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Thought Building


Thought Building
Creating in the Imaginal Realms

All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make our world.
~ Lord Buddha

Thought Energy
Quality &

If a man devotes himself to the instructions of his own unconscious, it can bestow this gift [of renewal],
so that suddenly life, which has been stale and dull, turns into a rich unending inner adventure,
full of creative possibilities. ~Marie-Louise von Franz

The core substance of the Kosmos is consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of being aware. Thought is an attribute of consciousness, the filter through which consciousness or the Awareing Self manifests itself into the hologram of form, as no-thing is truly solid. The only difference between a thought and a manifest thing is the frequency of the observer, which makes looking at our own mental processes an integral part of our evolving character. What we pay attention to is what we become conscious of. Freewill or choice essentially boils down to what we pay attention to. The mind is the screen upon which we project our consciousness.

The right use of mind (positive mental patterns) bridges the gap between the real and the unreal into a state of union that holds all things together. Hence, it is through the thought form field or Morphogenetic Field (the basic energy structure that allows all manifest forms to keep their substance/shape) that true healing and integration occurs. As we come to understand the stages of matter density, that the levels of all creation pass through to manifest holograms of reality, we begin to flow Kosmic energy through our field without attachment to interpretations. Succumbing to flow enables a holding of the singularity of undivided consciousness or Source Creations perfect thoughts in our minds to crystallize them into manifest holograms of reality.

Consciousness > Light > Thought > Action (event) > Manifestation

The human mind is an energy force that continually generates patterns of scalar waves (language of light & sound) or energy through the process of thought. Focused thought potentates scalar power. Thought patterns act as an information channel that informs by directly affecting the conditions that will be met in manifest experience. This helps us to understand how thought directed with clear intention and knowledge of the structure of the subtle-body anatomy influences the function of our capacity to manifest.

Thoughts are scalar wave configurations of multidimensional vibrating patterns , and thus the energy frequency of our thoughts, either positive or negative, projected into the thought form field directly affect conditions that will be met in manifest experience—both in the observable state of the mind/body-spirit complex and the manifestation of events within the external life drama. The tools of color & symbol help us utilize the inherent power of subtle wave forms to create a desired change on the 3-D level.

As manifestors we become a conductor of electricity and through skillful means we cut away the egoism that short-circuits energy to the Soul and destroy the artificial barriers that hold us to the past and press ahead to the eternal NOW. Total alertness to the NOW is the filtering process that allows us active participation in making life-affirming choices for ourselves without the coloring of the past or future projections. Quality and discernment of thought is required to make right choices. Such keen perception or judgment that discernment brings is ever garnered through the conscious heart. The insightful receptive heart knows the difference between things that amplify us and things that diminish us. Always listen to the presence of the wise heart within.

To recreate the world, and ourselves , humanity must develop the critical skill of presence and think things through to the end, considering both positive and negative consequences. When we are conscious of what we are thinking, we are present in the moment of creation. Presence means consciousness becoming conscious of itself. Consciousness renders the possibility to learn the discipline of controlling thoughts and feelings, as well as focusing the stream of attention on what is now. Too often, we mis-take the stream of thoughts that enter the brains matrix as our own, when they are the thoughts of the Universal Subconscious mind stream, Archontic implants, mind control technologies, or others random thoughts floating in the thought form field. Since we are part of Universal Energy all thoughts travel through our brain (matrix), just as all emotions travel through our emotional body - both are easily manipulated by outside sources. While this inflow is, we have choice over which thoughts and emotions we call our own. In other words we choose our content from the incoming stream of our own patterns of thought, our Soul matrix, and that of the global mind or we can allow mental penetration that seeks to control the human mind via holographic inserts (example: The movie: "Inception"). And like a sieve we may catch or let through these thoughts and feelings that come through to either nourish us or drain our energy, and then we choose which ones to assimilate and integrate. Integrating the Language of Love-Light patterns or unity based thought-forms into our energy field becomes the new operating system in our choice to evolve in an a life affirming way.

Whenever we choose peaceful and loving scripts to experience, we must hold that thought-forms in our imagination. Imagination is the creative key to manifestation. Focus points that are peaceful and loving to experience will help hold in place a script that is peaceful and loving in nature. However, some thoughts are less than peaceful and loving in nature. These may be garnered by uneven emotions, fear brackets created by emotionally charged situations, the media in its forms of television, video games, books, music or theater, and frequency modulation that latches the subconscious into its focus of control.

