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There are Many Paths...but only the Path of Heart Sets Us Free

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness ...the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Path of Heart
Random Acts of Kindness

The Heart knows even when the eyes don't see.
The Path of Heart will set you free

The Path of Heart is not a religion - rather it is way to know ourselves through the Spirit in Nature. The Soul is connected to the Earth and offers immense instruction on how to live in the observation of Nature's processes - abiding in her rhythm and sounds. By choosing thoughts, actions, sounds and feelings that make connection with our higher self we stay in touch with our Soul and we find our purpose in life. We discover where we come from and the secrets of the Universe as our unfolding awareness pierces the illusion of the social order.

Living our awareness — consciously by and with our core values—requires that we live our truth, with connection and communication to our Soul. Living with self-love and understanding means to state the truth of our particular experience however conflicted it may be.

Self-acceptance arises from the freedom to evaluate our selves clearly and through the changes we have made in our selves. This means that we accept and include the dejected parts of self that feel betrayed or misunderstood. When we are aware of, responsible for, and accepting of our own and others judgments we can be more present, spontaneous and honest with ourselves because we do not need to hide in blame, shame, guilt, doubt, or fear anymore. To do other than this volunteers victimhood. As we become more aligned with the essence of our true nature we more readily accept our selves and others as they are. Coming from this heart space opens us in mutual empathy and stimulates the innate potential for healing in ourselves and in our relationships.

Centering in the NOw moment is the process mode to open to flow (feminine force) through the body to heal it allowing what arises to pass with ease. Explore the feeling!

Love is not a verb, it is a noun because it is energetic stuff we are made of that emanates from our core. It is what we experience when we return to our Essential Self. We can see its quality in everything especially when we extend the love that we have for ourselves to others. Loving is not something we contemplate or intellectualize doing. It is actively holding the space of love by being present! So in our wisdom and compassion we recognize that a mean spirited person is in pain erecting a defense posture that armors the self from any form of incoming love.

Self-dejection is compliant in the ego structure that harms our true nature by closing off receptivity to the flow of love, thereby disconnecting from the life-line of Source. With this awareness we can reach out to a hardened heart with an open heart where our caring alone oftentimes dissolves the armor, even if for an instant, to reveal a shining face and beaming smile of gratitude that someone actually notices and cares. Love graciously received ultimately illuminates all of life. It has the capacity to restore the broken peices of our lives. When we love our selves we give permission for others to love them selves too, which makes us all capable of having healthier relationships. Love is infusive and living the 'Path of Heart' will always guide us to right process.

The tree of humanity has one seed, God, the Supreme Soul, who stays eternally full of all divine qualities that are originally ours.

As children of the one Seed, all souls are spiritually related. By making a subtle shift from an outer, material consciousness to an inner, spiritual consciousness, we once again realise our true selves and God, and move towards our nature of peace, respect and love.

The process begins at the personal level and will eventually lead to a shift from a world torn apart by anger, dependency, arrogance, greed and lust to a kinder, gentler world with only the finest in human virtues – happiness, love, peace and purity.

~Brahma Kumuris

"The path of all religions beats with the same heart
of love and oneness when the dogma is removed."

The Path of Heart takes us into the present where we enter the world of miracles.

1. Recognition of Universal Law & Principle (Natural order based upon Original Source) and the…
2. Realization of Cause and Effect in our lives asks us to…
3. Surrender to Creator which takes us to the…
4. Path of Least Resistance or Non-interference in our.
5. Aspiration towards a Higher Power that requires...
6. Response-ability and…
7. Authentic Expression of our Truth and…
8. Cultivation of Patience and…
9. Forgiveness (Giving up resentment) & Non-Judgmentalism that lifts us to…
10. Compassion & Unconditional Love and…
11. Comm-Unity Consciousness in the desire to…
12. Serve Humanity whose energy requires…
13. Detachment from the Outcome of our Choices or Actions.

