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You With You

"There is only one relationship: you with you.
When you get that one right you can attract all the other relationships you choose.” ~The Group

Anthropos 11

If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not capable of developing compassion for others.”
~Dalai Lama

Article: Heart Centered Relationships
By Alisa Battaglia

It is all about inner balance. Integration of masculine & feminine spiritual energies. When you love yourself enough you will receive that love back. Until there is a strong relationship with You & You, tensions will continue. As within, So Without - As Above, So Below!

~Alisa Battaglia

t is all about you. You with you. The vibrational relationship between the inner authentic you, source creation the inner male and female creative spiritual energies, with the outer you as the personality mask you wear in the world. The distance between the two - the authentic self and the mask, is the amount of happiness or discord in your life. Feelings are ever the barometer to measure your alignment along that continuum. The goal is to close the distance in the gap, to synthesize all expressions into a functioning unit of inner organization that is an authentic expression of the essential Self and then lose your self as that identity into Being. In that Being, reflect that Love to others in a beautiful way to the point that they can see their best in you.

As energy beings whatever is done, is done to self first. Within the variances of the human collective, there are some that have more work to do than others in way of release and development, but no matter where you are in life, inner cultivation is open to you because even you can love yourself a little more. Since the kind of love you have for yourself is what you most want from another, it is wise to love and appreciate self first in order to magnetize a partner who loves and appreciates you. But, first you must partner with yourself.

In the self loving process you must seek to reorient your perceptions regarding yourself and the male/female in truth, rather than in myth. This calls for a release in attachments of co-dependencies; addictions and any hindering vestiges of the past; the embracing of your inner masculine and feminine selves; and finally a developed sense of control over physical impulses (self-discipline) and emotional reactivity(self-containment) before you can ever attempt to have a healthy soul conscious relationship with another person on an intimate level. A coherent identity is the requisite for self-sovereignty - mastering the self by correcting our errors - our misalignments. These are requisites that comprise an immutable process that flows and gains momentum when your heart is open. A receptive heart cannot occur until you embrace yourself wholeheartedly of everything that you feel, that you are and are not. This enables you to know what you can legitimately give and what you want from others. You are the tableau upon which your desires grow.

When you are clear about what you want and can give, you are then equipped to take steps to make your desires possible. With the commitment of keeping your heart center open and flowing, with intention, firm boundaries and spiritual discernment, discipline and persistence, you move to a new level of being that is necessary before you can soundly experiment with power differentials. Exploring and expanding such possibilities play out as a respect for differences in the context of equality - that of parity in the union of opposites in partnering with yourself.

Healing Alignment: Unity starts with self and extends to relationships and merging with others forming community . "As within, so Without!" We are social beings and staying connected to others is critical for good health. Social isolation, in fact, has been linked to high blood pressure, reduced immunity, and higher rates of dementia. So stay in touch--or get back in touch--with the family or friends who make you feel good. And push through any resistance to reaching out and forming new connections--it's worth it!

To create right community based partnerships there must be unity with or community by clearing the disunity patterns at the cause of discord in the dance of life. The aberrations of society always reflect individual states of mind and together these form the social dis-eases that plague us. Individually, we each contribute to the collective malaise when divisive orientations and fractured thinking within the psyche are not processed.

Short Excerpt: Conscious Partnership

The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not
what we say or what we do, but what we are.
~Stephen R. Covey

The kind of person we invite into our lives is a measure of love that we have for ourselves, which is why when we love our selves we are magnetically attractive to others. The type of person we each choose to manifest is different depending upon our own qualities, interests and desires and inner development. No matter where we are at present we always want to draw upon our highest and best source within us first. Then we shift our attention holding our higher self present and begin to focus on the soul qualities of our potential partner that is most compatible to supporting our purpose and vision in life. When we focus our intention at this level it is made clear the type and quality of personhood that supports our highest and best interests, where we need to grow instead of what we want. Often what we want is not healthy and is born out of our infantile desires or unrequited fantasies, while what we need is evaded because it requires moving out of our comfort zone as it supports growth, fosters our creativity and spirituality.

