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Emotional Purification

Go sweep out the chamber of your heart.
Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved.
When you depart, He will enter.
In you, void of yourself, will He display His beauties.
~Mahmud Shabistari, Rose Garden of Mystery (13th century)

Finding Balance within Contrast

Basically we are all the same human beings with the same potential to be a good human being
or a bad human being ... The important thing is to realize the positive side and try to increase that;
realize the negative side and try to reduce. That's the way.”
~ Dalai Lama

Many of us are engaging in the frequencies necessary to employ great missions of service to earth. During this period of introspection and reflection we are preparing and organizing life events for the rapid movement in the energy of new Earth and our Soul’s journey into Oneness.

As Kosmic energies prod us out of our comfort zones and push us forward into the next level of our service to love we are motivated in unprecedented ways to release all resistance and interference from the past that has been blocking alignment with our hearts. We have reached a bottomline and are ready to let go. The letting go of extremes and grounding in the presence of Now may involve releasing people, places, conditions or things that do not serve the Spirit within us. Behavior and attitudes of old no longer draw our attention. Our sights are now grounded and focused upon a new vision with higher values of being. We are in excitation to embrace our potential. We park our minds in Trust and move past the fear of our previous limitations.

Emotional purification provides the opportunity for us to live in the present moment without the influence of past judgments and fears or beholden to primitive drives that keep us under control for easy manipulation. As we move into the grace of Creator, take a quantum leap of Trust and spread our wings of joy and gratitude over uncharted waters, we fly forward in the Light of greater vision and compassion.

Earth and all Life is evolving at light speed and is vibrating at higher frequencies than ever before. In fact, all of us are waking to the next level of conscious connectivity even if we are in a state of confusion and misalignment. However, those of us in alignment with our hearts purpose are offered opportunities abound and must use discernment in attracting ventures of passion. Those who are out of purpose tend to recycle past issues, traumas and events in order to create balance. Purification returns us to a state of balance and harmony that allows our spiritual healing energy to flow more freely. This allows for greater capacity to harness and hold the highest levels of light and the joy that we are capable of.

As the evolutionary birthright of every soul we all are afforded the same opportunity to advance, which means that our desire to increase our love-light quotient greatly depends on our capacity to let go of our pain and suffering, otherwise we attract more of that which we feed with powerful emotions.

The antidote to empowerment is ever to release our emotional baggage - the negative energies (fears, anxieties, dis-eases, traumas and judgments) imprinted in our bio-psycho-spiritual bodies that have accumulated throughout our lives. The more we let go, the clearer our divine vessel becomes. The clearer our vessel becomes, the more our vibration increases. The higher the vibrational amplitude, the more rapidly we create (manifest) on all levels - our soul desires and those higher vibrational streams onto planet Earth for healing and elevation into greater love.

***A ThetaHealing Soul Integration session will dramatically advance the souls potential and thus, the personality potential.

A Message from Wayne Dyer on Vibration

One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be nonjudgmental of others will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.

One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of illumination, bliss, and infinite peace will counterbalance the negativity of 10 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels (approximately 22 such sages are alive today).

One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of grace, pure spirit beyond the body, in a world of nonduality or complete oneness, will counterbalance the negativity of 70 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels (approximately 10 such sages are alive today).


Attachment & Addiction
An Uncontrolled Emotional Body

People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. ~ Carl Jung
Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices. ~Benjamin Franklin

Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering. ~Dalai Lama

The two things we must let go of are attachment and addiction so that we may draw abundance and fulfillment to us like a magnet. This may be easier said than done, but it is not an impossibility. Both attachment and addiction manifest within the emotional body as anger and fear in all their forms of distortion. Within this realm of either intense creative or destructive energies and their repercussions is the effort to transcend the physical through self containment. We are not our bodies and we are certainly not our emotions, which gives us a leading edge on learning how to control our primitive drives. Emotions, we realize are an endless stream of ever-changing thoughts and feelings that pass through us moment-to-moment. They are not our identity.

From an objective point of view we must first recognize that although our attachments (addictions are attachments) may be enjoyable, they are illusory because there is no permanent value and will never bring lasting fulfillment. This means that we must let go of trying to find fulfillment within the illusion. Each high that addiction brings can never be duplicated as to repeat the primary experience that got us reaching out to duplicate a particular psychological state in the first place. As always, negative habituations and addictions are used to fill a void. Once the primary void or root issue is discovered, it usually boils down to feelings of unworthiness or abandonment with Source creation. It is impossible to make this a reality as we are by virtue of our very existence connected with Source energy. It all comes down to love, self-love, feeling supported by Source Energy/Universe/Creator/GOD.

