to the body-mind.

As we sit to commune with God, our mind is focused on an affirmation expressing our spiritual ideal. Purification begins when the mind is in accord with our Spirit.

When mind is in accord with Spirit and there is control of the body, connection has been established. This alignment with Spirit gives us access to cross the bridge of the mind that we come to know God. Many have come to know this as Building a Light body--the construction of the antahkarana or the rainbow bridge that weaves the threads of consciousness from within to without. The desire for union with the One Life or Divine Life prompts a refining process to take place in the body.

Purification begins within the chakra bodies where all activity is accelerated and energy is redirected to its highest function. It is under the direction of the mind that constructive thoughts and emotions release healing hormones into the body-mind. And it is through the endocrine glands that our spiritual forces finds means of expression. Meditation stimulates and activates the pineal gland at which point a rush of energy is felt and a pulsation at the forehead area.

We also may feel a pulsation at the tail of the spine as creative spiritual energy spirals in upward momentum. If spiritual life force should rise unhindered and undefiled to the pineal and pituitary glands, the whole body fills with light and depending on the degree of the attunement, we may orient with Christ or Unity Consciousness raising our rate of vibration. Once energies are purified at the third eye, the chakras disseminate the descending energies to cleanse and strengthen the body-mind.
Meditation is a key to opening these energy centers (chakras), while proper application of those spiritual energies illuminate the body, together transforming us into a light in the world. If we aspire, there are three keys to mastering the technique of meditation. The three keys to this door of communication with Spirit are sincerity, enthusiasm and perseverance.

Also see Full Moon Group Meditation
Quan Yin Method of Meditation with Light & Sound, Tonglen Meditation, Quan Yin Standing & Jesus Sitting Sheng Zhen Qi Gong.

Prayer is speaking to God and meditation is listening to God. Efforts at meditation or prayer awaken the necessary enthusiasm to begin.

nsight Meditation~
Balancing Subtle Energy of the Body, Mind & Emotions


Beyond our self ascribed chaos is a space beyond words of clarity and truth where love is the only surety. There is a state of mind that is still, creative and productive in a real sense, whole and energetic in its intensity where we are independent of everything, even learning. The energy of stillness is the only thing in creation that is productive, for it is not personal. Silence is the direct pathway to presence. In presence we are whole. In wholeness we are a co-creator with Spirit.

Osho - Vegetarianism is of immense help in Meditation

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”~ Dalai Lama
NOTE: Healing potential increases when meditation and Food-Based Healing (phytonutrients Foods) are combined! Together they promote a powerhouse supply of life energy that is capable of rebuilding the body.

Also, Aromatherapy, in the use of real essential oils, especially Frankinsence or a combination of calming oils to quell anxiety during meditation greatly enhances the meditative process. Real essential oils for meditation and visualization could be a way forward for many.


Tonglen Buddhist Meditation

A Generative Practice of Compassion

"The important thing is to try to look a little more broadly than just our own individual suffering.
The wider your point of view, the more you bear witness. And out of that bearing witness a healing will arise. Bearing witness brings us into loving action, the goal of which is to reduce suffering." ~ Roshi Bernie Glassman

Humanities current task is to free ourselves from the prison by widening the circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Meditation is a way to cultivate compassion and reverence for life.

Meditation is deep and continuous thought that allows us to travel inward to reflect on sacred matters. It leads us to discover who we really are. Once achieved, we can reflect on inner aspects of the mind. Deeper meditations connect us to the spark of the Divine and the Light within. Once an interfacing with the Higher Self has been established we are assured a harmonious, abundant, and loving life as long as we allow guidance by our inner directive.

Meditation is the key to finding peace within and staying connected to it. When we connect inside ourselves and learn to control our mental and emotional bodies peace becomes us. Meditation allows us to master this state of mind and once we do, we discover who we really are.

The Tonglen meditation practice in its application to relationship dynamics is an incredible self-developmental tool. Within its processes are alignments that exponentially expand from a selfish orientation to an increasing expansion of Universal care. For instance, the more heart centered we become the less selfish we are and more concerned with Universal values.

The word Tonglen means, “giving and receiving,” which is a harmonious flow between the giving masculine and the receiving feminine principles. The meditation is a challenge to embrace the undesirable aspects of experience and transform them using the power of breath. It teaches how to draw in pain, than to push it away by mental dissolution. It is impossible to process emotional pain through the mind-it must come through the feeling body. It may seem counterintuitive and even uncomfortable to breathe in negativity, but by opening the heart in this way fear and self-absorption is overcome while developing the capacity for increased compassion, for the self, your partner and for all sentient beings that trigger your buttons. The heart is the chakra center of transmutation of pain and suffering into higher love and entryway into higher processes.

The meditation is preceded by specific prayers for the healing of certain people or groups that are experiencing similar suffering to yours through compassion. For example, the attitude held is “I alone will liberate all beings from their suffering.” While I suffer, there are others who suffer the same way that I am suffering now. Meditate and draw in the collective suffering transmuting it with compassionate understanding and forgiveness. It is amazing how effectively this works for those who are in your face and how calm a repose you can maintain with practice. People’s attitudes can simply soften without ever knowing what is actually happening to them through you. This makes room for honest communication than an enervating session of emotional reactivity.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~Dalai Lama

On the Inhalation, visualize taking in your negativity and suffering and hold it into your heart. Then imagine taking in the suffering of all those in the world that suffer like you in your particular situation and feel how you feel. You find that no feeling is ever original and that by self-identification with all of humanities sufferings you can destroy your egoic self-cherishing or narcissism as the layers of defense rise forth for inspection and into the light of understanding where the heart melts into compassion.

On the Exhalation, radiate love and peace in your heart, mind and body. Extend this feeling as a radiant light of infinite Love that reaches all beings throughout the world. Imagine that this Love energy emanating from within you washes over all beings and that they all experience a deep love and inner peace. Meditate single-pointedly on this love and joy.

This meditation exercise can be used while in sitting practice or amidst daily activities. For instance, while facing a grumpy salesperson, an ill-tempered boss or when arguing with a lover or friend. It is extremely helpful to remember that people react when they are in pain. Fear is a form of psychological pain that holds great power in its ability to destroy. The human family seeks two things, to love and be loved and to no longer be in pain. With this in mind, it becomes easier to see others as an integral part of the human family with the same fear and desires as our own.

Note: We are what we eat! What we eat will determine what we think. Therefore, we do not meditate within two hours of eating. Fasting is a well-known way to enhance the meditative state.


Words of Peace

Maharaji Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat, known also by the honorary title Maharaji, has traveled the world for four decades, inspiring people to find peace within.

His message is simple and profound. It is independent of and is compatible with any philosophy, religion, or spiritual path. At the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok, he said, “Peace needs to be in everyone’s life. The peace we are looking for is within. It is in the heart, waiting to be felt. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.”

Maharaji's Official Website _Inernational

Young Peoples Initiative


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