"The fullness of love cannot be love unless its is action. Contemplated love or the mere repitition of words may occupy one's fancy, but love in action is the measure of a heart united with mind and soul."
~ St.Paul theVenetian


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye."
~Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Practice Living the Path of Heart:

1. Love is a state of being, not an activity of thought.  Recognize and accept Love as your true nature. Actively hold the space of Love. Anything else is a neglect of your Essential Self.
2. Focus on living in the present moment that brings you to awareness. Direct Experience teaches you.
3. Open your spontaneous gateway.

4. Live your awareness by withholding judgment, fear, expectation and the need to fix. Instead release others, reconcile and accept, hold compassion and cooperate by taking responsibility for your life.
5. Act lovingly, gently and respectfully to your self and others, and all sentient creatures in thought, speech and action.
6. Open to authenticity. Keep communications open and honest.
7. Surrender your egoic will to your Higher Will.
8. Ground, center and expand yourself to connect with your inner dimension and follow its guiding wisdom.
9. Keep healthy boundaries in tact so your heart can lead you to right process.
10. Serve and support others in their personal and spiritual growth.
11. Open your heart to new experiences.
12. Hold your relationships with others more important than any issue.
13. Align your self with the Spirit in Nature.
14. Create a bridge to connect all things and to amplify your sense faculties to communication.

The Path of Heart is an Excerpt from, "The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine" by Alisa Battaglia©2015
Published in Sybil Magazine 2008 & 2009.


Cultivating Your Inner Diamond

The world, as a world...has lost its ideal. Man may not have the same idea. Man-all men-may have the same ideal!...that can only come with all having the one ideal; not the one idea, but "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, thy neighbor as thyself!" This [is] the whole law, this [is] the whole answer to the world, to each and every soul. That is the answer to the world conditions as they exist today.
~Edgar Cayce, Reading 3976-8

Spirituality and religion are not the same. Spirituality is a personal experience and process of increasing inner knowing and expanding. It is an innate aspect of being human. While spirituality is our core essence that gives us a personal sense of meaning, values and identity, not everyone’s attention is focused on reality even though all humans are endowed with divine faculties and intelligence. When we are more actively engaged with our inner evolution, we open ourselves to gifts of the Soul whose life comes from attentive connection with the Spirit in Nature and in the aspiration for a Higher Power. Grace Bestowed!

When the Soul leads, spiritual ideals enter the mind and we guided to cultivate a personal masterpiece. Spiritual ideals shape our very lives, our experiences, and even inspires who we are becoming. In-spiriting is a motivating pattern that guides our lives and can provide an approach to answering our inner call. When we are in its motivating influence the intention of the ideal activates every cell in the body creating shifts on multiple levels. Since mind is the builder through focused attention, we are led by the spirit we are entertaining. We either live by the luminous light of Love, Wisdom and Intelligence of the Spirit in Nature or we fall sway to the default pattern of the Archontic dark forces of fear and ignorance. Connecting with the Spirit in Nature is the fastest and only true path to Beauty, as She is our most immediate and immanent Source.

Working with ideals as building blocks to reach our highest potential necessitates frequent activity in our lives - one in which we are challenged, encouraged, and even prodded to cultivate our "inner diamond." Everyone works with ideals, even if it is unconscious. This makes it ever important to be conscious of what we are building within ourselves because ultimately we'll have the chance to meet it. We might choose a quality or attribute that is currently missing or lacking in our own life in our relationships with others.

Ordinary life and Buddhahood have no distinction. Great knowledge is not different from ignorance.
Why should one seek outwardly for a treasure, when the field of the body has its own bright jewel?

~Pao-chih, "The Nonduality of Buddhahood and Ordinary Life"

Out of the Selfish Heart, What will YOU Cultivate?

The world is not to be put in order, the world is order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.
~ Henry Miller

"I remember that my first conscious attribute to cultivate was my lost virtue of patience and endurance. I have a quick pace, think and move fast that without temperance that often burned me out producing inertia. After numerous speeding tickets that threatened my license, I thought I should re-evaluate my capacity for self control and redefine what was really important. As I began to work with feelings of irritation over people being too slow, toiled with impatience and pushed through inertia I began to learn how to find balance between. I created a new pattern by changing my perception and thus, my reationship to those themes. The realization came that nothing is indeed that important that I have to manically rush putting myself and others in jeaopardy by speeding to save five or ten minutes that would solve my being late. Late is late. Eventually focused attention on my actions resulted in greater patience and endurance becoming my usual state of mind."