Personal examples of choosing thoughts would be how I refuse to watch violence because they desensitize the vital feeling body, my inner barometer. The disturbing graphics cause negative thought images to ruminate in my mind as this results in nervous agitation and heartache at the abuse and injustice of why our world would choose to project the ugly and profane as a societal model. The research I do oftentimes leads me to such subjects, here I must recognize life's disturbing realities, but I choose not to focus on the negativity because it will skew my personal script in another direction than intended, so I counteract or replace the negative with a positive thoughtform. I choose which thoughts and visuals to metabolize and which ones to discard. This keeps me sensitive to others suffering and grateful for the blessings I have created in my life. Ugly, false, and self-abnegating thoughts have no room in my life and should they arise in my sub-conscious for observation, I look at them without judgment and then discard them, like water through a sieve. Our inner thoughts and emotions determine the level at which we vibrate and attract to us things and people vibrating at the same levels. Observation of thought is the platform from which thought building is mounted. It is the only way we can truly know ourselves as the Anthropos or Divine Human Being.

However, if we fail to make any effort at all to harness our thoughts we create chaotic patterns within our field of manifestation and we fall into daydream, fantasy, thinking, remembering, or anticipating, and the energy diffuses by scattering into multiple directions. Yet, if we try to follow our thoughts without controlling them, we discover how inconsistent they really are. We observe that we may eradicate one thought only tofind another tailing close behind. The mind stream is continuous until we are present. In presence we are free of thought and can observe the passage of our thought streams. We can do this by applying the mind to a specific task. As the more aware we are of our mental processes and quality of thoughts streaming through our brain (holographic biocomputer that runs the body), the easier it is to see thoughts as they are. We discover that as we gather our thoughts and hone our attention we can potentate them into great power and energy. Such undistracted focus is pure thought. But, the moment we claim or attach ourselves to any thought pattern, they instantly congeal or become frozen at that point into our emotional body. We cannot use stuck energy for co-creative purposes, but if we let our thoughts simply flow across the mind-screen and we happen across a negative thought, we must choose not to wrap our minds around it, but let it flow through us - liberated from our judgments. Otherwise, mind left to itself can create monstrosities due to fear brackets. So in letting go we are present and in rhythm with the Universal Law of Attraction and flow with the beautiful mind of Godhead - the creational vortex from which human life emanated.


Every thought that we hold for more than seven seconds initiates the manifestation process, into either a positive or negative experience. Any person, place, condition or thing we focus our attention upon is magnified in our own consciousness and our inner and outer worlds as well. This means that we magnify either fear and stress patterns or the Divine energy of God. But, because there is so much unawareness to mental processes and primary intention that motivates action, many require a transitional purification period to wipe out sloppy creations that were not intentionally desired. Oftentimes our core thoughts are flawed (Example: I am so flawed that no one can possibly love me--I can’t even love myself) and in attempt to mask these flaws through distractive means, both to ourselves and others, we do things haphazardly without any real focus. This is where holding intention and then the choice to hold the thought-form associated to create change comes into play. The wonderful poem by Pastor Martin Niemollere expresses the process of thought to manifestation ever so elegantly: "Think of imagination as your blueprint, desire as your funding, faith as your builder, and action as proof these duckies are lined up."

Read "Art of Intention"below.


The Art of Intention
Manifesting Spiritual Will

Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others, our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness. Conscious intention colors and moves everything. ~Master Hsing Yun, "Describing the Indescribable"

The art of thought building is a cultivation method in terms of gathering our forces at the highest point of our mental consciousness and holding it at the head center in a state of absolute tension. Some call the reaching of this apex, prayer or meditation.

Energy is neutral. It is how we direct that energy that makes or breaks worlds, its systems, and the outmoded patterns of thought that supports them. The art of intention focuses energy upon the mental plane at the point of greatest possible tension to assist us in aligning our consciousness with that of Spiritual Will to enable inner construction or Bridge Building of a interdimensional portal from the platform of Earth.

Thought building is powerfully aligned with the laws of nature - the magnetic Law of Attraction (scalar wave energy), which influences all energy patterns, including our thoughts, which are what makes pure thought so potent. Its pattern of movement is powerfully magnetic and draws similar energy into our vibrational field attracting like situations to match the subconscious thought pattern. "Like attracts like" is essentially the magnetic basis of thought building. So be weary of the kind of thoughts held as they are seeds planted ready to sprout into thought programmed reality. Dissonant thoughts create sloppiness around a situation, often volatile, while positive well organized patterns of thought produce a more optimistic picture. We can choose our thoughts and use them to construct an Edenic paradise on Earth in co-evolution with planetary and sentient life.

The intentional use of thought creates a powerful magnet. The longer we concentrate mental energy by holding a positive thought form in our mind with intention as the nucleus, a beam of energy emanates from the Pleroma (Gnostic term for galalctic center of creation) and conjoins with that thought form entering our energy field to attract that creation garnering powerful positive energies around us. Our magnetized energy field then pulls from the storehouse of creation (the galactic arms) to gather the energy for manifestation. This makes controlling and forced action unnecessary when we are surrounded by energy that draws to us what we intend, and instead of pushing we can go with the flow. Force, produces otherwise, tension and struggles, inertia!