Alisa Battaglia©2013-2018

The meeting of two personalities, is like the contact of two chemcial substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
~ Carl Jung

Heart Centered Relationships
By Alisa Battaglia
Assessing Relationship Patterns,
How to Stop Carrying Emotional Baggage from One Relationship to the Next
A Prayer for Union

Building Bridges
Soul Groups & Conscious Communities

By some inner mystic Presence ,I was told to live and to love, to laugh and to be glad. I was told to be still and know of the One Almighty Power, in and through all. I was told to let that Power work through and in me. I believed that voice and I received my Good. I am healed—The joy of Life, By Ernest Holmes

As planet Earth and her inhabitants experience expansion on multiple levels and phases on the journey of life, new ways of living, loving and forms of expression are making their way into the world as a new planetary ethic. As forerunners and way-showers, many of us are stepping up into our power, pushing forward beyond our comfort zones, even taking on entirely new roles to provide an opening for the confused and overwhelmed - to offer a ballast in the transition in a quickly shifting world in decay. These time critical missions are an essential part in braiding together the whole of life in a cohesive life-affirming manner.

As we embody the new energies, we awaken and begin to connect with our birth vision and its place in the world vision. We learn how to attune with Nature and the greater Kosmic energies nudging us to move forward in tandem with their rhythms. Life begins to take on a different shape as our perceptions shift in the shimmering awareness that the entire planet is alive, living, breathing and creating for us and through us. The construct of times seems to fade away the more we immerse into the rhythms of Nature and her cycles. The past and future merges and life happens in the now. Synchronous events open to us. There is a strong overpowering feeling of the Laws at work like a knowing on a cool breeze and then poof someone actually knocks at the door to help us evolve or co-create. We meet people that offer important tidings of a soulful nature, act as bridges builders for deeper connections along the way or they are long lasting in that they contribute to the infrastructure of the group work. These instant caring connections often become the substance of our intentional communities. However, meeting someone on the same path is not quite the same as meeting someone in our soul group, there is a difference in the intensity of feeling. For instance, with Soul members there is a strong energetic component, an instant soulful connection, almost telepathic with a direct knowing and an uncanny familiarity. It is an attractive webstring connection where the Language of Heart is spoken often without the need for the written word. There’s an instant knowing - a gnosis, a mutual love and rapport. Mutual love does not always mean sexual. It is simply recognition of ones Beauty.

There are also wisdom teachers that leave a strong imprint on us. They usually enter for a short time to impart a multidimensional jewel for us to integrate and cultivate so that we may broaden our perceptual faculties and open our hearts wider. Their intense involvement in our lives is the gift to us that is in the giving-teaching so that we may essentially pay it forward to others.

On the inner levels, Soul Groups are energy pods that carry the same frequency or Soul signature with purpose to help cohere chaotic forces, or something well beyond our current knowing, but becomes clearer as the group gathers. We connect with our Soul group in both the etheric and dense realms and physical form by choice. On the outer levels, our Soul group provides nurturing support to help each of us keep the light ablaze within and for each to place their encoded vectors of the whole vision to form a kaleidoscope representative of the spiritual work together for both personal and planetary empowerment. Our Guardians or forebears are also part of our Soul group or lineage. I was shown that a group could be our selves (aligning our 12-dimensional being into synthesis) that exist in a streaming cascade or sliding effect of past-future-now projections through the 12 dimensional gateways. The Soul life is always steps ahead of the terrestrial body and is always relating for our highest and best interests.