As we work with a conscious ideal, unlike a goal that is fleeting once accomplished, not only is our direction made more clear, but the ideal becomes a living, breathing portion of who we are at a Soul level. The measure of progress is when the ideal becomes an automatic and natural response of our personality.

Since ideals grow and change as we do, it becomes important to generate new ideals once we make the intended ones part of who we are. The first most important thing is to determine what our spiritual ideal is, as we each have the opportunity to consciously decide what actions require correction. In the end, our ideals become a part of who we are - a steadfast code of ethics we live by.

See Papers:
Seven Hearts of Consciousness

The Four Agreements

Spirituality vs. Religion = Knowing vs. Faith

The term religion is quite inadequate to describe the reciprocal bond and accessible intimacy between mankind and the Creator. The term religion is a term of falsehood and exile produced by our disconnect, and the expelling of the Divine feminine (Sheckina) as a byproduct of our building collective and individualistic egos. In place of this bond we build "foreign God" paradigms that serve our cultural collective and individual egos, fetishes of control and power. These virtual/ synthetic gods are projections of mankinds deficiencies and serve the ego's dysfunction. Instead humanity should focus on the fact that they are gifted with the spiritual technology for correcting themselves to draw intimately closer to all.


Cultivating Compassion

That efflux of the heart is life and light and love which the sentient mind comprehends as
different substances, although they are just different attributes of the same cosmic substance.
It is love that quickens the heart or self of another and love is life; therefore adding love is adding life.
It is the same process and comes with the expansion of heart.
~Hazrat Samuel L. Lewis (Sufi Ahmed Murad Chisti)

From passion comes compassion, an exquisite expression of the heart. Compassion is the highest frequency of love that allows us to tolerate and move towards any difficult situation and align with it without withdrawing. From this point we can operate from a place of equanimity and acceptance. Compassion greatly enhances access and effectiveness. From there we can invite friendship and build upon it in an attempt to change difficult circumstances. The wisdom in Nature is our best teacher in cultivating compassion.

Compassion is the basis of all morality.
~Arnold Schopenhauer

Spiritual compassion can also be inspired through an appreciation of our own situation. We hold gratitude for the benefits we have received when we confront, up close, the enormous pain others are forced to endure. Perhaps ones heart does not automatically leap forth to respond because it is trapped in the external life of conditional love operating in assumptions. There is more trust with the head, rather than trust of the heart, which is solely a defense mechansism for lack of spiritual discrimination. However, I believe that since humanity has been resonating on the lowest vibrational scale entranced in the game of fear and terror that compassion must be cultivated and practiced, if not lost forever in a deviated, virtual, and Nature disconnected world.

Non-judgment + Live & Let Live = Compassion
or at least some level of Empathy.


There are many techniques and methods for developing spiritual compassion, all of which can be useful under different circumstances and for different purposes. The simplest one is to pause and reflect on how it would be to be in the other person's mind and body: what would it feel like to be him/her? Another arises from nurturing a personal relationship with a person you care for. We can cultivate compassion for different people and circumstances. We can generate compassion for ourselves. We can generate compassion for Nature. Humans are part of Nature. We can generate compassion for those we oppose. This does not mean that we are to compromise integrity or our position on certain matters. There is no compassion for those who are a threat to our sovereign conscience and connection with Nature, instead the problem is approached with dispassionate action.

Tonglen Buddhist meditation can be used for all these purposes.

Cultivating Compassion Meditation

Sometimes when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways it can change
someone else's life forever. ~Margaret Cho, American comedian

Feeling or developing compassion for our own heart is an essential preparation for holding a sense of universal empathy that embraces the world and everyone in it. We cannot love or revere outwardly, if we cannot love and revere within. It's an inverse relationship. The following are some tips to expand your heart.

Start with the intention of feeling compassion for your own heart first. Imagine compassion as a flash light blanketing your heart in a luminous glow.

Breathe that luminous glow in and send a loving thought to yourself. “I am well and free from suffering.”

Using your breath, send the luminous light emanating from your heart out into the world on the exhale.

