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God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty;
He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life.
Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom.
Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will,
is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom. ~ Paracelsus

ARTICLE: DIVINE AXIS ALIGNMENT: Building the Inner Pathways of the Light Body

We've entered the realm of cross we must make the bridge at the Heart

Violet Flame Decree



Divine Axis Alignment

"Only by loving your body will you come closer to God...the body knows how to dance, how to sing, how to pulsate with God. When the body starts vibrating with the divine, suddenly you will see your soul is vibrating. Your body and soul are one."
~ Osho

As I advance upon the path of self mastery, I have come to conclude that certain experiences can deepen our conscious connection with the streaming forces of Nature. My friend George Mooney says that we can not teach people into enlightenment and this may be true as each of our journey is unique, but I do say that we can offer guidelines to awaken memory to the status of the Soul. How that epiphany unfolds is up to each of us, for it is only through the hearts desire that we discover the mystery within and adhere to the self-discipline and self-containment that is required to cultivate the growing expansion that brings us to an inner awareness that we are more than just our bodies, our current life roles, our job titles, and the story of our pain.

On our personal journey, we often reach the awareness that humanity is a disempowered people contributing to tremendous pain and suffering, detachment and loss of true identity. And yet, Earth's glory is in our hands, in our hearts, and in Nature (Hands-Heart-Nature)! We begin to see the need to build perceptual bridges and then we discover that with a little knowledge and wisdom we have the potential to revolutionize the world through our connected minds, hearts, thoughts and actions. This realization bridges our foundational connection to the Life Stream. It is from this wellspring that aspirational thought dawns a new Planetary Ethics and we set our Souls free from organized bondage and co-create a social reality of egalitarian values. Aspirational thought is the initial power and seed force behind the creation of anything.

It is often through the pain of trial and error that we discover some Power functioning larger than us, that is until we begin to consider the framework or guidelines for our behaviors and the effect they have on our lives. The realization of a far Greater Power than ourselves opens in us a desire to express right modes of living - our commitment to the "Way" where all paths lead to the ONE as conveyed through The Laws of the One Life. All Universal laws are interrelated and are extensions of physical laws that apply to the spiritual world, which governs all planes of existence in perfect order and flow. Applying the Laws of Nature and its supernatural phenomenon are vitally necessary in order to grow and transcend previous ways of existence in the world of effects, that does not support the Spirit in Life or the Life Urge inherent in Nature. The Laws of Nature provide us with a knowledge-of-results framework and a way to become enlightened through our bodies.

When we come to roadblocks (resistance to the laws) on our journey in life, the Soul is tested to help us complete lessons needed to be learned. Ultimately, what I call the "Four S's": self-love, self-discipline, self-containment and self-sovereignty underlies passage to higher energies and powers into and through our bodies (self-actualization). It is the way within to outer success. Command over our mental and emotional bodies gives us the ability to wade through extremes within the heart's psyche. The integration of our masculine and feminine spiritual energies are imperative and also dependent on some inner order. Inner congruency leads to balance. Balance is always key in merging with the higher self to gain access to the flow of power that is innate and whose potential resides within each of us. Our ability to transform into something beautiful and enduring, hints at the blueprint for a more stable life structure and incarnational spirituality.

Interdimensional Pathways

“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is,nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. ~Martha Graham ♥

There is an intimate connection between consciousness and biology. Bio-spiritual evolution is the interfacing of human nature with the Spirit in Nature - the DNA, cellular energy, sensory pathways, energy systems, the multidimensional levels of identity that comprise the Soul Matrix and the spiritual integration process into the reality of daily life on Earth with wisdom. Understanding how each stream of energy participates in creation of the whole is vital to the actualization of the human-Nature co-evolutionary blueprint.

The process of integration is very interesting and can be seen as a series of interlocking directorates that exist simultaneously within the unified consciousness field. The sensory pathways magnify to us certain consciousness fields as they enter our realm of awareness. Imagine the human body as a symphony of frequencies that when fully attuned dances within the electromagnetic field through which specific frequencies and corresponding dimensions of consciousness are drawn into manifest embodiment - assimilated from the unified field of energy. Perceive now that the human Soul Matrix is comprised of different frequency strings. Each string of the Soul Matrix carries a unique electro-tonal frequency that is part of the identity package of the Soul Matrix and lineage.

Extending from the core of the soul matrix identity are subtle filaments of energy that enter the bodies subtle inner structures creating a dual circuitry or open ended system of incoming-outgoing informational flow of exchange via the sensory pathways and faculties of awareness. There are at least 53 senses that register human awareness and can transduce Spirit-Nature energy for assimilation into physical body processes. Each sense faculty is an expression of varying levels of love and wisdom. When they are functioning naturally they evolve our consciousness by way of deepening connection with the life stream that moves us into greater wellbeing.

