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Scentual Alchemy
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The beauty of flowers is one of Nature’s means of
awakening in man the quest for his own soul.

Solar Wisdom of the Flowers

Mood Oils ~ Aroma Anointing


The Myriad Uses of Flowers

For the Love of Flowers

Aristocracy of Beauty

So perfectly formed that it compels admiration.

Flower Essence Society:
The Twelve Windows of Plant Perception

Blossom Like a FLower, Spiritual Significance of Flowers
Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

When I give them [flowers] I give you states of consciousness."
~ The Mother 

Solar Wisdom of the Flowers

Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them--
it is a subtle and fragrant language." ~The Mother

I am always in respectful awe of the gift of Nature that made the beautiful world. It is through the central role of the plant kingdom, the agents of Nature's self-organizing Intelligence that made the environment habitable for life. Nature's levels of self-organizing intelligence emerged via harmonics. Over millennia, each increase in harmonic created a new life from algae to plants to Flowers. As the dominating life form on the planet, angiosperms or flowers and its pollinators produced the food chain. In fact, we could say we emerged out a flower planet and we live on flowering plants. We literally eat intelligence that formed the planet over millenia. This ancient lineage of the plant kingdom bestows consciousness through assimilation. Perhaps the Flower of Life symbol stamped on ancient caves is clue to this reality.

I cannot imagine a world without the gift of flowers for food and the fragrance of plant essences. Their essential beauty always fills me with a special delight that enlivens me. I suppose this exuberance for horticulture has led me to discover that every flower has its own unique quality of consciousness and is a very effective medium for transmitting particular spiritual help and biological health to aspirants.

The Love of flowers can help us to find our own psychic being, the Divine within us. There is a special flower power quality of flowers and of particular plant life. Each flower embodies in its color, form and fragrance, a particular vibration or consciousness and that contact with a flower can bring one into contact with that vibration. There is a spontaneous vibration or movement in a flower that is neither a sensation nor a feeling, but something of both that can communicate to us on a psychic or intuitive level, if we are attuned to the quality of its vibration and language of illumination. It is possible to discover the consciousness of different flowers and use that knowledge where it is helpful. I have found that some people may require attunement to the plants, but once the scentual character, color, and texture of both flower and plant essences are discovered, a special co-creative relationship between Soul as psyche and flower develops.


Life of flowers


Mood Oils

The Earth Laughs in Flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sense of smell is the most spiritual sense of all the senses. It is through the nose, the incoming and outgoing of breath that in-spirits life and registers the mood of life around us. Mood oils are meant to bring in through the nose a scentual alchemy that ignites the Spirit into ecstatic union with the balm of Nature.

These Essential Mood Oils are used to anoint the body for integration during meditation to stimulate the heart and pineal gland for healing to help clear stagnated energy in the body. See instructive self healing manual.

To stimulate the "Hearts vectors of perception" use single oils such as Mugwort, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Pine, Frankincense, Oakmoss, or Himalayan Cedar. Place a small drop of oil directly over the Heart and Third eye Chakras and rub gently. Due to oil volatilities it is advised to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying directly to the skin. Also inhaling the oils or burning them in a diffuser will stimulate the centers of feeling-awareness to greater cocreative capacity with life.

Ayurvedic aromatherapy body & anointing oils offered singularly or accompanied with
this extensive & beautiful Pdf manual with full page colored diagrams . "Balancing the Body’s Network through Self Massage, Understanding the Body-Mind-Spirit Pathways."

The Teachings of Flowers
The Life and the Work of the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram

This film is a beautiful meditation and teaching on the wisdom and spirit of flowers and the Earth.



A Day without Fragrance is a day lost!

Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for Spiritual, psychological and physical well-being. The Materia Medica of Aromatherapy dates back to antiquity tracing back more than 6,000 years. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and probably Chinese used to burn scented flowers and herbs and enjoy aromatic bath, massage and skin care for ritual, curative and cosmetic purposes. There are myriad resources on the subject matter if you wish to delve deeper.

Catalaya Orchid

Essential oils are the pure essence of a plant. There are about a half million species of flora in the world of which approximately 300 produce an essential oil used in modern aromatherapy. If we take into account traditional medicine and shamanism throughout the world, the amounts of oils utilized from plants increase. Some essential oils with mind-altering principles were used by Shamans in ceremony and ritual, but they can be potentially harmful and even deadly when extreme care is not used. Always respect the plant. And this goes for herbs, oils and the plant foods we consume. A wise one does not turn virtue into vice.

