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About Us

Hence, the purpose of the Holy Life does not consist in acquiring alms,
honor, or fame, nor in gaining morality, concentration, or the eye of knowledge.
That unshakable deliverance of the heart: that, indeed, is the object
of Holy Life, that is its essence, that is its goal.
~Samyutta Nikaya, translated by Nyanatiloka

A Message From Alisa

Authentic Spirituality
is about "Apprenticeship with Spirit." Living out the inner calling of the Soul urge. Therefore, I
teach only what I have learned through direct experience, wholesome presence and cognitive ecstacy (gnosis). Cognitive ecstacy is a natural state of Being whose connection with life occurs through engagement with the natural world of experience. Hence, I seek to help others empower through engagement. This is the cycle. So, as I complete this particular stage of my own evolution, I offer my wisdom and the information in this website as a synthesis of my own learning experiences and Spiritual Overlighting for use appropriate to you on the path to Self-Mastery. The questions that may arise from reading and doing become yours to explore. The words and descriptions may activate phylogenetic memory, but actions must be made by you. You are your own textbook.

"The teacher and the taught, together create the teaching."

Inner Alignment occurs as a gradual witnessing of your inner dynamics that unfold revealing to you the essence "Alive" within form - recall of Spiritual Truths equips you to "Govern the Law of Your Own Being" and to serve in the hour of great planetary need. Power sharing is the understood Law of the Soul inasmuch that synthesis is how the Soul grows. Synthesis aides in the resolution of duality and opens the Hearts Inner Eye. Such potency lies in the ability to bring about harmonious relationships by uniting the pair of opposites. The Soul always chooses BOTH because it occupies the middle way. It is the Law of Soul Culture and of Planetary Life.

As a Spiritual Midwife of Gnostic insight that exposes the new age illusion of Truth, my focus is on the esoteric, mystical aspects of the Soul and its bio-Spiritual Growth in Gaian time; Recapitulation and Letting Go to the Divine Feminine Flow of Life and the cultivation of Soul Culture as the New Planetary Ethic. I point to the opening of the Self of inner perceptions and in this sense, Midwife you towards the beauty of truth and out of the spell of the Archontic or power structures to whom we have handed our power, our life force, our very Souls. Moral sovereignty is the key to empowerment and liberation. My Healing Manuals, Papers and Articles on alignment and integration are power sharing tools that lessen the grades of distortion of understanding in order to develop the capacity for inner sensing - to shine through the illusion of the material life, of thought and action for a more feelingful connection to planetary life. To bring awareness to the inner states of the body that will bring healthy control over it, which has a layered relationship to sexuality—often a repression or misuse of sexual force in conjunction with religious and cultural conventions and abuse. But alas, set free through liberation from wisdom gained by release from protecting the false image of the self and its projection into the world of glamour. Awareness opens space to understand Right Use of Will and the Laws behind the structuring of consciousness in order that the Essential Nature in "Governing the Law of Ones Own Being" from the hearts empathic center, grounded in Nature realities and expanded, is both understood and affirmed.

Self-conscious awareness is the foremost human need refined and distilled from both education and experience. Each of us is defined by social definitions and cultural and religious norms that make divisions between inner impulses and outer manifestations, yet these give little attention to what is coming from the inside. PRESENCE is at the heart, the point of the inner and outer that joins at the center of Being. It is within this converging space of conscious linking that I hope to occupy the psyche of your authentic Self in healthy dialogue and intuition into the "heart of the matter"; to help you deposit your consciousness in your "Souls Bank" in order to expand your awareness of spiritual presence in the environment; and maker connection with Source Creations in a playful dance with FLOW as a streaming emanating
into co-manifestation. The inner truth of Spiritual reality is hidden within the context of terrestrial life and material forms - the grounding of Spirit into Matter (mater in Latin meaning Mother). Mother+Father =The Divine Interlink - the spiritual energies within the life field that human potentiality plays out via coherence within the greater Kosmic unfolding in the NOW moment to reveal the eye of the I.

Revealing the Self without a mask in full presence permits transformation, which allows movement out of miscreation, the shedding of old ideas - the obsolete mechanizations of the ego and into alignment with the higher vibrational patterns of harmony, simplicity and balance. Simplicity has to do with unity of heart and mind - alignment, perfection and harmony = Equipoise. Drama, chaos, fear are disunity patterns of incoherence that shrouds clarity of perception, veiling the real from the unreal and keeping one mired in a net of falsehoods in repetition of disunity - simulations, replications, machinations, nature-disconnect, inversions of truth and falsehoods. There is no glamour in living a LIE.

