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Nature Connection
Well Mind, Well Earth

A Synergistic Relation
between Planetary and Personal Well Being


Spiritual Earth Wisdom

The deeper we look into nature, the more we recognize that it is full of life, and the more
profoundly we know that all life is a secret and that we are united with all life that is in nature.
~Albert Schweitzer

There is a shared erotic connection and emotional bond imbued by love between human activity and the natural environment, as both are co-creative bio-spiritual forces that exchange the electrical charges of creation that contains the “Keys of Life." These subtle carriers of Wisdom are webstrings. They are the subtle primal life currents that circulate kundalini energy and consciousness from a singular Source seamlessly threading filaments of wisdomthroughout all creation. Such an intricate tapestry of life provides ecological stability achieved through biological diversity and a complex network of connections..."functional connections" between elements in the total system. No single organism is responsible for that stability. Everything is interconnected, coherent, aligned with purpose and yet, is wholly adaptable. The more functional connections a system has, the more sustainable or life affirming it becomes.

While Nature has created the functional connections for human intelligence to evolve, inversely human intelligence has profoundly violated the life forces of Nature to its dysfunctional will. Misuse of the creative life energies always results in outcomes that are extreme with the effects upon both the individual and the collective experience. Living a life disconnected from Natures functional connections produces gaps in consciousness that render ones self wholly ineffective and dependent on consumption to feel value. The current ecological crisis is an accurate reflection of the collapsing of human social values. Evidence shows that as humanity moves into a bio-technological era of development, isolationism and disrespect for Nature increases.

The patriarchal, mechanistic, and anti-erotic society of divisive thinking insists on separating so many inseparable things - those ideas born of a fear of bodily knowledge and a desire to silence and then sell back to us the erotic as taboo, induces creative force into automaton by "removing the beauty of communion." The way the phsyical body is separated from the physical world; the body from itself; the body from the mind; the body from Soul; Nature from culture; men from women; black from white; and so on, is to move against the nature in ourselves against one another and against our environment. The Archontic-mechanistic sciences seek to unravel or deconstruct the intrinsic order of a system and the elements that make up its parts. The health of the whole organism depends upon the relative health of the individuals within it.

Nature is erotic and we can use our erotic or primal life force (Kundalini energy) through our feeling bodies conjoined with Earths primal currents via communion. Bonding consciously we resist the forces of separation that seeks to disconnect our psyches from the Spirit in Nature.

Such application of harmonious, connective and creative force of the erotic, bridges the spiritual and the socio-political with the Earth body closing the gap in consciousness.

Only when we are able to reintegrate our sexuality with our spirituality and properly metabolize the energies that flows from within, with the energy that draws us from without into conscious creativity with Nature, will we have the moral grounding maturity needed to live our lives ethically and harmoniously with Nature.


"The purpose of life is to live in agreement with nature"
~ Zeno circa 520 BC

"God redeems humanity,
but nature needs to be redeemed by human alchemists,
who are able to induce the process of transformation,
which alone is capable of liberating the light
imprisoned in physical creation."
~Stephan Hoeller, Sufi Journal, Issue 67, Autumn 2005

Alisa Battaglia©2012

Creation Calls
Are You Listening?


Grounding Spirit into Matter
Organic Timeline

Earth is a part of you and reacts to the Universal Energy field of the collective of humanity

Earth Core Cave of Co-Creation Meditation

Stand barefoot with feet hips distance apart ground in the core of the Earth body. Invoke your I AM Presence and erect your Crystalline pillar for connection. Focus awareness at your Soul's eye at the hearts diamond center & connect with the realms of Divine Imagination. Once centered, imagine a streaming of Love/Wisdom tingling your crown - intuit the vertical downstreaming as direct knowing- a message, visualization or instruction whose action is always life-affirming. Feel how the soft spot on your head reacts as the beaming pierces the central axis of your body and into the Earth's own center for alignment. Perceive how the interlinking, like tinker toys forms pathways of connection into other plantary bodies. Feel a groundedess of being, an openess to divine impulse and expansion of all percpetual-feeling faculties assimilating and integrating incoming streams of energetic codes or bluepritns for whole-self wellbeing from the planetary Sun at the Earth's center anchoring us into the Earth's organic time line.