As discovered in “The Solar wisdom of the Flowers,” the plant kingdom has a special relationship with humans. Not only is this kingdom more advanced in terms of evolution, but it provides our food, medicine and can enhance our spiritual journey. Human beings and plants are related because all the living organisms are descended from the same cell line. The chemical composition in plants and humans is almost identical. It is interesting that both plants and humans depend on a chelating chemical. In humans it is called red heme and transports the oxygen released from plants into the blood, while in plants its chlorophyll. Chemically the only difference between the two is that a magnesium atom replaces an iron atom. This similar composition may explain why the distilled parts of certain plants act like keys to both our physical and mental mechanisms. Real essential oils can only be produced by chlorophyll-bearing plants, which absorb the sun’s rays and synthesize organic compounds. The perfume of a flower is closely related to its significance.

If you plan on experimenting with essential oils you should know that organic essential oils are best and that they should NEVER be synthetic. Purity and quality is vital because the oils move through the body with great ease passing through the interstitial fluid (the fluid in the space between tissue cells). This perfect delivery system into the body site is what manufacturing companies seek to imitate via synthetic drugs and synthetic fragrant oils.

Synthetics or odorants can affect mood, but they can never imitate Nature because it is the synergistic effect of essential oil compounds, sometimes in the thousands, that work as an integrated unit. Odorants are manufactured scents released in adjustable concentrations into a closed atmosphere. They are used by the marketing industry to induce the “buy me” reflex that operates at the subliminal level. The scents used often relate to or are synergistic with a product, for instance a false aroma of popcorn in a cinema to increase actual popcorn sales or a floral aroma to incite a customer to buy something that has nothing to do with flowers—perhaps cosmetics. The following are some ways that odorants are used: in casinos to help people spend money more freely; to attract women into Automobile showrooms; and to spray on invoices to make people pay their bills, or an odorant called Aeolus 7, which smells like sweat, and so on. With so many manufactured scents natural aromatic connections are in danger of being lost. The human mind was not designed to inhale the barrage of man–made chemicals and science is now discovering the ill affects of synthetic chemicals on the body-mind.

There are several points of entry into the body that essential oils can take offering both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly and safely.

1- Inhalation via a diffuser of airborne particles that are absorbed into the respiratory tract and the bloodstream. This method stimulates the brain to trigger a reaction, thus affecting the mind via the receptor cells in the nose and olfaction bulb.

2- Physical application as with massage or absorbed through the skin via bath oils. Oils applied to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream and aid in a variety of health, beauty and hygiene conditions. Since essential oils are so powerful and concentrated, they should never be applied to the skin in their undiluted form. Always use a “carrier” oil that is made of pure vegetable to dilute the essential oils and "carry" them to the skin.

3 - Ingested with caution. Sometimes essential oils are taken internally for instance, peppermint oil in water to relieve the effects of overeating and flatulence.

Essential oils are a positive addition to ones life as they exhibit their own special power and effectiveness in the following areas: They aid the personality and character by helping with stress, tension and emotional problems by dissolving negative mood states and balancing the mind and emotions. They enhance wellbeing, strengthen, and enliven the senses, which rejuvenate the whole mind, body and Spirit by elevating the Soul to help dispel earthly problems. In general the perfume of essential oils can be used to delight the senses. Essential oils are flexible and adaptable like people and can be used in combinations to address just about anything. Make sure you invest in quality essential oils and a good diffuser. See Below.

NOTE: Essential oils must be used as carefully as medicines. Consult with your doctor and study the safety issues before using your first essential oil. Essential oils shouldn't be feared, but they must be treated with respect and knowledge.

Article: Essential Oils: The Hidden Dangers for Well-Meaning Animal Lovers

Evidence-Based Aromatherapy: Stress Relief And Much More - The health benefits of aromatherapy can no longer be considered placebo in nature.


The Myriad Uses of Flowers

The Sense Of Beauty in Flowers I have noticed a first elementary psychic vibration in plant life, and truly the blossoming of a flower is the first sign of the psychic presence. The psychic individualises itself only in man,
but it existed before him; only it is not the same kind of individualisation, it is more fluid and manifests as
force or as consciousness rather than as individuality. Take the rose, for example, its great perfection of form, colour and smell expresses an aspiration and is a psychic gift. Look at a rose opening in the morning with the first contact of the sun-it is a magnificent self-giving aspiration. ~The Mother


Edible Flowers


"...the thing perhaps is to eat flowers and not to be afraid"
—e.e. cummings

Edible Flower Video
Flowers You Can Eat, RIght from Your Garden


Love is the flower for which
love is the honey
~ Victor Hugo



The beauty of flowers arises from their pure vitality. Their seed of a psychic or spiritual presence has down the ages drawn many to use flowers in various ways:

As an Aid in psychic transports. Meditation & Transformation to Experience Higher and Purer States of Consciousness. Meditating with flowers creates a purified and inspiring atmosphere much like the burning of incense. Use the white Lotus flower of "The Divine Consciousness"; red Lotus flower of "The Avatar" (The Supreme Manifested on Earth in a Body); the passion flower for calm; Gladiolus for receptivity of spontaneous openness to higher consciousness; and the Geranium for radiating Spiritual Happiness ~a feeling of smiling serenity, etc. Simply sit in calm silence and let the vibrational qualities suffuse your whole being filling you with creative force and inspiration.