Harnessing the body as vehicle through alignment and integration is our collective common heritage that moves across all lines, as the body is always in use - how each lives, moves and has their being upon the Earth plane and within the subtler planes of being. While you may not be entirely aware that the larger world you are a part of, is also a part of you. Here you are to move beyond your outer perceptions and into awareness of what is happening inside, the inner dialogue between the outer experiences in relation to the whole you and within the sea of life. This is psychology, which means the way of the Soul...and key to Integral Living. The goal and journey of life is to instill greater conscience for Universal application of Source Love - to create a pathway of Beauty to enter the lifestream of humanity. This expression is felt as Empathy.

Among many, one of my intentions is for your process to become clearer on your journey so that you actually perceive when you look out into the world, that it is closely tied up with what you bring to it. "As within, so without." That your life is determined by how you see the world, which inevitably conditions the nature of your reactions. To recognize patterns and how the ego is a "set of entrenched habits of thought that are a result of entrainment by invisible energy fields which dominate human conscousness." (David R. Hawkins). I can show you how to move into self-sovereignty, to take control of your own physical body-mind by what you feed it mentally and physically; how to direct your energy body to right use, and to purify and gain control over your emotional centers; to focus intentions for purposeful creation, relations and in-spiration to help yourself so that you may help others along the way—to pay it forward so to speak...to live by example, to comfort and encourage others along the way. This self-connecting has much power to help others reconnect to their authentic Self, so vital to the inner spiritual re-evolution at hand. However, attunement requires caution for there are astral forces at work to deceive. Discernment is essential. Fine Tune your Instrument!

It is from a higher octave of perception rooted in the cause rather than effects, of essence rather than form, that I offer my work as a form of power sharing between Humanity and Earth, in victory of the Soul life - Both the human soul and the Anima Mundi (the Soul of the planet). And despite the difficulties ahead in our time, it is ever a joy to share in the human condition as we each strive toward the unifying Love of Truth and stand in our moral sovereignty as human beings, both grounded in our Earthen Mother and anchored to Spirit producing a Divine Circuit Connection with Source-the Absolute for all our bio-psycho-spiritual needs in co-evolutionary unfoldment.

My Natal Chart

October 10, 1966
Paris, France 5:40 am

In Luminous Companionship,

Alisa Battaglia

Please leave a message at 305 753-6389 or email Innerdiamond@gmail.com

Spiritual Mid-Wifery
Birthing into Awareness
Integrating Humanity with Soul


About Alisa

Alisa Battaglia brings a rare blend of experience and training to her work as an Apprentice with Spirit in contribution to the "Great Work." As an Integral Practitioner, Alisa has studied and explored a wide range of spiritual traditions and healing systems for over 20 years. Alisa is founder of www.EcologyoftheSpirit.com, a teaching site for fostering human and planetary co-evolutionary potential. Her Integral Life Coaching and Spiritual Midwifery support; Sexual Cultivation Practices; Self Mastery classes and creative Transformative workshops produce an inner organizational change or alignment; Self-Healing Manuals and upcoming Book series are a culmination of of the downpourings from her Soul in the healing processes of alignment and integration with the Spiritual Kosmic Circuit and psyche grounded in Nature. Well versed in the Ancient Occult, Indigenous Wisdom Teachings and Eco-Social-Psychologies; terrestrial physics via Nature observation and Tellurgy; myriad Energy Wellness modalities, Detoxification and food healing.

She has synthesized into gnosis "The Culture of the Soul" - a lens of seeing through the kaleidoscopic vector of the amplified heart. Such expanded Heart consciousness is aware that we are divinely connected to untapped and unlimited human power. She recognizes the Nature of Spirit in all things that animates us, that consciousness is material, and that the Divine feminine wisdom is the integral link to manifestation, co-creativity, self-empowerment and ultimately, the liberation for the Soul of humanity.

It is understood that we are both Kosmically electric and magnetically Earthen. Communion with the two opens us to connect to these pathways of Divine Intelligence grounded through the Spirit in Nature. Our Heart is the kaleidsocopic pathway that is the jewel at the center - the Innerdiamond in interplay upon the Diamond field of Earth, upon whom we play out experience for the Soul life. Through wisdom transference she has learned that sexual energy via Tantric or Soul Union is a power sharing arrangement with Spirit as gateway for full somatic enlightenment. Planetary Tantra is the enlargement of Tantric union in erotic communion with the Spirit in Nature for joy, peace and clarity. A conscious Global Communion of Life as a New Planetary Ethic.