As you do this intend, “I appreciate the kindness and love of all living creatures. May all others be well.”

Intend this light to first reach the inner round of those you love. Then feel and see the light expanding outwardly to your good friends, then towards acquaintances, and finally to the people you dislike or actually hate. As the light reaches each new band of people, say: “May they be well and free from suffering.”

Concentrate on the kindness and compassion of all living things, and how they make your life possible, and good.

Imagine what it is like to be somebody else. What is it like to be your parent, your husband, your wife, an animal, the Earth?

How is life for them, with their own fears and dreams, their hopes?

Every day is a call to empathy. You see homeless people in the streets and people dying on the television news and psychopathic leaders and their minions are prematurely killing us all through their terrorism. However, "Psychopaths" are excluded from this practice as no level of compassion can change them.

When you feel compassion or empathy for others, don’t brush it aside. Become open and vulnerable, enhance and deepen the feeling.

Also see Tonglen Buddhist Meditation

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The Charter of Compassion


Letting Go With the Flow

Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner.
~ Max Lucado

Forgiveness is the key to transformation that occurs through the Spiritual Heart. A forgiving state of mind is the gateway to beauty and a new world of interrelatedness. When we have surrendered our expectations, softened our hearts and found the gift in our wounding experiences we are ready to activate the heart through forgiveness. Forgiveness may not be easy, but it does make us feel better in freeing the disconnected ego self from pain and suffering. Pain can be purifactory in that it reveals that something is out of alignment with the Higher Stream of wellbeing. The ego pain body structure is a veneer that shields awareness of the ensouled Self. It works to rule the perceived kingdom of which it seeks control over - the ego is the kingdom, albeit false. Once this is understood, we must ask: With whom do we align? Godhead or the psychopathic Archontic machinations of humanity? Whom can we trust: The Spirit in Nature or the Bankers? We cannot serve the false and the true. We must inevitably choose. There is only one absolute Truth!

Forgive as in a
Flowing Stream of Release

Alisa Battaglia©
Fairchild Botanical Garden, FL

Purifying our emotional body and letting go is how we reset to align and flow in tandem with Nature's rhythm and the streaming of the greater Kosmic circuit. Letting go allows the Kosmos to flow through us - to keep the dream flowing.

The role of forgiveness is essential in our healing passage because it disconnects us from the gripping of the past and fuels confidence to plow through tough situations without harboring resentment, panicking or losing control. We act with dispassion or non-attachment. This does not mean we suddenly befriend or approve of someone who has trespassed against us. It does mean that we release our aggressors of any lingering resentments and are able to forgive ourselves from mis-takes so that we may finally move forward to be present in our lives. The atttiude of forgiveness however, does not embrace those who oppress us, enslave us and who ultimately wish to kill us. Instead, those actions require a Warrior heart to defend the good, the beautiful and the True in life.

As we evolve and develop a greater depth of understanding, there is a natural willingness to engage in forgiveness. The very act of forgiveness heals, constructs bridges and breaks down barriers in building right relationships in families, groups, communities, nations and humanity—the World of the Soul. Understand that without forgiveness there can be no authentic relationship unless separative and narrow thinking are relinquished. The only thing that keeps us in separation is living in the ego mind that builds defenses fortifying a loveless life. The mindset of the machinated ego does not support the Soul that is connected through Nature. This separation between self and Nature is a state of unconsciousness that causes pain and delays the harmony and peace we long for. Resistance usurps our vital stream of energy and we suffer in myriad ways.

Forgiveness is the key to purifying the Soul. To authenticate, we must each choose "unbinding" from the illusion for the process to begin. For example, faulty habits, patterns of mind and emotions such as hate, envy, jealousy, anger, self doubt, suspicion, regret, frustration, and even mild dislikes vibrate at a low frequency. Lower frequencies consumes our energy and negative energy contributes to a loss in peace, and happiness. When we love ourselves, our first priority is Soul evolution. We do what we need to do to liberate self from the bondage of feeling separate, to question and move beyond the traps of ignorance that impede our spiritual progress. True forgiveness helps to bind the spiritual realms ever closer to humanity. It is the recognition of our commonality and the remembrance of our authentic Self as immortal Spirit. This very state of mind rests at the heart of transformation - that eventually undergo the Tests of Initiation.

