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You Are How You Breathe

The LIFE is in the breath and our body’s capacity to heal is only limited by the amount of energy we can run through our nervous system.
~Jeff Primack, Supreme Science Qigong

SPIRITUS ~ Is The Divine Breath

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness,
which unites your body to your thoughts.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Where Spirit and
Matter Meet

Breathing deeply with ease and awareness provides the foundation to healthy breathing patterns. Without the freedom and ease of respiration, our worldview distorts, and we are kept out of touch with our feelings and emotions because restrictive breathing patterns support subconscious defense mechanisms that in turn, cause problems in our relationships. They are often the result of previous attempts to cope with unpleasant and suppressed emotions such as anger, grief, boredom, stress, depression and impatience or physical events dating back as early as or even before birth.
It is inevitable that unreleased feelings-emotions express as pain, chronic tension (holding patterns), miasms, stifling digestion and peristalsis, and dis-ease. Such problems usually find relief when the root of emotion is pulled in the physical correlate, relieved with understanding and



In Latin the word 'spiritus' orginally meant "breath," which likely came from the sound of blowing or breathing out. In the Augustan period it gradually began to take over as the word for soul from anima, which originally denoted breath.

Love, compassion, kindness, wonder are associated with deep,
expansive comfortable breathing and an open energized receptive feeling
throughout the entire body.
Each of us will discover variations in his or her own physical and emotional world. "
~Dennis Lewis,The Tao of Natural Breathing

Article: Breathing and Its True Role in Our Life, Health and Longevity

Approach to an Overview of Breath & Emotion

1. Breathing
2. Body Sensations
3. Feelings & Emotions
4. Expressions
5. Thought plus or minus Breathing + Body Sensations = Emotions

Anger can be associated with shallow inhalations, strong exhalations, tension to the body especially in the neck, jaw, chest, and hands.

Guilt may appear as a restricted or suffocating, shallow breath and an overall sensation of being weighed down.

Boredom might be associated with a shallow lifeless breath and little sensation anywhere in one's body.

Grief can be associated with a sort of spasmodic-sobbing-superficial breath and a hollow empty feeling in pit of the stomach or the belly.

Depression can be observed as a depressed or sunken upper chest.

Impatience can look like short, jerky, uncoordinated breaths and tension in the front of the chest with a slight bending forward of the upper body.


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Believing in the Divine Power & Breatharianism

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