Alisa Battaglia©2013

Dimensional Fields
of Empathic Pathways
Anthropos 11 Interlink

The signature of our genetic structure must be brought into alignment with the original soul program of our origins. Through a series of inner connections the aspects of self that comprise the soul matrix is linked from one dimension reality into another through a series of cords or interconnected stranding. Gaps in consciousness are a result from a disconnection with our true Ground of Being - the Spirit in Nature and thus, cannot fully anchor the body-mind into reality. For example, the cord extending from the 5-D self on the fifth dimensional level, anchors into the fifth layer of the human auric field and is funneled through the fifth chakra for assimilation into physical body processes. If the qualities of that feild of awareness are integrated into daily life, the opening of inner perceptions onto that field of consciousness finds an interlink - a connection into the 3-D level, as it is the mental and emotional bodies that give the qualities of mental awareness and emotional cognition to the physical vehicle. Depending on where ones consciousness vector is stationed, is the capacity to bridge that aspect of the self within that time-space continuum. Each successive alignment with an aspect of our soul lineage opens us to that dimension. Engaging our sense faculties is the way by which we gradually integrate these levels of our Beingness into our conscious everyday awareness that results in higher mental ability, heightened feeling sense faculty and wisdom.

It is often necessary to clear distortion overlays (conditioning processes) that block our progress in our connection with our soul life, it urges, expressions, and lineage. It is mindful to consider the great interest in the Human Genome Project with its Archontic agenda. Mutations that deviate us from our humanity occur by altering genetics and overwriting them with synthetic codes. At a non- physical level psychic inserts ensure that human-nature is overwritten or redirected by synthetic life. Overwriting an original blueprint permanently eradicates that code and its potentials from the life field. Geo-engineering life via chemtrails, genetically engineered foodstuffs & trees, cloned animals, vaccinations, water fluoridation, pesticides and chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies, TV, cell phones, Fear, Transhumanism, holographic programs and other such biospiritual warfare methods all modulate brain function to entrain the body-mind-emotions to lower vibrational survival cell-death frequencies. Corrupting the Anthropos Human blueprint or DNA severs access with Soul realities in Nature inducing the human Soul into automaton. This violation against Nature is the ultimate Archontic Revenge!

Alisa Battaglia©2015

Listen to the Galactic Scale Creation Myth



Fe-Male Integration
Masculine and Feminine Spiritual Patterns of Energy

Each of us is something of a schizophrenic personality, tragically divided against ourselves.
~Martin Luther King

Spiritual energy has two distinct patterns of movement. One energy pattern is expressed in the masculine and the other in the feminine - two equal polarities in a constant dance of co-creativity. Reflected through our gender bodies are masculine and feminine spiritual energies. That is to say each of us has a masculine and feminine aspect of our nature, often called the inner male or inner female that is a reflective part of our gender. The purpose of this interchange is to establish increasing avenues of expression of that Whole within of which these two manifestations have their breath and being. The focus of the dance of polarities is synthesis.

“Synthesis means the ever-evolving focus of unity resulting from a conscious fusion of the various parts of this Whole. Whole is the transcendental in nature; that is it manifests simultaneously on all levels of manifestation. The whole is also immanent in nature; that is, present in its Oneness and undivided in it Wholeness no matter what form or in the number of its manifestations. This is the underlying principle of “unity in diversity,” and reveals to us that the Whole is always greater than the sum of Its parts.” ~Alan Oken, Soul Centered Astrology, A Key to Expanding Yourself.


Polarity Integration

In the language of electro-magnetics, the masculine force has a positive charge and the feminine has a negative charge. These forces polar in nature, when united, produce a composite wholeness. The masculine energy pattern of movement is assertive, as it initiates action. On a physical level, the male genetalia offers a prime example as it asserts through the act of pleasure via sexual intercourse. Male energy expresses himself through the mind. His energy pattern seeks to understand, to analyze, find limits and master the physical world. In balance, masculine energy seeks to give, protect, and provide comfort in the physical reality.

The feminine energy pattern is receptive and responsive. It is an open dark mysterious space with defined boundaries. From this mystery springs creativity and intuition born from the unknown. It is the Kosmic feminine womb within the Earth body that nourishes and nurtures, gives birth to an outer space that is inviting and sensual. In balance, the feminine energy pattern expresses herself through the intuitive heart and through the senses. The integration of the Fe-Male would have healthy, mature male and female aspects working together as equal partners.

A completely healed or integrated inner male and inner female at all levels of being, from personality to Divine, has released the illusions of separation, acts in wholeness, feels balanced in the expression of both energy patterns sexually, emotionally, mentally that synthesizes at the spiritual level. Since there is rest at a deep space of trust and allowance, there is a harmonious give and take on all levels.

