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Energy Wellness
Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will
spread beyond all boundaries. ~Corita Kent

The coordination of an evolving sensory apparatus within the fields of being
are vital to overall
bio-spiritual wellness

The Physics of Spiritual Identity

Much of the way we perceive our selves and the world is gained through distorted information channels from culture, the media, fundamental religion, and from the mundaneness of daily life. Sadly, the accumulated misconceptions have caused many to develop poor habits that deny the opportunity of connection with the enlightened nature of the Essential Self. To better understand Self, we must become familiar with the multi-sensorial dimensions of our being and the intelligent energy network that is enlivened through these senses. Our sense faculties and divine intelligence are the directives that guide us into self-sovereign Spirit to reclaim our true heritage and purpose of a conjoint human and planetary evolution.

The path of self-discovery begins with accepting and engaging the multi-sensorial self with Nature's spiritual energy currents that moves through various fields of consciousness registered via our perceptual faculties.

The Senses are
the connective webstrings Between the Galactic Center and the Earth


The Seven Categories of Vibration

“Each chakra radiates a unique energy or quality that is essential to your whole being–body, mind and spirit.”
~Lisa Temoshok, RYT

Our Beingness exists within the Earths telluric realm - the bio-electo-magnetic aura (BEMA) of the Earth that creates the 10th intra-dimension. There is an animating force that surrounds all living beings mirroring the Earth's BEMA. This animating force that surrounds our body is the bio-electro-magnetic aura.

Keep in mind that the Soul is the hyperdimensional self and is connected to the Earth and our Spirit is connected to the galactic center. Hence the Soul stands as mediator energetically tethered between the two feilds. The ego complex is the body or vessel for the Souls incarnational experience. The ego has its own drives, qualities and expressions that keep the body alive. These are called the ego-complex. If the vehicle is not rightly understood, identification gets attached to the body. This identification with the false self causes bifurcation, which means a splitting that divides and separates the true Self from expressing its reality through the body. The ego or false self stands between our connection to our authentic Self and the realms of Heaven and Earth. In order to link our Soul to Source, the ego (the false self) complex must be over-ridden. Keeping the rapacious ego in the back seat opens space or unbinding for the Soul to harness the ego for front seat driving in order to link up with Spirit and connect with the galactic center of our Origins. Imagine these series of inter-relationships as forming bridges that activates our own divine intelligence.

Earth > (Ego Descent) > Soul Awareness (ascent) = Alignment
> Spiritual Integration> Pleroma/ Galactic Center

Like the Earth's BEMA comprised of minerals, microbial activity, fungis, invertebrates, plants, fish, insects, snakes, birds, animals, and humans that comprise the ambient living stystem of our planet, from the Earthen core back up to the liveable atmosphere forming the layers upon which we dwell. Earth's auric envelope is mirrored onto the human body in much the same way.

The human aura is an energetic space that we actually live within, like a bubble that surrounds us in layers. These auric layers are fields of energy that are organized and move along a prescribed circuitry whose multi-intra-dimensional pathways are invisible to most, but sensed. The auric envelope contains all of our desires, repressions and future probabilities to play out upon the earth field. The chakra's are housed within this energetic network of interrelatedness that is often referred to as "the human energy system." Tapping into the empathic life streams of Nature and all her sentient life form potentials through focused attention, desire and empathy, we begin to activate these latent powers.

Alisa Battaglia©2013

Each chakra has its own vibration, governing law and principle (soul function, quality of thought governing action, instinct, basic right, power of polarity, and result of misuse of energy). Each chakra is intimately related to the color band frequencies emanating from the galactic core affecting human DNA key code frequency patterns in terms of how we evolve to support and further facilitate the species-self connection. It is in this way that we come to know Self as a direct emanation of Source.

The health of our chakras affects both our cellular body, the endocrine glands, which are intimately connected to our emotions and mental orientation as well as affectuating the self at other interdimensional levels. There are different aspects of the soul and the chakras are a major interfacing in our connective link to registering and evolving our sense faculites.

Each transmutation from one chakra into another enters us into a new expanded sense with a new quality of vibration. In fact, all of our experiences can be thought of having distinct vibrational qualities, observed through our sense faculties. For instance, the possibilities of experience relate to these centers of consciousness in the continuum of awareness.

The bottom line is that each chakra, when focused upon brings a different set of experiences, feelings and states of awareness. The seven basic vibratory rates are used to expand the self. This process of circulating life force energies through the inner regions - from the rise of primal life force at the perenium up the spinal pathway to the crown, which forms an energetic 2-way open ended circuit in consummating matter with Spirit and vice versa.