The human body is a tuning fork. Align your heart with this vertical flow of energy. Through your body you are to assimilate and ground that force into dark matter for integration. Here you stand between heaven and Earth of your own body, whose center of awareness is at the heart. Feel the love energy permeate your open heart—assimilate Love. Now, in order to assist in healing alignment you must anchor that love into Earth. This link through your heart connects you to Earth’s wisdom. Drop your Love energy from your open heart deep in the Earths inner cavern and Ground it, as you are intuitively directed. Through your feeling nature send appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth herself. Over time with consistency and love you will build a bridge—a strong psychic rapport with the heart and mind of Mother Earth frequency. Await Instruction or direction through feeling impulse and intuitive knowing.

Know that your body, heart-mind is a conduit of force. With this in mind, hold the channel of love open and allow the streamingt to pass through your crown - through your body into the Earth body for assimilation of healing spiritual energies and activation. Send your Love and appreciation to Her in order to energetically remove and transform humanities collective thought form - the belief of dominon and power over Earth to be used and defiled for humankind’s own purposes without regard to affects on other life forms. You equally shatter a highly limiting and damaging thought form that denies you access to your higher wisdom, your spiritual vision, your ability to discern truth from falsehood and your abilities to change your reality, as you desire. The thought form that you are separate from your own divinity was introduced by power structures to control you to keep you from receiving the gifts of your own godhead.

Earth is a part of you and reacts to the Universal Energy field of the collective of humanity. The simple act of sending appreciation or gratitude to Earth simultaneously links you into the Dreaming of Gaia-Sophia by contributing to the transformation of these highly destructive thought forms.

The harmonic frequency —the vibrational signature—of appreciation, or gratitude activates your Soul. Now, you are likely tapping into unseen energies, the voice of the Earth and the Elementals. Relax your mind, let go and allow the voice of the Earth to communicate with your Soul. Just listen. So, intuit direction from those whose work lies at the inner core—Earth’s Cave of Creation and open your attention. Spiritual force filtered with human love feeds and sustains the Earth's neural network and is needed to activate and anchor the organic Earth Frequency timeline.

After you have dwelled within this vibratory field of appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth for at least five minutes, shift your attention from your heart center to the pineal gland in the center of your head. Begin to tone. Toning activates unused potentials within the crystalline structure of your own pineal gland and DNA. Allow your voice signature/sound to resonate to activate whole brain synthesis. As you tone keep your awareness in your heart in order to open the portal of your inner diamond and its vast storehouse of potentials.

Once contacted, you will begin to place your awareness in multiple places simultaneously. About 36 inches above your head or at the point if you were to physically raise your hands above your head where your fingers touch, focus your awareness there, at your Higher Self. Now hold that point of awareness steady and focus at the inner eye again. With two focal points held steady, move your awareness into your heart chakra so that the influx of energy from the Soul moves into the pineal gland and into the heart center. At this moment, send appreciation, or gratitude to your Soul, for the revelation of your own Heart-Mind.
As Above, So Below
Divine Interlink

Axis of Love
Crystalline Pillar ofAwareness
Channel from Earth, body-heart to Soul, Source

Snappy link up

Ground your Body-heart into the Earth’s magnetic core. Focus your feelings at your hearts center into a singular line of coherence. Raise the emanation and anchor into the Pleroma at the Galactic Center. Descend this channel of light through your Soul acting as mediator between Heaven & Earth via the crown syncing into your diamond heart. This links up physical consciousness with your Soul (Earth) and Spirit (Creator). The Crystalline Pillar of Awareness shimmers in pure radiance grounding Spirit into Matter (Earth).  Invoke the Crystalline Pillar of Awareness daily for your protection and empowerment.

Finally, if you are capable, simultaneously bring into your awareness a fourth point, which is in the very center of the Earth itself, so that the influx of heart-mind force flows from the Soul into your heart chakra and down into the center of the Earth.