Until we can wrap our minds around this, we needn’t renounce or abandon anything per se--we need only to see through the illusion and in doing so, find truth. This is what it means to practice non-attachment. Seeing through the illusion dismantles the desire piece by piece. We can enjoy things as they come and go, but once we start holding on because we are afraid to let go and grasp them to assure continued enjoyment, is when stuff, things, ideas, concepts, people, or whatever we clutch onto becomes a problem.

It is useful to know that nothing is permanent. Everything changes and will disappear. This includes whatever we are grasping onto - feelings, ideas, thoughtforms, stuff, etc. Addiction is so potent because in the addicted mind, it seeks assurance over a level of control over their addiction. Addiction, is a process of "repetition compulsion" that creates a constant surety in a world of changing effects. With this in mind, it is useful to see that almost everything is driven and can be reduced by two internal forces - the impulses that strongly pull us towards what we like and those that repel us from what we dislike. These opposing forces, desire and hatred, form the pattern of our lives and is what drives humanity towards one desire after another and away from one hatred to another. We are in a continuous experience of pleasure and pain in varying degrees and in varying forms. In this space we can contemplate what we want and what we don’t want and ponder whether the things we love or loathe will truly bring us the pain or the pleasure we believe they contain. Once the fundamental unattractiveness of most things is recognized, we can choose what to do and what not to do. The dominant theme is that excess pleasure leads to pain and thus, on reflection there is very little worth enjoying to excess, as it always produces a loss in life energy due to the results of imbalance.

It is in this way that the practice of non-attachment can lead us to moderate the excesses of our attractions and repulsions because we understand what we are looking at in the world. This is the path to self-containment.

Non-attachment can therefore be seen as the general antidote for all excesses and indulgences. It attempts to wake us up to the actual state of things and provides us with a kind of barrier to place between ourselves and the world we engage in. Non-attachment dampens our drives and cools our passions in order to reflect on what is or is not a good path to follow. It forces us to contemplate the probable consequences inherent in every action we are considering. Naturally, we choose actions that will increase happiness for all and reduce suffering for all. Actions, words and thoughts are therefore graded as those that increase happiness and those that do not. Those that do not are either neutral or they are harmful to self or others.

This gnosis can change our perception of the world and the priorities we find in being here - to recognize the true value of things and anchor in virtues that never change. On a final note...if there is anything we should be attached to, it is attachment to our Creator. Our life sustainer.

If you're struggling with your emotions, take it seriously and seek out treatment.

Read Article: Addiction is in the Mindset

If you really want freedom, happiness will arise
From happiness will come rapture
When your mind is enraptured, your body is tranquil
When your body is tranquil, you will know bliss
Because you are blissful, your mind will concentrate easily
Being concentrated, you will see things as they really are
In so seeing, you will become aware that life is a miracle
Being so aware, you will lose all your attachments
As you cease grasping, so you will be freed.
~ Digha Nikaya


Auric Imprints
The Three Bodies of Expression, Ease or Dis-ease

The universe is an organization of generative laws and principles that is a circulation of force manifesting as energy systems. These systems of magnetic fields are incorporated into our very being and experience as they influence both the environment and the human body. For instance, within the earth are meridians that are conduits of biomagnetic energy that pulsate across the surface forming grids and when combined, a systematic and unified web is created. These grids act like a nervous system that is in constant movement throughout the earth that connects to earth chakras (power spots) across the globe. In a similar way the human vehicle is organized as an energy system with its bio-chemical processes, meridian system, chakras and auric fields that surrounds, communicates with, nutriments and protects the physical body.

The Three Bodies of Expression, Ease or Dis-ease

As human beings we are a unified whole of body, emotions, mind and spirit that is connected and plays within the universal field. Each aspect of our consciousness has its own level to be purified and aligned to its inherent power and purpose. The human body dwells within the three planes of consciousness, the physical, emotional and mental fields of activity that we live, move and have our being. Since the Soul is the very essence of a thing and not a mere aspect or part, but a principle, healing is the decision of the Soul, as it works in cooperation with the body-mind to create a state of equilibrium.

Clearing or purifying the mental, emotional and physical bodies of disharmony allows the body-mind processes to restore to balance, harmony and optimum health. As these three fields become empty of accumulated negative beliefs, feelings, and habits they align in a vertical pathway of congruency. This vertical pathway is the channel for the ego-personality to invoke the presence of Soul energies.