1. Root Chakra: Relates to the first basic "Right to Have." It is about security of shelter, food, possessions and of securing progeny.

2. Navel Chakra: Relates to the second basic "Right to Feel." Its physiological role is related to the generative function or sexual energy. This center is about sensation, such as food, sex, all forms of glamour, entertainment and music; our feeling body, emotions; and reproductive creativity or any creative endeavor such as a birth of a book or painting.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra:Relates to the third basic "Right to Act." It is the center of perosnal will and concerns how we hold and wield power. Right use of force or with a mind focused at this center there is dominance over others, manipulation and need for control; social hierarchy. Physiologically, it controls digestion as it relates to metabolism. Etherically, it is how we metabolize or process incoming information at the mental level.

4. Heart Chakra: Relates to the fourth basic "Right to Love & be Loved." It is the higher feeling or center of compassion that is aligned with empathy and acceptance of self and others. The egoic self is diminished at this center. Physiologically, it is related to the physical heart and circulation. It acts as the new etheric grounding cord.

5. Throat Chakra: Relates to the fifth basic "Right to Speak & Hear Truth." The throat or truth chakra concerns communication-speaking, writing or singing ones truth from the heart. It is the higher mental level of intuition and higher metabolic center. Its physiological function is related to the lungs, voice, throat, ears and nose.

6. Third Eye Chakra: Relates to the sixth basic "Right to See." Its quality is synthesis -of dualistic thought into a unified understanding of the One Life ~ the Singularity. Its action is the command chakra, as it is the Seat of the Soul. It is where the vectors of perception converge into the impartial witness, the observer. It is from a bird’s eye view that we witness with impartiality, without drama, judgment, or emotionalism. Its physiological function is the eyes, the window of the soul; vision, and the pituitary gland that are all related to this perceptual faculty.

7. Crown Chakra: Relates to the seventh basic "Right to Know."The crown is open-ended to receive Kosmic Consciousness that anchors into the heavenly abode. It is opposite to the root chakra that grounds consciousness into the planetary Heart. Here we stand as mediator, betwixt Heaven and Earth. Inflow to kosmic forde opens the mind to transcend self-awareness and experience, as pure awareness with All That Is. This immersion is the state of oneness we experience with everything. We are loving, wise, peaceful and effective. The physiological function is related to the brain hemispheres, the pituitary and pineal glands and whole brain function.

The development of the chakras is part of the physio-psycho-spiritual coordination that occurs in stages from childhood to adulthood. It is a progressive process of wisdom culminated from living within a conscious body. Depending on our orientation, is the level of our awareness of these natural processes.

See Building A Light Body

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Seven Attributes of Heart
Understanding Your Intra-Dimensional Anatomy


Grounding Synthesis
Clearing the Bio-Etheric of Static Energies through Earth Electro-Magnestism

We belong to the ground.
It is our power and we must stay close to it or maybe we will get lost.
Narritjin Maymuru Yirrkala, an Australian Aborigine

The magnetic Kosmic body is generating energy onto the Earth for our absorption. We can tap into the source of these spiritual energies as demonstrated in the following meditation for assimilation through resonance with the greater rhythm of life. Entrainment with Spiritual force allows us to mediate this energy of light into the body for healing, and to feed and sustain Nature’s matrix. The fifty-three natural webstring senses and sensitivities available to us through our body consciousness form the connective webstrings between the dimensions. They act as conduits between the levels of thought and layers of feeling.

To utilize life energy most effectively we tap into the abundant energies above us, around us and below us. This requires body awareness to
Ground, Center and Expand Nature’s attractions through increasingly heightened sensory perceptions.

First we must ground. Grounding is a deep rootendness of Being that allows us to be present with what is. Without presence further evolution of the senses are difficult to register. Earth is the medium to anchor the body and ground consciousness - body and space. It is how we ground Spirit into matter through our own biological processes for full somatic enlightenment.

Benefits of grounding consciousness into the etheric body is that it fortifies and keeps it free from excess weight; maintains open and circulating energy centers; and cultivates life energy to rise naturally and abundantly.
Next, is to center consciousness, to focus into the true heart within. This mediative stance produces coherence for webstring relation and empathic communication within the life matrix. This provides a space for healing, of reverence and gratitude for life’s creation. With permission we engage heart to heart with the Mother. Limited self created boundaries dissolve and empty for the wellspring of Nature’s compassional love to fill us. Full of Love, we expand to pay it forward.