If you continue with this sensory meditation, you will eventually be able to master holding more points of awareness simultaneously. The purpose is to activate unused potentials and abilities within your organic nature and to produce congruency of Mind that is flowing in harmony with the inner Self. To give you access to your own Heart-Mind in Nature, which you can then use to infuse your life with new insights, new understanding, new forms of inspiration, and new creative solutions to problems you may be facing either individually or collectively.

Alisa Battaglia©2012

PAPERS: “The Great Work, Grounding Spirit into Matter.”

See Group Meditations


Collective Trust and Stewardship
People and Nature as Community

A New Planetary Ethic

The earth is at the same time mother, she is mother of all that is natural, mother of all that is human.
She is the mother of all, for contained in her are the seeds of all.
The earth of humankind contains all moistness, all verdancy, all germinating power.
It is in so many ways fruitful. All creation comes from it.
Yet it forms not only the basic raw material for humankind,
but also the substance of the incarnation of God's son.
~Hildegard Von Bingen

It is our human birthright to have a fair share of the land and the nourishment provided by Mother Earth. Sharing the bounty of inner Earth (all resources from within the earth, such as water, metals and minerals, oil, and archeological treasures) provides the simple foundation of equality and therefore, are the collective trust and stewardship of all humanity. These provisions are to be justly shared for benefit of the whole. Our ecological heritage does not imply that we plunder Earth and turn Nature into resources and kill sentient life in greed, which is the compulsively "masculine" character traits that permeate our power structures (PATRIX) and drive us to dominate Nature as if it were an alien and rightless realm. We have shared rights and responsibilities alongside the individual sovereignty of land stewardship and for all indwelling life. Ecological consciousness is the path to sanity and interdependent survival considering our ecological footprint on planet Earth.

Most people are unaware that Earth and all life forms are being energetically harvested by astral feeders, principalities, corporations, governments and other organizations invested in power, control and greed. These collective powers are usurping Earth’s resources that are slowly asphyxiating the body of Earth, humans and animals in the name of mass consumerism. We each play a role in the death urge agenda when we support these power structures with the things we buy and support. As consumers we determine what is acceptable and what is not! When we ignorantly purchase things without thought to the amount of energy consumed to produce a product and the waste it leaves behind when it is not longer desired, we are contributors or rather slaves to the cause. This repression of ecological unconscious is the deepest root of collusive madness in industrial society today.

Humanity as a whole has been irresponsible stewards. We have forgotten the inverse relationship that the needs of the planet are the needs of the people, that the rights of the people are the rights of the planet. The alienation between person and person, person and family, person and society, person to animals, and person to Earth must awaken to the inherent sense of environmental reciprocity or power sharing that lies within the ecological unconscious - how we relate, live, move and have our being upon the Earth body and anchor into HER Earth reality time line, rather than the synthetic matrix that siphons life force energy and keeps us locked into the vicious cycle of addictive consciousness.

There is a synergistic interplay between planetary and personal well-being, humanity and Earth that are cooperatively linked in the quest to align with the galactic center. Hence this great Earth transition also has great relevance to human survival. Without Earth the human race cannot survive, but Earth can survive without the human race. In other words, the whole can exist without the parts, but the parts cannot exist without the whole and move into asphyxiation. Severing the umbilicus of our great sustainer is jolting the collective consciousness into realization that their sustenance is now conditional. They must awaken to reconnect, attune and harmonize with the principles of self-preservation in order to survive as a species. Memory of the primordial essence - our ancient self is contained in our blood as a living record of Kosmic evolution (the natural systems within the unfolding sequence of physical, biological, mental, and cultural systems) that traces back to distant initial conditions in the history of time. Our remembering is the trigger to produce the required shift in consciousness. The basic comprehension that the body of Earth is our Mothership is capable of turning the course of history. To do so, requires bridging the gap between extremes in consciousness, such as alienation between the recently created urban psyche and the age-old natural environment, so that we move into higher vibrational frequencies alongside Mother Earth in the quest for survival and re-generation. The transformation from the paradigms of separation (isolationism) and competition, to newer world views of interrelationship and interconnectedness of Life will open the idea of universal birthright that is based upon a simple agreement comprehended by all.