Aligning or living a vertical life is about keeping this energetic system in equilibrium. We can do this only when we are able to consciously respond to life’s events rather than react. This appears to be a systemic problem of the human species as most do not adequately understand the differing laws that govern the body and those of Spirit. Hence, one becomes subject to the sway of emotion. Emotional reactivity is the indicator that there is an imbalance in the energy field. Because the ego brain is caught up in psychic barriers there is a huge gap between our interior and exterior worlds. We keep traveling along the same feedback loops that are our habits and faulty beliefs that do not adequately reflect reality. However, what we cannot seem to wrap our minds around, we can use our feeling faculties to guide us. For instance, feeling stress is a viableindicator that we are reacting rather than responding. And emotional reactivity is a clear indicator of an imbalance in our energy field, which translates in the physical body through the form of pain, tension, tightness, anxiety, or even depression. When our nervous system is flooded with flight or fight adrenaline impulses it stays on high alert, which keeps the immune system from functioning at peak levels. When the body is in constant overdrive we feel tired and are susceptible to viruses and infections or feel the general malaise of body-wide (systemic) inflammation.

If you're struggling with your emotions, take it seriously and seek out treatment; your body will thank you.

Article link to
Energy Perspective of Disease

Releasing Auric Imprints

Inner healing allows us to form a partnership where body, mind and spirit holistically
work together to create well-being. The pathway of inner healing is one that transforms the
past so that we can live life in the present moment!

Releasing the collection of negativity from painful, fearful, and frustrating experiences lodged within the varying fields of consciousness (auric layers) helps us to unlock the memory of accumulated negative energy imprints. These are the current negative experiences in our cellular biology carried from the womb and collective planetary experiences; genetic memory stored in our DNA passed down from seven generations of our ancestors; and emotional imprints stored within the living library from all our Soul incarnations and and those yet, manifest. All forms of negativity lowers energy into a state of disharmony or dis-ease. Depression harms the health as much as smoking does and chronic hostility has long been linked to heart disease. When we address the causes and clear them, we allow our Souls to accelerate in consciousness. This provides a smoother transition through the various levels of our somatic enlightenment. As we make contact with the parts of us that are disassociated and awaiting integration, we create an internal connection that was not initially available to us. This connection bridges our awareness to those areas of inner resistance, such as where we do not love and honor ourselves. It also brings to surface unprocessed emotional experiences that ask to be transmuted and better integrated and those thought-forms that were never ours to be cast off. As we release thought forms of old paradigms we draw toward us new experiences of a lighter energy content which increases the frequency of our energy body’s vibrational signature patch.

Emotional purification transmutes the layers of distorted thought-forms and their associated layers of density into those based in humility, love, unity, and honor of the self-sovereign Spirit. Discipline always dissolves inner resistance and inner dichotomies, value judgments, and fear based ideologies, and are clarified with higher values and ethical behavior. The focus is maintained in the here and now, which assures opportunity to move beyond the strictures of divisive thinking. Abide in the rhythmic access to the soul memory of united significance.

Body Detoxification & Emotional Purification

"Detoxify your body and purify your mind."

CARE Wellness Regenerative Detoxification supports organ function and the elimination of toxins in the cellular body. This includes eliminating external sources of toxins such as environmental pollutants, the intake of deficient food sources, vaccines, prescription and illegal drugs, chemtrails, and so on, but also internal toxins such as emotionally created stressors and patterns of negative thinking. The way we think, believe and perceive the world affects our physiological processes.

My approach to wellness is wholistic. I tailor your detox therapy specifically to your needs and schedule. I call it Designer Wellness because one size does not fit all. I take into account your overall lifestyle patterns such as: the way weight is distributed throughout your body; the skeletal structure or body type; metabolic typing; style of breathing; body attitude; gait and general movement patterns; and learned energy patterns from emotional and mental conditioning. Last but not least, your spiritual evolution or patterns of consciousness.

Gentle and life affirming techniques such as healing foods, herbs, cleansing teas & green juices, deep-breathing techniques, Theta Healing, EFT, Chakra alignment, self-massage, primal movement patterns and stretching to support your body to cleanse in gentle and natural ways to release and prevent the build-up of toxicity in the cellular body, organ and energetic systems offers a dramatic health improvement and overall wellbeing that helps you lose weight and transition into a healthy lifestyle. Physical detoxification offers a transitional diet and opens the passageway into purifying negative patterns in the emotional and mental bodies. When the three bodies are harmonized the gateway is open for rejuvenation of Spirit.
For more information read Body Pollution
article. Order Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluen Free Greens for detoxification and/or products for weightloss.