Amplified webstring connection outreaching from the inner heart, assimilating intelligence to evolve the senses. Increasing the vibrations of body and consciousness to rise into subtler states and locations out of time, to bridge the gaps in consciousness. Webstring connections create bridges, from self to other, and from thought impressions to manifestations born of the Intelligence of Creation Itself, the One Life, Source of ALL.

Experience the GROUND, CENTER, EXPAND Nature Connection Meditation

As Above, So Below

I Pray to the Birds because
they Remind Me what I Love
rather than what I Fear.
And at the end of my Prayers, they teach Me How to Listen.



Energy Loss & Energy Cultivation

Energy is the essence of life.
Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want
and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus.
~Oprah Winfrey

The Process of cultivating energy in your life is focused on building a rhythmic relationship between the expenditure of energy and the recovery of energy in four dimensions.

The Four Dimensions of Energy: Within each dimension seek to build capacity in order to expend more efficient renewing energy.


When to Eat
What to Eat

Fitness/ Exercise

The more fit we are =
faster recovery from any actvity


Uninterrupted Sleep
8 Hours Average
Rest & Renewal

Subtle Energy Cultivation Practices= Meditation, Qi Gong, Dance, Chant, Drum, etc

The Four Realms of Energy: We must learn how to be flexible in order to function at optimal levels.

Physical Energy


Basis of Energy


Emotional Energy


In order to be the best we must feel a certain way: enthusiastic, focused & confident, etc.


Mental Energy

Focused Attention

The most powerful capacity is to think in an absorbed way for a long period of time on one thing

Meditation & Thought Building
Spiritual Energy


A purpose driven life that inspires one to rise each morning with enthusiasm & reverence

Breath & QiGong

atigue is not a function of age or gender. Across the globe people of all ages have a hard time staying awake throughout the day without napping or have a difficult time mustering up the energy to do things. Fatigue is derived from both internal and external causes that rob us of the life energy we need to keep up with the demands placed on us, to enjoy our lives, and even the ability to make changes in our lives needed to maintain our health. Fatigue puts pressure on our work, our home life, and our relationships — which only makes us more feel more drained.

There are sevel causes of daytime fatigue. The primary one is disrupted sleep and insomnia. Tossing and turning throughout the night caused by worry, anxiety and depression keep us on high alert. Living on chronic high alert causes adrenal insufficiency due to stress and compounded by poor diet choices, negative influences and/or the effects of perimenopause on thyroid function and melatonin synthesis. The second factor is a lack of physical activity. Just sitting around watching HDTV, sitting at the computer for long periods of time and using the cellphone fractionates the auric field while the EMF's drain out life energy. All these in use for any great length of time zaps the body of its vigor by tampering with immunity.

We have to use energy to have energy, so we can't just sit around. The act of walking in nature stimulates the pineal gland. As it is described in reflexology, the foot is a microcosm of the entire body, and the big toe is connected with the pineal gland. The other toes are connected to the other major glands of the body.
So, walking helps to stimulate the endocrines. The endocrines are related to the chakras and their capacity for healthy expression, so the entire body network must be in balance to thrive.

Once we eliminate the underlying causes of fatigue. There's a lot we can do to increase our energy naturally, whether we are 20, 50 or 90!



Burn through
inertia into Fire

Lack of energy is likely due to a combination of factors including: Increasing your energy levels is as easy as remedying these factors by:
Hormonal Imbalance due to a Combination of the Factors listed below
Detoxifiying the Body & Purifiying the Emotions
Disrupted glucose/energy metabolism from yo-yo Dieting & eating low-fat, high-carb foods creating an energy-wilt cycle Eating regular meals throughout the day for your nutritional type
Poor food choices Low-quality food Eating right for your nutritional type
Too much cooked denatured Food and energy drinks
Eating food Raw fresh natural unprocessed non-GMO fruits and vegetables
Pharmaceutical Drugs Opt for a natural herbal or food alternative
Stressful lifestyle Creating quiet time to rejuvenate
Unhealed negative emotional events Releasing emotional stress and negativity with Theta Healing and/or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Lack of exercise & Sunshine Exercising
Structural Stress Chiropractic Adjustment
Lack of optimal sleep Sleeping when you’re tired
Loose Etheric Connection with the Earth & First Chakra Ground the physical/etheric body/Nature Connect
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF's) Limit cellphone use, HDTV & computer

ARTICLE: The Seven Energy Sinkholes & How to Avoid Them


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