However, the wounding human experience of pain, rejection, suffering, separation anxiety, and so on, has caused an arrested development of Fe-Male integration. These inner wounds fuel the gender war that reinforces separative thinking. Each person male or female must awaken to his or her inner half and create an individual marriage of polarity. Stereotypical and archetypal images and social dynamics based upon sexual duality and under Patriarchal authoritarianism (PATRIX) needs to end. For example, women in Darfur (and across the Nations) are constantly raped and beaten and they seek human rights to end this injustice. In Muslim countries, pedophilia and rape culture is a part of religious culture in that infant brides are sold off and molested with many dying from sexual intercourse. Girl's genitals are mutilated, destroying the generative function. Females are chattel and are still stoned, beaten and raped to this day (2017) if they seek divorce or dress out of ethnic garb. The body is never shown in public and covered from head to toe, never feeling sun, the breeze, or water on their naked skin. Animals are also exploited through rape. This produces aberrations of a deeper kind in the Soul of humanity. The Pleasure Bond is destroyed by imbalanced Power.

The Power of Recognition
Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with darkness of other people. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Men and women are equally involved in maintaining the dance of the dysfunctional gender war and social paradigm by buying into the intellectual programming, emotional trauma and childhood role modeling which breeds off the reaction of the other producing systemic co-dependence. Examples include the seduction game; the retention of love or affection that occurs in self-absorption; expectation of punishment for natural desires made taboo; unconscious hatred for fear of being hurt and wish for revenge that betrays sadistic fantasies; fear of desertion that affects the way one treats another; transgenerational conditioning of revenge (perhaps to avenge the grief caused to her mother by men that is a repeat of the original abuse); the various issues that occur with conflicting love of a daughter in love with her father or sibling; of homosexual love despite heterosexuality; and envy of the opposite sex that is far beyond ordinary recognition. The impediments to emotional honesty and intimacy in their variations of fear and hate produce an inability to receive life whose symptom is a form of psychological neutering or castration in all its self-destructive combinations that has become a spiritual dis-ease because we are not at ease or at one with our Spiritual Self.

The objective is to recognize that we are all in process in becoming emotionally healthy and that through the examination of our attitudes, beliefs, illusions and linguistic rooting of sexual stereotyping, a synthesis of perceptual and emotional experience - a transformed awareness, we may begin to mend our sense of personal worth. To gain a healthy sense of empowerment that comes from being in touch with our own essential goodness and inherent value. To gain spontaneity in life that allows us to be playful, natural, safe, responsive and responsible for the way that we love others and ourselves. In our emotional health, we begin to lose our desire to control or to have false power over others, manipulate, contrive to get our way through ego-strokes or begging or the need to seduce others. When self-love is intact there is never the need to conquer or seduce in the effort to prove the quality of our personhood.

Imagine being able to fully open your heart to love, with implicit trust and allowance. Imagine how attractive your undefended heart will be.

Alisa Battaglia©2015, Excerpted from Book: The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration.
SEE Polarity Integration



Harmony to Transfigure

The information that follows is broken down into right action steps to build the inner Light quotient and feeling apparatus. It is a cultivating of spiritual life force and a deepening into the bio-psycho-spiritual purification processes. When it comes down to anything, it is about the choice to do something or not. So, the results rely on right action and a deisre to BE.

It is now time to distance yourself from all those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives.
All those who wish to embody harmony may wish to:

Strive to remain in a state of connectedness at all times, with all of creation and all of Nature. For without harmony, there is discord. With discord conflict ensues and there is destruction on both inner and outer levels.

Regardless of what people may do or say, always strive to "remain in harmony." Control your reactions even if someone tries to hurt you. If they do, bless them, and let them go. Do not allow them to impregnate your reality and keep free rent in your head.

If you encounter a disharmonious situation, then distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.

Seek truth and harmony at all times. Do not deviate from the Path of Heart. Those who continue to resist the effulgent energies now flooding the planet will not be able to resist much longer. Those who resist transformation are the cause of their own suffering and self-destruction (disease, death, accidents, and so on). The new energies are increasing with intensity to bring about the changes and transformations necessary on New Earth.

Choose to no longer entertain feelings of discord and guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts of a synthetic life system. Rather strive always to improve yourself. Instead, seek cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation that is mindful of All Life.

Choose Harmony to be the number one quality in your life, and be assured that it will pave your way for admittance into the Halls of Grace. You will know when you have reached that level because then nothing will bother you. Whatever people say or do to you, it will not grieve your heart one way or the other.

Someone who is in total harmony is content with Creation energies. That someone holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are enlightened.

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