To detoxify and purify the 107 energy points across the body purchase Balancing Your Bodies Network through Self-massage in the On-Line store.


Pulling The Roots of Fear

Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If
encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained. ~ Somers Roche

Fear is the great self abnegator. It destroys courage to live from the heart (in truth, forgiveness, & acceptance). It kills off spontaneity - the life of the moment and makes us hide and shrivel inside with apathy. FEAR equals False Energy Appearing Real. Love is letting go of fear. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. There is no vision or possibility in fear, as it judges and points fingers causing dissatisfaction. In fear, there no responsibility and there is no power. Therefore, fear is a death to the sacred gift and miracle of each breath. The inability to master fear is one of the main factors holding many back from taking a major step forward in their spiritual development. This does not mean that we are never to feel afraid when a moment arises, rather it means that our lives must not be ruled by it. Hence, it is helpful to observe ourselves closely to uncover and face our fears. To see that the responses and choices we make to any given situation, together with the fears we avoid, form the backbone of our patterns of living.

Our feelings cover up our happiness and keep it hidden from us. Any grievance we cling to at any level drags us to the pits of despair into self forgetfulness and misery is recycled over and over again. When we forget our authentic self from constant fear and conflict we act as a victim of outside events. We give away our power to that which has control over us--our toxic emotions. Fear is a fabrication of our minds. There is only fear of the unknown and once we are given information to understand, fear can no longer control us.

Our subconscious resistances control our lives bringing constant fear and conflict to the surface. Stress is subconscious resistance, which means that when we are stressed we hold at the subconscious level of our minds all the things that we don't want. Since the mind is creative, we are actually attracting "more" of what we are trying to get away from...what we don't want in our lives. By default this happens through the Law of Magnetism or Law of Attraction.

When we let go of our subconscious resistance-our suppressed negative feelings we begin to "attract" everything we want into our life whatever it may be. Our releasing acts as a foundation for supercharging every other area of our lives attracting to us a whole new level of satisfaction and pleasure we could never get before. Understanding this basic universal principle that “Like attracts” like we can take back our will and responsibility for what we have create and become accountable to ourselves and to the Universe.

Behind Me is Infinite Power
Before Me is Endless Possibility
Around Me is Boundless Opportunity
Why Should I Fear?

Eliminate the accumulated emotional baggage that weighs the life force of the body down. The weight of these negative energies (fears, anxieties, traumas and judgments) are energy stamps that imprint within the emotional body manifesting in the physical body as dis-ease. Throughout the physical body’s life time past issues, traumas and events are continuously recycled in order to find equilibrium.

We needn’t stuff away our feelings anymore. We can get in touch with all our "negative" feelings and then let them go" on the spot. Theta Healing allows us to do that in an accelerated way. All we need to do is become conscious of our negative feelings (like stress) as it arises and "let it all go." Our body’s physical survival depends on us to free it from these issues. Only when we accept the responsibility for creating our own fate can we be freed from the necessity of living it. Only when we face our fears can we live unafraid.

**If you're struggling with your emotions, take it seriously and seek out treatment


Raising Our Frequency

Fear is the primary reason why a life is out of harmony, out of balance or unstable. Fear is the primary reason that human ascension is thwarted. Fear severs the connection to the soul. Fear guarantees a long-term seat in the 3rd dimension. Fear exists on the opposite spectrum of Love.

• Misappropriation of Thought to Experience
• Mind and Heart are in Conflict
• Lack of Clarity about Anything
• Turbulent Minds Refusing To Calm Down
• Inability to Stabilize With Your Multi-Dimensional New Frequencies
• Reaction Spurred on by Existing Charges You Hold That Must Go
• Uncertainty About Your Future
• Blurry Vision

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul says that we can Conquer our Fear by the Following Actions:

1- By a constant watching of all desire, motives, and wishes and emphasizing those of a higher order.

2- By a constant daily attempt to contact the higher Self and to reflect the souls wishes in daily life.

3- By definite periods daily directed towards stilling the emotional body.*

*Alice Bailey, Letters on Occult Meditation, 1950, pg 338-39


BioPsychoSpiritual Healing
™ with Alisa Battaglia

ThetaHealing™ is used to Reprogram the Unconscious Mind --
Identify and Unblock Belief Systems that are Blocking the Path to Wellness

All choices are made from our particular viewpoint at a particular time based around the beliefs we hold. Our beliefs are held almost entirely beneath our conscious awareness, and shape our daily reality. By changing beliefs held at all levels, consciousness shifts and a new reality is created.