We recognize soul members by their soul signature, not their appearance. There is an umbilical like connection in the transference of information with someone even living in a totally different area, state or Nation. While, the Internet has been instrumental in bringing soul groups together, the feeling connection goes beyond zero's and ones. People from our soul group come into our lives at seemingly random times, but in fact these meetings were prearranged between us in Spirit before we came here. I recount a lucid dream experience explaining just this:

Way Station by Alisa Battaglia

"I arrive into a huge Way Station. I remember this momentous gathering of specific cyclic opportunity filled with an air of heightened anticipation, joy, and focus for re-entry into a new incarnational experience. This familiar bustling depot is the meeting ground of all Souls with entries and exits onto various stations. Each station represents a Soul Group Signature. I seek out this signature and
find a few of my fellow Soul buds sitting on benches at a long table. There are about 16 of us to one soul pod. I am warmly greeted and we share wisdom of our last incarnational experiences. I am somewhat surprised as to some of the Souls that are there, as I remember them in my last life as being on the periphery and they did not seem spiritual at all.

With only a few of us there, we anticipate each discarnate Soul member to arrive so that we may, as a group, exit into our next adventure. With feelings of trepidation, we recall the Law that each Soul group member must be present before any can embark onto a new life journey, unless by group consensus and for special purposes only, where one goes in alone before the others. Otherwise, all of us must wait until the next cycle. Slowly, however, one-by-one arrives and each is greeted with cheer. With the table nearly full, except for two, our Soul pod is almost complete. We begin to talk among us as the hour of departure beckons. We consider what life scenerios might have kept them from showing up on this auspicious Gathering of the Souls. We readily know that this incarnational opportunity will not arrive again for quite some time.

As in an airport, we hear our Soul Group call for assembly at the gate. Just at the final minute, the last two arrive together and we joyously rush to our exit line-up. We stand in front of giant cubbies filled with box games, each with a life program and set of instructions that frame the experience for that incarnational role and the necessary agreements before launching into that experience. We make verbal exchanges about the games and consider the opportunities for Soul advancement. We choose them on those merits. Not all of us choose the same game, however, but we take notes on how to remember one another for those of us that have. With a big hug, we bid one another adieu and good cheer on the next life travel and until the next gathering of incarnations.

Each of us exits by a jump off the platform like parachuting into a new life stream - descending by way of currents grounding our consciousness into the immersive stream of the new planetary life." ~ END

Telestai or Planetary Gate Keepers for the Records of Earth: The appointment as Guardians and Holders of the Keys as to the story of our planet: the origins of planet Earth and the special way it formed to become a part of the solar system; the origins of the human species; the divine endowment of the human species; the existence of alien intrusion or ET predation in our solar system interfering with humanities co-creative co-evolutionary potential; and the divine being in planet Earth, Gaia-Sophia also known as Divine Mother of a thousand names across the ages.

Bridge Builders using
Webstring Connections to help actualize Earths correction and thus, realign our bio-psycho-spiritual connection in Nature: Tapping into Nature intelligence through our 54 senses.

Gaian EcoSorcerers that work with the Sense Faculties: The senses evolve into heightened faculties and the more we activate and use them the more powerful they become within us and greater is our wellbeing. In addition to these 54 senses are the amplification of the Heart's higher sense faculties that form our Souls sensory apparatus and are used in transception with planetary intelligence and Gaian Eco-Sorcery.


Plant Sentience

Do Trees Communicate?

Singing Plants at Damanhur

Archeological Intrigue

Voynich manuscript. All pages scanned (undeciphered language)



Carl Jung believed that Nature could cure almost all our ills, at least our mental and emotional ills. Immersion in Nature certainly has for me, as it bridges gaps in consciousness that sees life in parts and separate rather than whole and connected.

While not everyone can live in Nature, many people unconsciously seek the urge to reconnect to our origins in Nature by adopting companion animals. Companion animals provide this link to Nature, and in this their service to bridge our psyche in Nature through them is invaluable.

Unfortunately, the human animals that we are, forget our origins in Nature. We forget that we are also animals and yet, we are conditioned to believe that we are superior to all life forms. This psychological disconnect is destroying our planetary body, animal and plant life in our failure to relearn our lost understanding that we are all animals that live and are sustained in the life of the Planet.