An ecocentric worldview paradigm is the link that connects intelligence with the heart. Internal healing always engenders tremendous positive energy and a completely new vision of life's direction and meaning. Let us dance with Earth and live in her rhythm, re-enchanting us back into our True Nature in the embrace with the Divine Feminine.

Alisa Battaglia©2015

As Earth Stewards We Assist

To Co-Create with Nature in harmony.

To Enhance our body-heart connection with the Earth
Body's Pranic Grid.

To Raise our Vibration by Harmonizing the Energies of our Body through the Earth via the hearts vector.

To Intuit into and anchor in the Organic earth timeline.

To Bring Harmony and Peace upon Planet Earth.

A Magnificent Wonder

y heart filled with respect, awe and speechless wonder at the sight presented in the following video. You may also be filled with a profound sense of regret and sorrow for what we are doing to our planet and our fellow sentient beings, such as these majestic pachoderms. Imagine, a self-aware being creating a self-portrait with assurance and aplomb. Such perfection!!

The being is an elephant. We think we know a great deal about animal psychology and are killing these majestic creatures with deadly efficiency and ferocity but, as this thrilling video shows, we know little or nothing about these astounding companions who share the earth with us. Will we learn who they are before we kill them all?
Elephant Painting

We clasp the hands of those
that go before us,
And the hands of those
who come after us.
We enter the little circle of
each other's arms
And the large circle of lovers,
Whose hands are joined in a dance,
And the larger circle of all creatures,
Passing in and out of life,
Who move also in a dance,
To a music so subtle and vast
that no ear hears it.
~Wendell Berry

“The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations: The Great Binding Law.”

In all of your deliberations in the Confederate Council, in your efforts at law making, in all your official acts, self-interest shall be cast into oblivion. Cast not over your shoulder behind you the warnings of the nephews and nieces should they chide you for any error or wrong you may do, but return to the way of the Great Law which is just and right. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground – the unborn of the future Nation.

Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation, writes: "We are looking ahead, as is one of the first mandates given us as chiefs, to make sure and to make every decision that we make relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come. . . ." "What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?"

We Are All One


Natures Web of Loves
The Pleasure Bond

“Grids are actually fractal and holographic, and they span all of creation including its many dimensional levels. They are not just on Earth, but correspond to the physical universe. The physical universe does not exist without these grids. They are needed to ensure the appropriate distribution of life-force energy, provide the templates needed for material creation, and much more. Not only that, but they are a physicalized expression of the sacred code of creation itself. They are not inanimate "objects" - they are a blueprint of consciousness itself, expressed in a harmonic form.” ~Ron Holt, Director of Flower of Life research

Listen With Your Heart
The Message of Trees

Experience a Nature Connection Exercise
See Global Communion


"Live Life as Ceremony."

The Organic Path of Healing

f there are strong feelings about what we are seeking to transform or release, the energy of emotion will become part of what is available for healing and bio-regeneration. Since the energy of our bodies is always available dancing is an excellent way to both ground and raise energy because it creates heat, which purifies. Light and heat are tools for transmutation. Using Sound, the vibration of air molecules is another form of energy as is the spoken or intoned word, such as chants and songs. Drumming too, is another way of making sound to raise energy. Because all these activities help us into states of altered awareness or trance, they can also tap into our spiritual energy that is necessary to outpour to commune with the Earth Heart beat. Often times creating a particular space with the attitude of reverence, building a medicine wheel, Gates of Grace, focused meditation in the same spot for a long while builds powerful energetic imprints that creates a field or vortex through the transfer of light-electricity/information that is activated by focused higher mental energy that equates to a vibrational signature or DNA portal. Take note that the mind and heart conjoined in unified focus into the Earth Field produces supernatural results and amplification of higher intuitional pathways. The Organic Healing Path is about tuning in with whole body intelligence.

