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CoCreative Participation

Creativity and service are one and the same;
service is the life of the soul creatively expressed.

Defining Our Path of Purpose

Service of the Ego vs. Path of the Soul

When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand.
It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. ~W. Clement Stone

When we are in the service of the ego body, we need jobs so we trade and sell our body energies. We are educated to work for those who have control over material existence and authority over our lives. For generations upon generations we have been deceived. We are owned and our dreams are owned in part of how much money we have to make them come true. As part of a mercenary society where we are drugged into jobs and sell our liberty for money, our creative energy is sapped by routine work and we settle into mediocrity. Self-survival is deeply ingrained in our DNA and has become synonymous with jobs, but it does not invoke a yearning for the higher values of life - a heart directed approach. Failure to observe what is self-evident we remain what we are - self centered and fascinated with accumulation and advantage.

“After living an artificial life of craving, silent competition, ever wanting more stuff, yet fearing the voice of my expression and finally reaching an emotional bottom line of unfulfillment, my heart driven purpose revealed itself the closer my mind and heart connected, setting the stage for right use of will.”

When we live through the eyes of others, we don't know ourselves and we pursue outward goals ever striving for greater power. However, as we become aware of new forces, both subtle and previously unnoticed, an influence over our personal decisions and situations we are involved in begins to change. The search for outer power falls away and self awareness brings upon us a desire for something greater - a purpose begins to make itself known.

“I can’t imagine living my life without a heartfelt goal to direct my life. I actually enjoy the journey of overcoming obstacles on my path in collaboration with Spirit. Without this fusion between head and heart, the mind of the trickster ego would surely take over and force me to work hard and sacrifice to get what I demand and then use others to ensure I get it. Alas, that is the old way, the path of resistance. The heart directed way is to keep the ego at bay so that we may easily sort through circumstances that arise from a place of peace, to use our gifts and resources to achieve our intended purpose."

To inspire our purpose, it is necessary to think about and ask "how can I make a difference and serve another way with my current gifts and values?" When we are clear about what we want, what we can give and where we are going, we enter a new awareness. But, until the inner process of awakening our ability to effect creative change in the environment is recognized, beneficial changes are few and we are weak to make an outer difference. Here we must work on ourselves so that we can project that knowing into the outer sphere of being. We cannot bring to the world what we do not have to offer. With every byte of awareness vibration increases. Our higher vibrations affects those in our relational sphere.

So, once there is insight, what we do with the information becomes crucial to the creative process. Following it gives meaning to our lives because it helps to place existence into a functional context that directs decision making. Oftentimes, there is a time critical mission.

Creation Process Practices

A Heart Directed Life is deeply connected to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When we love what we do we naturally generate enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the highest level of energy we can experience, which is felt when we discover our life’s passion, reason of being or mission on this planet; express our creative urge; and of course when we live and follow our soul's urge according to its divine blueprint. Enthusiasm is infectious that draws us continually closer to the realization of ourselves as divine. This realization is strongly related to our attitudes about our work that entails the actualization of our dreams.

Discovering your passion is the first step towards excitement, enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Alignments are vibrational aptitudes that tap into the energetic blueprint of creation so that we can connect with that higher frequency of Love & intelligence. At each vibrational plateau we evolve.

Healing Alignment: Exercise your creative urge for mastery of expression of the good, the beautiful and the true.

1- Prepare and make use of your gifts, skills and talents that are satisfying and rewarding.
Commit to making your purposeful work into a total lifestyle in order to gain purpose, happiness and enrichment in your life.

Gregg Braden takes us on a short trip through consciousness
that connects our feelings and our mass reality. Heart-Brain resonance! Wow!


Time-Critical Mission

Don't resent the work.
It gives you the strength to stand whole and silent before the vast Mystery ~Unknown

Many of us feel a time-critical mission - An impulse that is guiding us to re-discover an age-old deception of a creation story deliberately hidden, destroyed and almost wholly forgotten as if it never were. A mystery shrouded and now layered with lies that reveal both Earthly and human origins. A story that is vital to understanding what we are and our human potential. To know that Truth was wiped off the planet by warring religions and statehood vying for power over humanity and control over Earth’s bounties. A people of self-sovereign notions have never been popular for those who seek to control the world.  So it was then, and so it is today. Our divine heritage has been heisted and We, with the Planet have been heisted of our most supreme gift – that of divine intelligence in cooperative co-creation with the Spirit in Nature.

The human body is the microcosm of the macrocosm and is thus, archival. Our bodies hold keys for entry into the Living Library that is pushing the boundaries of psychological time and points to our purpose in the galactic theme. Recapitulation or memory directs us to discover this time critical mission, but we must surrender to its lead that requires active participation and consecration to the Mother. While some changes are 90-degree, turns with no warning they cause difficult transitions especially in relationships and family units because two people rarely grow together at the same rate. It is in this area that we must work to make our shift supportive for everyone using focused communication. Transitioning into the need of the hour may feel difficult, but only in the beginning due to attachment or fear of the future. And yet, the future is now, what we do in the moment. Since transformation is not future oriented, as it only occurs by being present with what is. We start wherever we are.