The four stages of forgiveness found in Clarissa Pinkola-Estes’s book, “Women who Run with the Wolves” is a simple alchemical recipe that catharts us through the forgiveness process. It provides an actual capacity to disconnect from the object of our attention imbuing universal wisdom.


The Four Stages of Forgiveness

Disconnecting from the Past

It does not matter whether you are a theist or atheist, what matters is sincerity, forgiveness, and compassion.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

1. Forego-leave it alone
2. Forbear-
abstain from punishing
3. Forget-
avert from memory, refuse to dwell
4. Forgive-
abandon the debt

The four stages of forgiveness is a practice in retention. When we forego something, we refuse through choice not out of denial to eliminate the mind from wrapping around the object of our attention or obsession. We leave it alone. When we forbear we take no part in punishing or blaming self or others, and we no longer need to defend our hearts or be overly suspicious of people, because we have learned to take self-responsibility. When we forget or use retentive memory in our refusal to dwell on things that offers no solution for change or that self-limits, we choose to avert our memory to more constructive ends. When we forgive, we let go of the resentment of injury done to us and we forgive ourselves and others. We literally abandon retribution and the weight of debt. We free ourselves from the grievance story of the past as we discharge the emotional binding, although we can recall our memories when needed. Moving on allows our awareness to be present and our grievance story to reflect our honorable choice to forgive.

Alisa Battaglia©2015, Excerpted from the book, "The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine"


Thank You Divine Wisdom

Consciously cultivating thankfulness is a journey of the soul, one that begins when we look around us
and see the positive effects that gratitude creates. ~MJ Ryan

Consciousness operates on many different levels. Technology has provided many conveniences that are so often taken for granted. A flip of a switch provides illumination. A turn of a knob provides heat for cooking. A turn of a handle provides fresh water from a faucet. A flush of a toilet provides sanitation and convenience. We used to light candles for illumination. We used to build fires for cooking. We used to transport water from outside to sources to our abodes. We used to use chamber pots and outhouses. So much for technology.

What about our physical gifts? The gift of ambulating without assistance. The gift of thinking clearly. The gift of being continent of feces and urine. The gift of having food to nourish oneself.

Buddhism teaches us non attachment. We are taught not to compare. However, have you ever given any thought to what it would be like to be without the afore said physical gifts or live in a civilization that did not have the afore said conveniences? Have you ever given any thought to what it would be like to be confined to a wheelchair, dependent on others to change an incontinent brief on others due to incontinence? Have you ever given any thought to what it would be like to lose your memory and be confused?

As a Light Worker who is dedicated to personal and global evolution I suggest you do the following. Close your eyes and picture all the wonderful things you possess; spiritual, physical, and material that are simple in nature, but that which make you whole. Then picture yourself without them..

Gratitude is the conscious recognition of those basic things we are blessed with yet take for granted. One way we thank our Higher Power for these gifts is to treat our body as the temple it is so we can continue our journey to ascension.

In closing, I leave you with the following. A Nursing Home Resident who I knew who was a quadriplegic had an interesting viewpoint. Each day I would see him and ask how he was. His response was so simple and defined the ultimate sense of gratitude for me. His response was “Thank God for life.”


Conscious seed make a flute from a reed

Play a beautiful note for the cosmos to hear
Reverberate to all human care and remember
To keep plants, animals and minerals dear

As we play a tune on the flute from the reed
May God Bless us for all we need.

The Gentle Art of Blessing


Amazing Grace

Receiving Nature's Grace comes from Living in the Flow

The journey to Divine Grace is entirely personal. It emanates from a deep desire, often as a need for help, as life no longer seems to be working with us. We feel trapped and whatever we do through the ego creates painful outcomes. The conflict in our lives tells us that we are not in alignment with our Essential Self...that we have side stepped the Spirit in Nature and thus, are out of flow with Divine rhythm. Yet, our invocation is heard and our indwelling higher force that fills us with a special strength of Grace guides us to right process. Grace asks us to surrender our egoic will to the higher forces of Spiritual alignment so that we may attune to Singularity - the undivided stream of Source. Such surrendering in Trust of Divine guidance rather than the ego-will-to-be-done, uplifts the personality into reorientation towards material Soul awareness. Our inner strength surfaces into conviction and correction towards right process. From a different vector of perception, we see with renewed awareness how struggles are guideposts that point where we are out of alignment and to make the necessary adjustments for a better life.