With Theta Healing™, we can choose our beliefs and consciously create our life. We can heal physical ailments, and reprogram ourselves for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything else we can imagine. So...what will you create?

Pulling the Roots of Fear
Transformed into Peace, Love, Consciousness, & Awareness


Go Up & Seek God
I am the Conduit, GOD is the Healer

The assumption of core patterns is that they occur during some stage of childhood development. Although, this may be true they may also happen during the prenatal period that reveals incidences which parallel experiences in early childhood. The major five core conflict patterns (patterns of abandonment, deprivation, subjugation, mistrust and unloveability) were most likely shaped by our earliest experiences of parents and family patterning. They pertain to our closest relationships whose patterns of action weave in and out of our love lives, family circles and friendships that challenge our autonomy and affect our self-esteem. These patterns of reaction are a result of how we see life from the particular angle of our trauma and age from conception to now. They manifest as either a deficiency or excess pattern as a way to cope with a particular energy imbalance creating a weave of patterns within patterns.

The roots of our patterns may even extend further back into past lives in a human body, as well as in a spiritual "body." The deep genetic memory witnessed and absorbed between lifetimes from oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on are retained in the aura at the history level. It is also on this level where we bring in soul fragments we may have left with others for various reasons. One does not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for these techniques to be effective.

We carry these collective consciousness experiences and memories into our present due to our interconnectedness with all other human thought forms. Some are even genetic programs that we have carried over from transgenerational conditioning-our family past of gifts and "baggage" handed down seven generations back through our DNA. Thus, the karma of our ancestors are added into our gene pool in the present. On another level is the Soul-the authentic Self that continues on after the human body dies. Beliefs stored on this level pull from our completeness as an individual.

In all cases the pattern in our current life situation requires a change in attitude and behavior that needs an update in this lifetime to begin clearing or balancing the problem. Theta DNA digs out the root of the problem, pulling it out completely. The effects are felt immediately. Experiencing change on all levels, people who have problems affecting them physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually find quick and permanent relief.

"All mental, emotional and physical action springing from the False Self does damage.
All action arising from the True Self enriches you" ~Vernon Howard, Psycho-Pictography

Theta DNA Healing holds infinite possibilities. There is no limit to what it can do and to what can be achieved by utilizing its methods. It is safe and effective and has a purity that has to be experienced to be understood. Clearing unwanted beliefs on the four levels and replacing them with life supporting beliefs enables anyone to tune in to their true potential. It is easy with Theta DNA healing.

Belief and Feeling work at the Core, Genetic, History & Soul Levels

Let Go of Faulty Beliefs about lack, limitation, disease, distress, pain and other states of consciousness not serving you.
Remove Blocks to: being clairvoyant/healer; feeling joy, worthiness, success; allow healing to occur; receive and give love; accept abundance, and more.
Feel Divine Truths from the Creator’s perspective such as unconditional love.

Advanced DNA Activations

• Youth & Vitality Chromosomes
• Genetic Replacement Therapy
• Changing Genetic Programs for Aging
• Downloads for Ascension
• Balance the Chakras

• Future Readings • Manifest Soul Mate • Pull Spirit Attachments • Group Healing
• Guardian Angels & Guides • Soul Retrieval • Dispel Psychic Attacks/Severing Energetic Cords/Emotional Triggers • Distant Healing

"If it's holding you back then pull it out!"

Dissolve, clear, pull like a weed your faulty programming or beliefs that hold you back on the core, genetic, history and soul levels without all the drama re-enactment and instantly replace it with a new positive thought/ belief that supports your greater unfoldment that encourages health, happiness and joy.
Choose to Liberate yourself Today!

Contact: Alisa (305 753-6389 or Innerdiamond@gmail
Fee: $88 per 60 min, $112 at 90 minutes


The Creation Brain State

ThetaHealing™is based upon the latest interpretation of the universe’s operating principles and has been used in various forms for millennia under myriad names. Tapping into the wellspring of Life offers easy access to the subconscious content of mind and connection to the basic life energy of the universe.

ThetaHealing™ is often described as an attainable life-altering miracle. It is a method of supercharged meditation and prayer that teaches us how to utilize the fundamental creative life energy of the universe to change limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs; to read what is going on inside the human body; to perform physical and emotional healings; to download unlimited teachings about anything; and to manifest our desires into our lives. Theta is an incredibly powerful and versatile modality.