So here we are amidst the path of correction between 2011- 2014. The question remains as to whether we will succeed in breaking down old thought forms of control and domination in order to thrive or will we suffer under the Psychopathy of human evil supported by Archontic intrusions and driven into ecocide?
For those consciously involved with Gaia-Sophia’s correction, this will leave an imprint in all dimensions of time and space as we stand at an interdimensional junction point, a gateway signaling the opening of a new era where timelines are converging into the Singularity, the realm of no time of eternal presence, the eternal Now moment.

Kosmic assistance, solar flares, the individual Soul, planetary guardians and Nature help us discover our resonant Soul group for cohering greater power by activating dormant faculties and assist in opening doors for us to enter, while other times they help to close them. Many strange and catastrophic events are occurring to push us into a new direction in our lives, to bring awareness and swift change to the actions of humanity turning against itself. The death-urge is upon us and Humanity is of Nature and we must cease to destroy Nature and instead, live a New Planetary Ethic that supports and nurtures All life. We are to learn new ways to interact with our world, to love and reconnect to our brethren in Nature. When we love our selves, we love our planet and defend anything that stands in its continued integrity.

Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
Pt. 15 - Jumping Time lines

Integral Co-Creators

The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.

e were created as manifestors with a natural gift of being able to create, to broadcast our inner light as an emanation of Source creation. Our thoughts are things and we create from that thought-desire. Imagination is the key to cocreativity and feeling is the coloring of all perceptual space.

reative authentic living brings into awareness the artificiality of our modern world, its simulations of what is natural and our participation through the roles we play in those realities. Habituation, repetition or routine activities always produce insensitivity, and thus an uncreative life devoid of wisdom and passion. The manufactured boundaries, low ceiling potentials affect our perceptual filters and we attach to belief systems that prevent the discovery of our creative potentials. There is an acute need to break through these illusions and open to creative flow.

The creative flow of life currents conduct Divine Light and yet, how many of us have eyes focused on assimilating the flow into our body resonance? Instead, the focus is diverted toward survival. It's a rat race and as the world cog slowly turns, we work to put a roof over our heads, to eat, sleep, shop, and raise a family day in and day out, in habituation. And then the pleasures of entertainment (simulation of experience rather than actual participation) are meant to give solace and enjoyment in order to bear the routine of an uncreative life? Deprived of the true joy of feeling, pleasures are sought out to certian levels of abuse or others are abused in the process. The activity of seeking outside the self for answers keeps the focus on the surface of things, to the world of appearances...the artificial lights of the construct. This fake "all that glitters is not gold" deadens the Spirit. Faking life through an artificial existence insulates the life force by suffocating it. The natural self deprived from forming organic biological relationships is a tragedy of a life unfulfilled, as it devolves our natural divine potential into automaton. Our connection with humans and other life forms expands who we enter integral relationship with planet Earth. Such interrelationship and stewardship is not only necessary for our survival as a species, but for the capacity of our souls to unburden through our life experiences. Our relationships with the world of Nature enable our capacity to increase our wisdom.

The question we must entertain is, "Do we allow our focus to be redirected that we escape through the pleasure principle? Do we follow the leader of mediocrity and submit to a lower vibration in order to safely exist participating in the social norm? Or do we feel inspired with unbounded desire to live in peace and follow the heart of our elevated Self?" Following our heart without a directive script is to focus on the NOW of our Souls evolutionary co-creative potential.

It's like everyone's given seeds that are capable of growing into the garden of their dreams, but no one's been told they even have them. Then, when they see their neighbor's garden growing, whether it's because their neighbor actually found their seeds or accidentally spilled them, there's a rush to see what's happening. In fact, whole industries are built around the buying, selling, and trading of other people's gardens. Agents are hired, sales teams assembled, and sometimes stocks and bonds are issued. Vendors compete, lawyers are hired, and accountants are sued. There are mergers and acquisitions, buyouts and takeovers, and of course 401k's, company picnics, and vacation days.

There are seeds that grow into private gardens. Seeds that grow into best sellers. And seeds that grow into happy families. It's quite a riot, and often good fun, but, would you believe that one of the biggest impediments one has to discovering their own seeds, these days, is their fascination with the gardens of others? ~ Hoe, The Universe

Simple living for a sustainable future

Getting out of the rut of day-to-day living and venturing into the unknown of our inner creativity often sets off emotional alarms bringing up fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Our skill at being able to nourish ourselves and give permission to make mistakes and learn will give us the courage to break out of self imposed limitations in spite of our fear. Courage is born out of passion. When we feel the fire of passion within the heart - kindling an unrequited longing of yesteryear, we let it rise and spill out in spontaneous joyful expression. This process gives us a great deal of joy. When we live in our passion, we flow with all that is and the world blossoms around us. We are able to share our expression of beauty and radiate it to the world.

Passion can never be bought, but it can arise because it’s something we feel in the heart fueled by an erotic connection in Nature and source for our own creative surge. With sensuality coursing through our whole being, imagine how the world would change if everyone lived their passion, their deepest dream, and harnessed that abundant creative life flow within. Living our creative passion in whatever way offers us a unique opportunity for our Light to shine and way to express the reverent beauty we hold for life.


"Echoes of the Higher Love do not reverberate well through lessons of "without", but are music of life eternal to all who flow "within."
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