Focused collective heart intention via dual and group meditation under the laws of Love with the Earth Soul can have a worldwide affect on reducing crime and social tension, peace, help neutralize pollution, balance weather patterns such as earthquake and hurricane activity and bring equilibrium to marine life in dead waters. Stagnant vibrations accumulated from continual arguments, death, unreleased trauma, accidents, and past emotional events linger in the environment of your home at the astral level or in the area of the incident that energetically imprints the emotional data into the Earth body producing a miasm or energy flow blockage. However, some of these imprints emanate feelings of joy, love and peace, while others activate our archival body bringing ancient planetary memory to surface. For example, I have tapped into ancient memory and felt such places, especially in Mexico in my teens at the Teotihuacán Pyramids--the Sun & Moon Pyramids. Their vibrations triggered ancient memories of the Maya culture imprinted in the Ecological unconsciousness. Those early experiences marked the beginnings of my journey in relationship with Earth consciousness and later Eco-psychology. Other imprints I entrained with imprinted in the Earth body held tremendous pain from the bloodshed of war, strife of those in constant survival mode, and trauma from war and concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Germany. When I lived in Hamburg, Germany and traveled within those dense zones of trauma impregnated with human miscreation I could feel it in my body. Through my hearts vector, I was able to access the Earth's Living Library blanketing those areas.

All information of the Earth is contained at a cellular level in the archival body and we have access to it by connecting with the Spirit in Nature. With a laser like focus of the hearts vector of perception, which commands our expression of presence, awareness, and truth we are pulled into the current holy moment of communing and mending the gaps in consciousness within us; between the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms of Nature we can establish harmony and peace within us, with others and with the body of Earth Mother as a “One” living planet for a conscious co-creative evolutionary journey on Earth's organic timeline.

In Ceremony of the Land we enter an inner doorway of our souls. We become one with the Earth as we move through our interior tabernacle with intention, forgiveness, surrender, and rebirth. We resonate in our truth. We hear the voice of Divine Love resonate within us as we enter that Divine Indwelling and listen. And in that listening we hear our remembering, the Knowing that lives in us all--the echo of Love that binds all together. And in that moment of our deepest knowing we come home to our center, our Source where our real power emanates from a force that is in us, but not of us.

Alisa Battaglia©2015


Earth Communion

You know that I have the ability to regenerate into something astounding. Stop mourning so that you have an excuse not to be a warrior. Many of you have proven to be worthy to be a part of me. You uplift me. Be a warrior for the coming age. ~ Gaia

Sacred Sage Smudging of the Etheric Body

"Is there a way you can avoid bad things from occurring? Some people in South Florida believe in a tribal practice called smudging. Spread the burning herbs around your house or body and watch the magic happen!" ~
Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil

The quality of today's environment has a direct effect on personal wellness. To enjoy environmental wellness, we require clean air, pure water, quality food, adequate shelter, satisfactory work conditions, personal safety, and healthy relationships. Environmental wellness or eco-psychology is about living symbiotically with nature with concern towards how our energy footprint affects the entire ecosystem of life. It involves developing alternative resources to oil in order to live in a clean and safe environment that is not detrimental to our health, life forms and the Earth body.

Healing Alignment: Preservation consciousness in connection with Nature. Engage with Nature to commune and absorb Earth's healing energies, connect heart-to-heart to keep the body-earth in balance. Focus attention to align with her gaze for co-creative re-generation.

1-"Waste not, want not" my Mother taught us. There is no such thing as throwing away. Think about where it's all going to go. The landfills & oceans are overflowing with garbage. Minds are also full of garbage producing bifurcation in the etheric field and body. Communion with the Spirit in Nature mends the gaps in consciousness and produces whole-self wellbeing, the union of Self with the greater community of humanity.

2-Assist in healing by communing in Nature. EcoCommunion & healing for connection as greater Earth Souls, Earth dances & meditation with Earth Mother are ways to show our Gaia our appreciation and love for her sustenance and foundational support for our lives that many take for granted on a daily basis.

A Way to Cleanse our Hearts & Celebrate the Land

Photo: Community Invocation for Katrina victimsat Hollywood Beach, Florida. Smudging for Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil

See Photos from Channel 7 Smudge Event


The Ten Indian Commitments

Treat the earth and all that dwell thereon with respect; Remain close to the great spirit;
Show great respect for your fellow beings;
Work together for the benefit of all mankind;
Give assistance and kindness wherever needed;
Do what you know to be right;
Look after the well being of mind and body;
Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good;
Be truthful and honest at all times;
Take full responsibility for your actions.

International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


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