Intention focused on creating the rainbow bridge within requires the following necessary steps:

1. Achievement of right orientation that occurs in two stages: In terms of building energy, focus towards the soul and focus towards the Singularity of the One Life.

2. A clear mental understanding of the intended task to carry out that involves use of the mind in two ways: A response to intuitional impression and an act of the creative imagination.

3. Cultivation: A process of energy gathering or of force absorption in order to confine the energies of intention into a mental ring-pass-not before use in visualization and projection.

4. A gestation period of clear thinking to perceive what is being done - Holding the energy in a steady preservation of tension without undue physical strain upon the brain cells until necessary projection.

Group Mental Force

We must gather together under united cause and collectively initiate our light into exponential power.

The process of sending out thoughts to others is known as transmutation of thought or prayer for short. Transmutation of thought produces two actions. The first action constitutes a vibratory wave emanating from ourselves that travels a distance. The distance and intensity of a wave’s travel depends on our ability to focus and maintain our thoughts. Always focus thoughts on God and the Light because when we hold higher thoughts and vibrations we are able to stimulate others to higher thoughts without conscious effort. We also attract to us things and people operating at the same vibration.

A second affect of thoughts is the creation of thought forms. Since every thought creates a materialized entity that operates on emotional and intellectual levels, it is essential that we hold a desire to practice managing our own thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions as forms of energy have a way of shaping the conditions of our lives. For instance, few understand that a thought projected outward is what is built from within. As the saying goes, “As within, so without.” Our thoughts and emotions are what dictate our vibrational frequency. Managing our vibrations are the key to mastering the Law of Attraction. We must be vigilant as to what we allow into our minds and auric fields and our feelings are our barometer. Our feelings measure where we are or how far the gap is between who we really are and the personality we are enacting. The higher faculty used is called discernment that allows us to weed through feelings that are life affirming and those that are not. We need discernment to separate personal thoughts and images from that which is not of our own authentic essence. We must master these basics before we can effectively join mental forces in co-creative activity with others.

A group constitutes three people or more gathering. It is where multiple perceptions focus as a unified thought stream on the same object of attention-intention, for instance, on the Light of Divine heart within every evolving soul. Together the group upholds a positive vision offering an opportunity to attract greater Light and Love into the world. Threads of Light and goodwill that creates a living pattern of light geometry connect the presence of consciousness.

The presence of consciousness is connected by threads of Light and goodwill that creates a living pattern of light geometry.

When the Light geometry (grid) is activated by gathered mental force it projects myriad rays of light that expand outwardly to create a subtle communication grid through which enlightened thinking and heartfelt responding can transform the dominant atmosphere of human thought and relationship. Thus, this makes the state of presence more accessible, individually and collectively. As light beams emanate from the group, they intersect at the foci and a 3-D object or hologram is produced. The energy can then be transmitted to its source. Prayer focus is used in a similar way. Ingrid Naiman says it best here, "I believe that when we pray for the highest good of all life everywhere that the energy will shift. It is after all, part of entrainment. When you find peace in yourself and wish it for everyone else, the world becomes more peaceful. When we have this peace — and share it — the Planet becomes less turbulent. It is a kind of service we can all render even when our pocketbooks do not seem full."

Creating energetic holograms allow us to work with consciousness grid patterns and create 5-D templates (blueprints) to transfigure self, humanity and the New Earth.

"The power to move
the world is in the
subconscious mind."
~William James

Universal Laws & Principle, A Constitution for Living.Pdf

Article: Creative Genius Mindset: The Essential Qualities for Thinking Outside the Box


How to Manifest Love Based Attractions

There are just three simple steps to create what you want ~
Invoke, Trust, and Receptivity.

Invoking with heartfelt emotion supplies the heart to bring it to life. Our thoughts and feelings exist in relation to one another and they form a feedback loop through which they communicate and empower the other. When we have a positive emotional response to our thought, our heart enables it to dance, and move and breathe itself into existence.

Trust for many is the most difficult step and yet, it is the greatest move toward fulfillment. Trust contains no doubt. Trust does not waiver. Trust is absolute. Trust in the Divine remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world. To master trust, we must tip the balance of our thoughts, words, and actions, from 'mistrust to trust.

The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what we want is thinking, speaking and acting in untrusting ways than we are of trusting. If we base the majority of our thoughts, words, and actions in trusting, the law of attraction must follow suit.

Receptivity has everything to do with trust because if we don’t trust we don't allow in. Being open and accepting what is, allows us to be receptive to insights, incoming energies, opportunities, and synchronous situations.

How to Manifest God's Will


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