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The Right to Speak & Hear Truth

The throat chakra is first chakra of the causal realm. It is the chakra of spiritual rebirth and it encompasses the five planes. The elemental of the fifth chakra is vibration that dwells in the throat and head aiding in the production of sound. Through vibration, there is awareness of the vital life force throughout the body that brings balance of all the elements. Vibration takes us beyond the grips of the four elements and into the nature of anti-matter. In "equipoise," the elements of the lower chakras are refined into their purest essence that concerns the process of metabolizing spiritual energy. The 5th Chakra is the higher correspondence the 3rd chakra -the metabolizer of will-power and thus, is the higher metabolizer of knowledge, truth and spiritual will power. The behavioral quality of the dweller in this chakra leads a simple life and thinks high. The quality of thinking that governs this expression is self-awareness, which is organized consciousness or integrated perceptions between our outer and inner world

Excerpted from "The Seven Attributes of Heart" By Alisa Battaglia

The Right to Speak & Hear Truth

*Explainer: What is Anti-Matter?: "Antimatter is a material composed of so-called antiparticles. It is believed that every particle we know of has an antimatter companion that is virtually identical to itself, but with the opposite charge. For example, an electron has a negative charge. But its antiparticle, called a positron, has the same mass but a positive charge. When a particle and its antiparticle meet, they annihilate each other – disappearing in a burst of light."

The Seven Attributes of Heart

BY Alisa Battaglia, B.D., CHT, EFT, TH


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Sound Frequency

Creation was born through sound. Sound is the carrier wave for manifestation. Manifestation is an interwoven fabric of sound frequency arrangement, the silent symphony of both Universal and personal being.

Sound vibration of certain frequencies and rhythms is evocative that babies thrive to genius, and plants and animals respond favorably mentally and emotionally to harmonious tones. While some sounds are pleasing others produce a syncopated rhythm and have detrimental effects upon the human body-mind and growth cycles and behaviors of both plants and animals, even to their death. As heart centered individuals, we use sound in the most positive and life-affirming context. Sound and tone in healing has a powerful effect upon the body, mind, and Spirit. Sound comes through what we hear, what we feel subtly, physically, emotionally and mentally, as the sound penetrates our energetic and physical fields. This is what it means to feel a vibe or the unseen felt sense of a subtle palpability through our entire being that registers in consciousness.

Sound Toning Circle

The intentional application of specific sound tones in conjunction with color amplifies our power to affect positive change in our bodies. Toning is a form of vibrational sound therapy that many sacred traditions have used for thousands of years. It is a tool to invoke changes in consciousness and healing.

While there is a rhythmic use of sound, in which drumming is often a central component, there is also a tonal use of sound, such as with singing bowls or sustained chanting. Examples of Tonal sound range from the powerful chants of Tibetan Monks, Vedic chanting of India, the Native American Indians, and tribal vocals to the Gregorian chants of Christian tradition, and so on.

Many of these traditions use bells, bowls, gongs, tuning forks, drums, and chimes to produce a continuous tone while chanting mantrams, used alone or in symphonic frequency arrangements. For instance, the popular crystal singing bowls that are my personal preference are tuned to the chakras. The sound frequency of a crystal bowl is associated with an energy center or chakra. A singular bowl or the entire chakra suite is used to stimulate specific energy centers and/or organs to help heal, clear and balance the assigned areas of the energy body. While some may prefer the ancient tradition of using the bonze or seven metals Tibetan singing bowls and bells, I find the quartz bowls incredibly resonant where not only can the tone be heard, it can be felt in the body. Tuning forks also amplify sound effectively.

Vocal toning with any of these sound tools or simply toning alone is also effective, as sound can cut through blocks and stagnant energy and open the way for a more balanced and harmonious state of being. There is no specific way to do vocal toning, as it is often spontaneous and intuitive. What I love about toning is that holding a tune is unnecessary because it’s about vibration, not musical perfection. For instance, simply and spontaneously create and allow whatever sound wants to come out from the back of the throat or choose a mantra that are sets of sounds or words.

It’s so easy! Simply ground your body, breathe deeply into the diaphragm, open your mouth and allow whatever sound to come out steadily from the back of the throat for a full round tone. Make sure not to gasp for breath.

Start with the vowel sounds, use tonal sounds for the chakras or just let sound spontaneously flow out from the throat. Often times the sound is scrambled or staccato that necessitates the clearing of throat chakra energies and even co-combined naval blockages since the chakras in their higher and lower correspondences work together. In whatever manner is chosen, feel the vibration affecting the areas of the body that the sound resonates with. Notice what arises. Then let it go.

Spend about 5 or 10 minutes a day toning. Many people discover increased vitality and inner calm. I experimented with toning when I had an upper respiratory infection & head cold. I toned for 3 days for about 15 minutes, and to my amazement the toning vibration cleared the congestive clog without using medication. My chest was clear and the mucus totally gone.

SOUND HEALTH: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sound

ARTICLE: "LOVE/528" Vibration Purifies Polluted Gulf: Researchers Observe Oxygen Bubbling Up From Sound Waves for Purification - A series of sounds played to oil polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico has "miraculously" cleared test samples of the deadly petrochemicals, says a well known Canadian researcher.

Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
Barbara Marcianiak
Part 15 on Sound & Toning (2:39)

Voice of an Angel: Ave Maria


Awakening the SOUL through

Mantras teach us to transcend language and enter into the Universal Vibration,
becoming one with the Omnipresence

hanting sacred subtle sounds (and the mental sound-currents of both audible and inaudible frequencies) is a profound and practical method of self-awakening, opening and self transcendence. Mantras are a wondrous relief for an over-burdened mind. They act as a cleansing and purifying agent on consciousness. Such a spring cleaning effect opens the psyche to long-blocked feelings to witness and be dissolved in emotional release. Mantra has the blossoming of the heart as its central experience.

Emotional purification is prerequisite to the cultivation of self-development in order to prepare the subtle nervous system for higher voltages of energy necessary to activate the heart to Universal Love and awaken the Soul within..

When the dormant centers of the brain are awakened via subtle vibrations, the psychological, physiological and spiritual faculties are attuned to the primordial and sustaining vibration of creation. Entraining with the sub-atomic pulsation in consciousness is the key to universal knowledge and self-healing.


A System of Energy Locks, Balancing the Mind, Body & Emotion

BY Alisa Battaglia, B.D., CHT, EFT, TH

The system of energy locks is a processing tool to unlock greater awareness of the self and provide deeper introspection along the convoluted path in acquisition of the truth. These techniques are subtly powerful and have the ability to align and integrate the personality to establish and anchor authentic existence.

If there is a tendency towards escapist techniques to avoid responsibility, these powerful keys can help fuse the inherent opposites that produce inner conflict within our fractured neurotic natures. The cognitive dissonance we experience from unharmonized personal energy and emotions of the personality self is the root of the basic opposition of the world around us. Applying these transformative techniques with practice and self-discipline we begin to learn how to tune our own instrument through the voice of our deepest Self.

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Drum Journey Entrainment

“In the shared state of co-consciousness, the mentor also senses this inner pulse and it is what
controls her hand as it caresses the skin of the drum to create the rhythms of transformation.
This is truly an art form, and can be viewed in much the same way as sculptors or other artists
describe their muse. "The image is in the medium and I merely release it." So with the consciousness
restructuring process drumming,"the rhythm is in the listener(s) and I merely help them express it."~
Graywolf Swinney

The rhythm of a beating drum is the oldest form of music that our ancient ancestors discovered. It is a vehicle to take us back to our early sentient beginnings--back to the womb like consciousness patterns that underlies our being, our sense of self and the world. Shamans have long known this and still use drum beats to alter consciousness into other dimensions of reality, to induce healing or produce evolutionary visions. In fact, this primal beat is so central to life that new born animals of all species are soothed by the repetitive rhythms of the beating of their mothers' hearts. Entrainment to the beating of our mother's heart may be our first awareness of the sense of hearing we experienced in the womb.

The hypnotic effects produced by the rhythms and vibrations initiated from the beat of the drum acts as a very powerful tool in altering or restructuring consciousness of both individuals and large groups. The drummer gives up intellectual control—to empty the mind and relax into a state of flow rather than effort. As in dancing, the inner sensation of being in the groove or in body-mind-Spirit continuum cannot exist when the intellectual ego or desire is present.

When the body-mind-Spirit continuum of the drummer and listener (dancer) are in tandem they share a state of co-consciousness where the rhythms are largely determined from this shared consciousness state. Drum rhythms are not imposed upon the listener-dancer, but rather there is a symbiotic relationship. The trance dancers move their bodies to the rhythms of the drummers and the drummers play to the visual and aural energy of the dancers.

When we march to the beat of our own drum, therein lays the crux of our individuality and creativity.

This co-creative state happens through entrainment, which has the potential to restructure consciousness when the brain is in its most complex firing patterns and when the waves have built within them the most complexity (dysrhythms or chaotic and unexpected disruptions in the rhythms). The interaction of complex rhythmic waves alters the interference patterns that underlies our illusion of reality and repatterns or restructures them through the drum journey.

A fundamental philosophy shared by Shamans worldwide is that illness or sickness is the result of the soul being stolen or lost, and that healing is accomplished through the recovery and return of the soul or spirit. The resolution to bound, frozen or trapped consciousness is to free or transform the holding pattern into a complex, creative and free flowing consciousness that creates the processes of health.

Drum Healing
There are several effects produced by the sound waves of drumming. The first is that everything in the immediate environment, including the Earth body and the flesh, mind and bodies of the listeners, vibrates with the rhythms of the drumming. The second is that dis-ease emits a particular vibrational frequency or complex interference pattern from the interaction of several frequencies and waves and follows the first notion. Although, some set frequency is involved with the structure of the disease, there are many patterns. So when drum frequencies and overtones resonate with the particular frequencies of the disease pattern it becomes over energized. This causes the holographic structure of the disease to disassemble by shaking itself apart or collapse.

I invite you to experience the following on the next drum journey:

• Contemplate any symptoms of dis-ease to be revealed.
• Then, as the drumming starts let go of any expectations and just notice what arises.
• There may be discomfort, or an image will appear, or feel body sensations that are experienced during the drumming.
• Flow and explore where this doorway takes you.

1- Drumming induces complex neuroendocrine and neuroimmune changes, including down-regulation of cortisol and up-regulation of immunity. ABSTRACT: Composite effects of group drumming music therapy on modulation of neuroendocrine-immune parameters in normal subjects.

2-Drumming in groups facilitates social synchronization in preschool children.
ABSTRACT: Joint drumming: social context facilitates synchronization in preschool children.

3-Drumming may contribute to hypnotic and transcendental experiences. ABSTRACT: Phenomenological experience in response to monotonous drumming and hypnotizability.


Tribal Dance- The Mesmerizing Organic Sound


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