The Grace or direct impulse received from Spirit acts mystically in our Soul. This gift of blessed influence transforms our whole being at the most radical level. While Grace is always available to us, we do not always appropriate it. We must invoke it and accept to receive it in the instant of our asking. In the winds of change we find our true direction. I tell my story of Grace below.

One late afternoon, I took a jog to clear my head and rethink my life direction. My spirit was at low ebb and I was vividly aware of how I had been misusing my divine endowments and wanted to change my life, but needed a jump-start to move forward by a power much larger than myself. I cried from sheer determination and willingness while invoking Spirits help from the core of my being. I surrendered my personal will and the response I received was felt as a strong stream of directed loving force that suddenly filled me while quickening my consciousness, heightening my self awareness and sense of participation with the Universe—I experienced a direct communion with a Higher Power. The sluice gates of my Soul opened and Grace amazingly poured in overwhelming me with beneficent power. I was made whole from my conflict and inner resistances, as the humble Grace of Higher Power flowed into me and directed me towards right action.

Years later, as I struggled on the path of aligned focus towards gnosis of spiritual matters and feeling an anxious quickening of participation in Earth's correction, I questioned my worthiness of receiving Godheads sanctifying energy. Was I courageous enough to carry out the inner message of my Soul in defending the good, the beautiful, and the True? Would anyone hear me? What was I to do and how was I to achieve this fiery inner calling? I felt wholly unmerited of such an abundant and divine favor that had taken possession of me. I began to struggle with how and why I was chosen to become a recipient for Spirit's work. I wondered how I was to honor this unknown, yet always desired Path of Reverence for Nature and did not yet see that I was being prepared to partake in a momentous correction in the very near future. My efforts felt so puny in the grandeur and magnanimity lavished upon me.

Once I consciously accepted my own divine endowments channeled through the living stream that flowed into me that day, my life began to transform in ways I only imagined. I am very rich indeed! Grace, I learned is the divine energy at work in the human Soul. Therein, began the tenuous, if not disconcerting alignment process of my bifurcated personality; the eventual and ongoing integration of my personality with Soul; and followed by a series of initiations for participation in planetary revivalism. Communion with the Spirit in Nature and letting Earth teach is the

I must say that receiving the blessings of Divine Grace is a most profound and moving experience - that of being pursued and captured by a relentless and irresistible love. Throughout the years, it has been this Divine energy that has driven me tirelessly in body and spirit to participate behind the scenes in our planetary Mother's Correction. It is this consciousness of communion, of the grounding of Spirit in Matter through my physical body conjoining hands, heart, and Nature with the co-creative force at the Heart of Godhead—that has enlarged my capacity to liberate my Soul urge into greater expression. No doubt, I am a happy recipient of Spiritual Grace and with sovereign conscience to express this eternal moral law that lies at the core of all things - I pass my direct experience on through these words.

“Grace is available to everyone, but you must be willing to surrender to change at the very moment of your asking and apprehend to Divine strength. And in the freedom to choose, it is the surrendering of all things small that allows Spirit to bring harmony and balance into your life enabling you to live those principles, as the impetus toward your spiritual evolution in the greater kosmic-planetary scheme.”


The Secret of Happiness

“What keeps us unhappy is our tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain.”
~Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron

"Everyone has love inside themselves. The secret of happiness is taking the love that is inside and letting it out by making the world a better place. Taking action to make the world a better place changes you, your world and builds bonds and community which we all need to be happy. By taking action at the level of civil society, we become part of it in a way that allows us to be happy and help to make others happy. Governments respond to grass roots pressure so the leadership is really bottom up if we are taking our responsibility seriously and making ourselves happy at the same time! When we act for the good of others, we act for the good of ourselves and we know that we are a part of the whole in a way that is essential to our happiness." ~Eduardo


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