 The Invitation

Truth & Beauty

Alisa's wisdom and knowledge base from having grown up overseas has given her a sensitivity and understanding of cultural diversities that excels beyond the ego-identification labels in life: Real Estate Agent; Ordained Minister; Metaphysician; Reiki Master; Advanced Aromatherapist; Hypnotist (CHT); Certified in Bach Flower Level I; Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner; Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ practitioner; Wellness Educator; FL Master Gardener; Masters in Ecopsychology student; Author and Visionary activist with a love for truthful media and transparancy. Also, as a practitioner in holistic endeavors, Alisa is passionate about natural health, organic gardening and living food; and the preservation of health freedom and food sovereignty. Alisa continues to self-educate and integrate her spiritual wisdom and healing knowledge into her personal and professional life. The hallmarks of her work are a high level of integrity, open-heartedness and compassion, awareness, deep presence, and play.

Alisa also utilizes her exceptional organizational abilities in the form of personal organizer and image consultant. Personal organization focuses on releasing accumulated "stuff" in the environment in dwelling spaces. Clearing space to reach clarity is the first step in the healing processes which begins by clearing the emotional attachment to the stuff that lends weight and is thus, no longer useful. When the inner healing journey has revealed the authentic self she helps to recreate the integrated self-image to reflect this new expression of being through color and clothes right for the body type with style. Image, afterall, is simply limited by ones attitude towards the self. Alisa helps her clients to authenticate a new self image via the inner expression into the outer world. Her experience comes from many years of runway modeling and over 15 years of management in retail clothing.

Alisa's background in dance and personal training and from her own healing pathway has given her unique insight into the human form, body awareness, balance and pattern. Her understanding of wellness and self care at both the physical and vibrational levels, the cultivation of sexual energy, internal exercises and movement, sheathing of the personality for Soul integration, has allowed her to create a unique form of healing reorganization for her clients.

Unfold into Your Beauty
Alisa's personal creative passions in life are horticulture, Spiritual organic gardening and healthly living, the cultivation of Soul consciousness and Nature Connection. She receives visionary images created as art drawings, and enjoys silk painting and clothing design (stay tuned for her UrbanYogaWear.com creations). With a great penchant for writing with spirit, Alisa is ever expressing the wisdom of her higher self through the written word and Radio. She is often a contributing writer for Sibyl Magazine for the Spirit and Soul of Women, Spirit Pathway Magazine, Nature's Way, and The Journal of Organic Psychology. As an avid visionary activist for the preservation of life, she is a defender of all things good, beautiful and true. Although highly involved in many worthy pursuits, Alisa chooses to maintain her sovereign self identity as One with the Mind of Nature and is not a member of any specific organization. Nature is her Mystery School and Earth is her temple. Love is her Path.

Prayer of Maimonides
Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon (1135 - 1204 C.E.)

"Thy eternal providence has appointed me to watch over the life and health of Thy creatures. May the love for my art actuate me at all times; may neither avarice nor miserliness, nor thirst for glory, or for a great reputation engage my mind; for the enemies of truth and philanthropy could easily deceive me and make me forgetful of my lofty aim of doing good to Thy children.”

"May I never see in the patient anything but a fellow creature in pain.”

"Grant me strength, time, opportunity always to correct what I have acquired, always to extend its domain; for knowledge is immense and the spirit of man can extend indefinitely to enrich itself daily with new requirements.”

"Today he can discover his errors of yesterday and tomorrow he can obtain a new light on what he thinks himself sure of today. Oh, God, Thou has appointed me to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures; here am I ready for my vocation and now I turn unto my calling."


The Ten Selfless Precepts

RESPONSIBILITY - To take responsibility for my life. Not to blame others for my own unhappiness, nor make excuses for my own mistakes, but to correct them.

SELF DISCIPLINE - To regard each moment as a precious opportunity for spiritual practice. Not to waste time in frivolous pursuits, nor overindulge in drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or escapist entertainments.

HARMLESSNESS - Not to injure or kill any being heedlessly or needlessly.

STEWARDSHIP - Not to waste the resources upon which other beings depend.

HONESTY - Not to deceive myself or others by word or deed. Transparency of intent.

INTEGRITY - Not to take what does not belong to me. Have integirty with your word.

HONOR - To regard my word as sacred; not to give it lightly but, once given, strive to honor it under all circumstances.

SEXUAL RESTRAINT - To make of sex a sacrament; not to profane it in the pursuit of selfish ends.

CHARITY - Not to be possessive of people or things, but to give use of my resources, both material and spiritual for the advancement of all beings.

REMEMBERANCE - To recite these precepts daily, thus bringing renewal upon the path I have freely chosen.


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