Another disconnect is that our society imprints beliefs that animals are wholly instinctual with no capacity for thought or feeling, without value and yet, this is a conditioned perception of animals, not as they are. For instance, many see companion animals as living, breathing stuffed animals. Something to pet, to cuddle, to dress up, to love—on their own terms and without real concern or awareness that each has their own desires and needs, which might be different from ours. This stunted awareness not only limits them—limits their lives and their freedoms—but it also limits the value we can gain from interacting with them. My observation from growing up with animals is they interact with me similarly to how I interact with them, which brings their gift to an entirely new and more profound level.

Interaction with kittens in their personality development stages showed me that each cat was unique and had their own preferences. My dogs taught me in a more obvious manner how deeply they feel, how much they know, the sensing of danger, of moods and illnesses – of their desire for adventure, love and affection. Animals can teach us a lot about ourselves that might go unnoticed, if only we honored their right to exist and acted more respectfully towards them, cages would be empty.

"We once knew we existed as a part of the great web of existence and did not see ourselves as distinct, as a completely separate species. We knew that other animals operate with awareness, understand the world in different, sometimes superior ways, and respond consciously to the world. We saw them with compassion."

We need to remind ourselves that humans are animals displaced from Nature, and that we share a common thread with other species that are different from us in degree only and require respect over superiority. We need to act and treat them as we like to be treated.

The Emotional Lives of Animals - Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience.

My Experience With Diamond Girl

I know my dog Diamond is conscious. She has a real personality and tells me what she wants in many ways by her body language and in her various tones of barking and whining intonations. Miss Priss licks the fridge with her eyes to me cueing me to open the door when she wants a snack and points to the cheese & lunch meat drawer with her nose. Funny Dog!

When she wants to walk she looks and pauses at that the closet door where her leash is, otherwise she expects to walk after I have done my stretching exercise routine. She is very attuned to time & when I tell her we will walk in an hour she comes back in an hour to the dot. I am always amazed.

She nudges my leg with her stuffed toy for me to play with her and tells me when she wants to be massaged or needs affection even though she gets more than she wants. I can't help myself - she is so fluffy and cute.

I adore my Wichicki and treat her as I like to be treated, like a Queen. She knows I wholly respect her and she rarely gives me trouble save some food wars. Daddy has spoiled her with steak. Everything else is inferior and she prefers her food cut up in small pieces and enjoys most being hand fed. These are the problems of human spoiling. I don't let her hunt ducks, even though I have pulled a few out of her mouth, so what else am I to do? Girl needs her meat, but she loves buttered greenbeans like Mommy and will eat an entire bowlful if I hand feed her. She's a piece of work!

Go to bed Mommy,
You're keeping me up!

I have a prep-walk song to gear her up as I put on my sneakers. She goes wild shrieking full of kisses to my face and barks with glee at the opening of the front door. Then, just before converging onto the community pathway from our house, I allow her to choose the direction she wants to go. I used to impose my will uncreatively and always walk in one direction never crossing the street to visit different lakes. In other words, I was boring and she thought so too. It was only until I discovered that her sudden plopping on the grass facing the direction she wanted to go was not because she was thirsty or tired, but that she wanted to stop and cross the street to visit another lake for a dip or to chase a scent. Finally getting it, I now seek to make each walk a new adventure and take different paths and allow her to experience the lake and animal life. We have so much fun that we walk rain or shine. She loves the rain and thunder crackles and darts outside gleefully running in circles and barking at the sky doing her rain dance.

She expresses upset when I am away for too long, only a few hours and upon my return she whines with great relief & licks me robustly toppling me over with her exuberance. I am her primary human & she owns me ...LOL. These are only a few experiences, but clearly animals have emotions and a capacity for thinking beyond the instincts that are Nature to all animals, even human-animals.

After 4 years we have developed an interesting telepathic rapport that I have tested and test over again. She reads my mind & understands things that pertain to her directly in my thoughts. She can even count and understand time increments. She is my utmost dear, my warrior protectress and mostly, she helps me stay grounded in my life and to stay open to spontaneous life and simple love. I love my Wichiki furkid, the unbridled joy of my life.


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