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Grounding Synthesis: As Above, So Below

Ground, Center & Expand

By Alisa Battaglia

We belong to the ground.
It is our power and we must stay close to it or maybe we will get lost.
~Aborigine Jennifer Isaacs

The magnetic Kosmic body is generating energy onto the Earth for our absorption. We can tap into the source of these spiritual energies as demonstrated in the following meditation for assimilation through resonance with the greater rhythm of life. Entrainment with Spiritual force allows us to mediate this energy of light into the body for healing, and to feed and sustain Nature’s matrix. The fifty-three natural webstring senses and sensitivities available to us through our body consciousness form the connective webstrings between the dimensions. They act as conduits between the levels of thought and layers of feeling.

To utilize life energy most effectively we tap into the abundant energies above us, around us and below us. This requires body awareness to Ground, Center and Expand Nature’s attractions through increasingly heightened sensory perceptions.

First we must ground. Grounding is a deep rootendness of Being that allows us to be present with what is. Without presence further evolution of the senses are difficult to register. Earth is the medium to anchor the body and ground consciousness - body and space. It is how we ground Spirit into matter through our own biological processes for full somatic enlightenment.

Benefits of grounding consciousness into the etheric body is that it fortifies and keeps it free from excess weight; maintains open and circulating energy centers; and cultivates life energy to rise naturally and abundantly.

Next, is to center consciousness, to focus into the true heart within. This mediative stance produces coherence for webstring relation and empathic communication within the life matrix. This provides a space for healing, of reverence and gratitude for life’s creation. With permission we engage heart to heart with the Mother. Limited self created boundaries dissolve and empty for the wellspring of Nature’s compassional love to fill us. Full of Love, we expand to pay it forward.
Amplified webstring connection outreaching from the inner heart, assimilating intelligence to evolve the senses. Increasing the vibrations of body and consciousness to rise into subtler states and locations out of time, to bridge the gaps in consciousness. Webstring connections create bridges, from self to other, and from thought impressions to manifestations born of the Intelligence of Creation Itself, the One Life, Source of ALL.


Stand barefoot with feet hips distance apart. Center your consciousness in your heart. Take a deep breath and gently exhale. Inhale deeper and fill your lungs with life-giving air. Feel your heart expanding with each breath.

Now feel that life force energy and move it down your body as you breathe into your legs and feet. And as you exhale, feel the energy move through the soles of your feet into the Earth.

Take notice of your feeling senses. How your energy body feels a magnetic pull into the earth – an attraction to root into the rich moist darkness to absorb nourishment that Mother Earth so freely gives. Allow that webstring attraction to root into the Earth take hold. Let the feeling sense of gravity provide anchorage and balance.

Imagine the soles of your feet forming roots that slide through the soil finding cracks in the rocks as they merge into the hearth of Mother at the center of the earth. Ask permission to engage. Open your electromagnetic sense and assure that the webstring connection between your heart and the heart of Gaia is strong and firm. Feel the glow of her love and the warmth of Her heart pervade you.

Feel the pressure of energy rise through the soil and into your legs and pelvis. Cradle the energy in your pelvis. Breathe in again and feel it rise to fill your abdomen, bathing and nourishing all the organs there. Use your breath and feel it rise to your heart filling your being with love and nourishing your lungs with in-spiration. Let this healing energy rise up to massage your face and nourish your brain.

With your energy expanding, register the attraction to reach upward like branches of a tree toward the sun. Feel the receptivity at the crown of your head liberate your consciousness through the layers of the atmosphere to the very stars themselves. Assure that your webstring connection to the stars are strong and firm, then expand into All That Is connecting to everything and nothing - the void of pure emptiness.

As a receptive conduit of spiritual force, open to Kosmic resonance. Harness the energy for descent through the crown of your head, past the zeal point at the neck, the chest and abdomen, legs and through your rooted feet into the magnetic Earth.  This looping between Earth and Heaven creates healing synthesis using the body as
a conduit of spiritual energy flow.

Empty and full at the same time, from feet to crown, the body is equally receptive to Earth’s liberating currents and to the heavenly currents descending into manifestation. You can adjust how much energy you assimilate from each reception point, root or crown. You can open or close these channels so the energy flows are just right for your comfort and healing. Take a moment to do that now.

Now, let the open ended columns of energy converge at your Diamond Heart, the nexus, so that you have an admixture of both Earth and Heavenly energies. Let this energy flow out down your arms and out your hands to pay it forward.

Feel yourself standing fully present with the energies of Earth and Heaven flowing up and down through your being converging at your heart. Know that your heart is a center of power where healing can occur. Feel that energy flow out your hands to be used for whatever healing purpose you have in mind. Energy is neutral, so use your energy wisely and always engage with permission in connecting with others.

Alisa Battaglia, ©2013

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