As a Support for Physical Health: In cases of fatigue or ability to hold energy, the scent of a flower can relieve even a prolonged condition of exhaustion due to physical or psychological stress. Used in meditation as an anointing oil or concentration, breathing in flowers (Orchids, Roses, Florist’s Chrysanthemum, Purple Passion Flower; West Indian Holly or Sage Rose) can revive energies, invoke wakefulness of mind very quickly, and remove inertia.

As a Tea: Infuse poison free flowers in hot water & drink

As Perfume: Essential Oils can be used as a perfume on the skin & in body products.

In Aromatherapy: To affect wellness & uplift negative mood states.

As Remedies to develop certain parts of the personality: The best way to open to the deep influence of flowers is to love them and to seek to discover the same qualities in our selves. Love of flowers can be a valuable help in finding and uniting with our Essential Self via their vibrational qualities. (Bach Flower Essences)

Companion Planting to act as a barrier against pests for vegetables & herbs & to increase yeild and always, beauty.

In cooking to flavor sauces, soup bases or in baking. Edible flowers in salads.

As blessings for Wellness, Invocation, Love, a Special Event: Most commonly red and white roses are given because roses are able to retain the spiritual blessing longer than other flowers. The combination of flower groupings or bouquets conveys a certain meaning and consciousness to the recipient. In Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings conveyed through the heart of Nature. Since flower selection was limited in certain areas, people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words. The Spiritual Significance of Flowers from "The Mother" is close to my heart.

Growing Flowers in Home to Uplift Consciousness and Gladden the Heart: Surrounding ourselves with flowers provides instant Feng Shui in uplifting the space.

As Community protection from the occurrence of disease: The Portia or Health Tree planted in large numbers is known to diminish or prevent diseases in a large community.

To Cleanse a Space (smudging):
Dried flowers or herbs sweep negative energies away via smoke or they are given as an offering in tact.

To Purify the Auric or Subtle bodies: Smudging dissolves Negative or Obstructed Energies that affect our spiritual progress. To anoint the body in meditation.

To Attract Forces of Material Plenty or Wealth:
(Water lily, Cotton Plant Cactus flower, Cannonball Tree, succulent Jade or Money Tree).

Source to Ground our Energies: Candy tuft creates a firm foundation to launch off from and African Daisy provides the right attitude for sure success.


For the Love of Flowers
Choose Green for a Change

residents spent $8 billion on flowers in 2006, but many of the beautiful blooms we purchased were hiding an ugly past. Flowers sold in the United States are generally grown on large farms and treated with massive amounts of pesticide; this not only endangers the health of farm workers, but also pollutes local air and water supplies.

In addition, many flowers are imported from Asia and Central and South America, where environmental regulations are often less stringent. For example, the International Labor Rights Fund and the U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (LEAP) have found that 20 percent of the chemicals applied to flowers in Colombia, a top exporter, are restricted or banned in the United States and Europe. Transporting these flowers to U.S. stores magnifies their environmental impact, as trucks and airplanes (including the needed refrigeration) contribute to air pollution and global warming.

Eco-Friendly Flower Options

Buy local. As with any agricultural product, locally grown flowers decrease smog-forming and global warming pollution by traveling shorter distances to market, and reduce the risk of plant pests being transported to new areas. Plants adapted to the local climate also need less fertilizer and pesticides, and are less likely to be rare, foreign species. Beware of invasive species that can crowd out native plants; see the related links for a list of plants considered invasive in your region. If shopping at farmers markets or pick-your-own farms, ask the growers to ensure that their plants are not invasive.

Look at the labels. Several certification programs have been created in recent years to tout flowers that have been grown in both environmentally and socially conscious ways. These labels include:

* USDA OrganicThese flowers have been grown without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers or sewage sludge.

* VeriFloraThese flowers have been raised in an environmentally and socially responsible manner according to Scientific Certification Systems, a third-party certification agency, but the environmental qualifications are less stringent than the USDA organic standard.

* Fair TradeThese flowers meet specific criteria for environmental sustainability and fair wages and work conditions as determined by the non-profit organization TransFair USA. Like VeriFlora, the environmental qualifications for Fair Trade are less stringent than the USDA organic standard.

NOTE: Inclusion of VeriFlora and Fair Trade certification for informational purposes does not imply endorsement by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Grow your own. Consider purchasing live plants instead of cut flowers; they not only can provide you with blooms year after year, but can also be grown with low-impact organic plant food and compost. And if you still like your cut flowers, consider planting a cutting garden. In choosing your flowers, avoid wildflower seed mixtures as they almost always contain invasive species.


Flowers in Growth (time lapse)


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