Theta gets its name from the Theta brainwave, which vibrates at four to seven cycles per second. This is the brain state during dream time and also while in deep hypnosis or when immersing with nature and All That Is.

We can go into the Theta brainwave while remaining awake and with the help of the creative energy of the universe see what is going on inside the body, produce in the health of your body as well as profound changes in subconscious beliefs, in what we know and how we feel, and in what we manifest in our lives.

The brain slows down to a Theta frequency under several different circumstances, all of which allow us to access greater creativity and a more “elastic” reality- the flexibility in the extension of consciousness.

Consciously entering Theta is the practical application of applied quantum physics that goes beyond time and space, reaching the Source, the place of limitless possibilities, witnessing and co-creating reality, being the observer as a conduit for spiritual energy to flow through.

In this state we are granted the possibility to experience reality more vividly, more multi-dimensionally. During the moments between wakefulness and sleep, that is theta, we can somehow experience a reality independent of physical laws, free of the earth-bound conditioning. For a moment, even though we are already awake, limited by our sensory perception, we can still sense a different reality where we posses almost super human powers, as a conduit for Sources creative energy.

This is the abode where instantaneous healings occur...the ones that we call miraculous!


Letting Go
Death of the Resistant Self

For every mental event there is a physical event, and emotion is nothing but a thought attached to a sensation. When you shift your attention from thoughts to sensations, you dissipate the strength of the emotion, because thought and sensation are no longer chained together. You can contribute to your attitude of not minding by just allowing your awareness to shift spontaneously to the sensations in your body--and then spontaneously to the thoughts and ideas that accompany those sensations. ~Deepak Chopra, Insomnia

When healing is needed we must move into stillness, cry and be alone so that we may release the molecules of stored emotions in the body and replenish our energy through their circulation. This process is an emotional weightloss because it takes alot of energy to keep defense mechanisms erect. Examples are the resistance to change and feelings that we suppress for whatever reason that we feel is justifiable.

If we allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully when they come up, they recede naturally, giving way to another. But, if we are afraid to feel the feeling and repress or act out the emotion it haunts us by running our lives on an unconscious level until we are ready to sit with it. It’s really very simple, all we have to do is feel the feeling and avoid attaching to it or rejecting it. We simply allow the feelings to move and flow through the body, which then passes or dissolves. Each time we acknowledge and give presence to what bothers us, we discover that the difficult emotion was a catalyst for much needed emotional healing.

Nature connection, dreams, meditation, active imagination, tantra, freestyle dancing, movement techniques, drawing, music, song, art and poetry can activate the onrush of emotion because they serve as doorways into the corridors of our psyche that give us insight into our wounds and help us to revitalize our spirit. When we have taken the necessary time and detailed attention to restore our selves in stillness, the recesses of the feminine, we can then begin to draw upon our own strength.

We find that gradual improvement comes by alternating between the whole and its parts as there are many factors that influence the healing process. The four components of the three-fold human are sensation - feeling, thinking and movement. The “wisdom of the body, is an intimate interplay of communication pathways between the physical body and resulting mood states. For example, physical activity or exercise can profoundly alter thought patterns in the way that deep breathing can calm the mind and even release grief, fear or anger. The elements of the body, mind and aspect of spirit must be integrated as they influence one another to make the healing process fluid and self-adjusting. Their combination sets the foundation in ways that progressive release may come. We may see images of our past rise up, even images from previous lives in times of trauma that have created blocks for us in this lifetime in the same area hold important messages. Colors and geometric patterns, images of deity and familiar faces are all important symbolic imagery that guides us toward the comfort in healing our wounds. Do not lock up by analyzing or trying to hold onto an image… just let it flow. There will be plenty of time later to recall transitional experiences. During this cathartic process of discovery it is essential that we remain grounded at all times. Use the grounding exercise daily.

To read more click here

Alisa Battaglia©2005-2019, Exerpted from "The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration"

In order for us to use our power well, we must become a hollow bone.
We must prepare ourselves to become a channel.
Our channel must be clean before we can use our power well.
We must be free of resentments, guilt, shame, anger, self pity and fear.
If these things are in us, we cannot be hollow bones.
These things block us from our power.
The cleaner we are, the more power we move.
We must become a hollow bone so the Creator can use us to do what he wants us to do.

Fools Crow, LAKOTA Chief


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