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Integral Life Services
Education in Harmony with Nature Systems

With Alisa Battaglia

You were born an original, Don't die a copy!

A MultiDimensional Approach to Wellness

Alisa Battaglia, B.D., CHT, EFT, TH

Regenerative Detoxification Specialist & Clinical Iridologist

Designer Wellness Program
Because One Size Does Not Fit All...

The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~Thomas A. Edison

Module 1: Growing your own Nutritional Garden - Learn How to Grow Your Own Food for Ultimate Nutrition
• Backyard Conversion from lawn to garden - Cultivating Awareness via Symbiosis with Nature & Self Sufficiency

Farm to Table - Learn how to harvest and prepare food to support your individual wellness needs.
• Harvesting, seed saving, storing and preparation in your own kitchen.
• Group Sessions Available.

Module 2: Simple Chef Creations ~ Simple and delicious Recipes that detox and rejuvenate the body applying the 80/20 - 70/30 raw to cooked food ratio approach

Module 3: Detoxification of Acids - Letting Go - Eliminate toxins (acids) from the body; Pull Negative (acidic) Belief Systems; Faulty Habit patterns; and self-defeating Attitudes from the mind - Elimination - Stimulation of the body's Nature wisdom to rid of what is no longer needed. The elimination of waste products from the body is just as important as the assimilation of nutrients, but at the opposite end. Detoxification of acids accumulated in the body-mind Lets go of faulty patterns & beliefs. For further learning read my Body Pollution article.

Module 4: Body Movement Therapies - Circulation - Reminds you to pay attention to your body's need for blood & lymph circulation. The underlying cause of dis-ease is blood toxification caused by ineffective or inefficient lymphatic drainage. Toxicity leads to cellular breakdown, an underlying cause of cancer. Circulate the energy of love, gratitude and positivity throughout your cellular being through my "Infinity Body Movement" program.

Clear Thinking and the Role of Food - Divine Assimilation - Eating nutritionally and mindfully, chewing and breathing properly creates the right conditions in the body so that nutrients can be absorbed and utilized. Breathwork & Mudras

Module 5: Feeling Heart of Awareness - Opens the Heart through Contemplation & Relaxation - The practice of stress releasing techniques of the nervous system where patterns are affiliated that lock the feeling states into constriction. The body can easily slip into imbalance and toxicity where illness is sure to follow when the feeling body is numbed out & body wisdom is overridden. Regaining wisdom of the heart via energy wellness techniques and contemplative therapies reawaken those deadened feelings for healing dissolution, somatic awareness and open heart.

Module 6: Sexual Wellness & Rejuvenation - Expanding the Love - Discover a deepening level to self love via Energy Cultivation, body bonding, aroma-anointing through self massage & sound healing that connects you to Higher Spiritual Pathways. Know your Worth!

Nature Therapies - Amplifying erotic sexual energy through Nature Connection (NSTP) - Grounding Spirit into Matter bridges gaps in consciousness for whole-self wellbeing.


Balancing Your Bodies Network through Self-massage. Detoxify and purify the 107 energy points across the body.

Emotional Energy Wellness Technique - Teaching Manual


Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Healing

THETA HEALING & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
with Alisa Battaglia

Aligning Beliefs with the Authentic Self

Raising ones vibration is a self healing process that entails removing faulty patterns or beliefs
on the core, genetic, history and soul levels that limit the potential of the authentic self.
Once energy is in full circulation personal evolutionary pathways are accelerated.
Thetahealing gently dissolves pain without all the emotional re-enactment

Remove faulty programming
Choose to Liberate yourself Today!

Core Belief work, Genetic, History & Soul Levels
Sheathing the layers of inauthenticity
Future & Soul Readings
Guardian Presence & Guides
Soul Fragment Retrieval
Pull Out Attachments
Dispel Psychic Attacks/Sever Energetic Cords

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Spiritual Midwifery
Affordable Coaching with Spirit

piritual Midwifery is a path that inspires, nurtures and celebrates the birth of spiritual awareness that expands consciousness beyond self-imposed limitations.

Birthing of spiritual awareness: integration of masculine and feminine energies; Alignment of the physical, feeling and mental bodies; Connection with the Kosmic Feminine; Sacred Earth Wisdom as healer; bonding with Mother Earth to grow food for sustainability & healing, and at the higher stages, Initiating onto the Path of Heart - the somatic enlightenment process.

I nurture, comfort, Coach and support the wisdom of your soul through your healing - ascensive journey.

For more information on Spiritual Midwifery Coaching


Nature Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) with Alisa Battaglia
Connecting the Psyche with the Healing Powers of Nature

"Integrating the Natures System Thinking Process (NSTP) model is an intelligent resource management tool to restore empathic connection with the Earth through natural attractions, free of intellectual or indoctrinal filters for a genuinely lived animism. Earth is a life system that we are a part and Nature bridges the planet-person duality." (Alisa Battaglia)

First, there are things to know:

  The Earth is alive and we are being informed by our planet which makes taking care of the Earth a spiritual practice.
•  Humanity is endowed with Natures intelligent wisdom.
•  Every human is empathically rooted in Nature at birth with all the 54 sense faculties intact.
•  Webstrings are filaments of intelligence that is the attractive force in consciousness that weaves together all sentient life in a seamless continuum at both the subtle and physical levels.
•  Filaments of Life intelligence emanate outward from all living forces that are informing pathways of informational exchange via the sense faculties.
•  The feeling sense body perceives Natures love force as a distinct attraction energy whose Bio-spiritual information feels like guidance.
•  As life fields entrain and interweave there is sacred relationship bonding and therefore, capacity to gather knowledge by communicating directly with the Spirit in Nature anchoring life more deeply into the somatic body and Soul.
•  Straying far from Nature blocks conscious development of our feeling function and access to non-verbal methods of relating. 
•  Negative and unbalanced energy states are Natures biofeedback system that shows us the incoherent and negative feedback loop that we have been conditioned into, entrained with and offers a sensible unencumbered way to disengage by fostering attractive feel-good relationships. 
•  Developing Nature’s sensory language within us restores sanity and whole brain function by inducing a cohering pattern that bridges gaps in consciousness producing alignment; evolves the feeling senses, grounds the somatic body, and heightens and expands perceptions in the psyche for whole-self wellbeing.
•  Alignment puts us in a framework of sanity and planetary belonging beyond the need to identify with personal history with the insistence of a personal interpretation or reference.
•  A reciprocal exchange of multisensory information consists of attractive relationships at multi-dimensional levels and their frequency ranges that increase the vibrational streaming of body-consciousness by rising into subtler states and locations out of time.


Space Clearing & Organization

Of Shamanic Tradition Sacred Smoke Blessings or Smudging Cleanses a space, neutralizes envirornmental obstructions or person to clear away emotional and psychic "debris" that may have gathered over the years-essentially vibrations that are not aligned in Love. Home organization clears space to hold energy for creativity, positive forces, security and abundace so that Peace, love, friendship and laughter is freely flowing in your household. Wise Woman Counsel gives you insight into personal patterns that cause obstructions that impede progress and personal growth. Insight into habitual patterns opens the path of action to move you along the way. NOW is the Time to Clear Your Space and Clear Your Life!

Reasons to clear your space.

Energy Exchange depends on the number of persons & what needs to be organized: Contact me

From Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil

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Global Communion
Invocation. Dance. Music