You Are What You Think
Thought Building

Awareness, Feeling and Intuition
Pure Heart, Clear Mind

Enlightenment does not come from the mind, it comes when you lovingly confront the dark side of your nature and bring it into Light through clarity.

Integral Awareness
Awakening the Spiritual Mind

The eye of clarity is so called because it brings sight to everyone.
It enables every single one to enter the uncreated and unconditioned reality,
each in his own way. ~ Prajnaparamita

Taking the time to look within to sift through frustration, the restlessness and the accentuation of restrictions that block our evolution, and to question the beliefs and ideas that constitute our moral, ethical and perceptual codes is the pathway to gaining mastery over the contents of our conscious mind. Speaking our personal expression of truth through the guidance of our inner voice helps us to become aware of programs available about speaking what is felt, expressed and what is believed to be true. Listen to the inner voice!

With free expression, that is expressing who we truly are with confidence comes discovery of the wisdom and brilliance of our inner self. With awareness we gain the priceless acquisition of self-sovereignty. Through self-sovereignty we recognize that no outside authority can provide inner clarity and true personal security and it certainly cannot provide us with the nourishment of life that is directly associated with authentic expression of our Beingness.

The dawning of higher mental wisdom, personal vision, intuition, telepathy, imagination, and insight are all aspects of evolving awareness. Such synthesis between the zones of consciousness becomes the lens from which we see life from a birds eye view unfolding into greater spiritual vision.

With such integral awareness comes the responsibility of how to use our awareness most effectively. Will the gift of awareness be blocked in the realization that the subconscious mind has been brainwashed into a pre- programmed illusion of “official” reality hand fed by governments, education, the media, social and religious dogma? Will the disowned portion of the identity that has been programmed to discount, negate and fear itself succeed, or will courage ask the right questions? We are each personally responsible as to how our energies are used to create internally and externally, and whether by ourselves or by surrendering our power for others misuse.

To allow the mind to be directed by self serving interests or official outside authorities - the government, medical experts, defense experts, religious experts, scientific community, et al, and then to rely on those so called experts to figure it out for us, is to accept that program without ever thinking it out for self. This surrendering of will to others molding provides a false security, a false flag operation – as what is provided are more restrictions, increased frustration and weakness as energy is drained in dependency and victimhood to forces not of our own making.

Human and planetary evolution has reached a point of profound choice beyond that of our physicality, a choice of the soul in support of life or that which devolves life. It’s a free will choice with its consequences.

There is so much good and beauty in the world – I urge that we must keep our focus there and build on it. Sense it, feel it, imagine it and know it on an intuitive level beyond the seeing, for all starts as a seed in mind. Hold the grace and nurture the seed with positive thoughts, water it with love, and watch the expression of good sprout into its full potentiality.

Feel the vibrancy of truth, between what is authentic and artificial, what is real and unreal, learn to discern it with great accuracy. Interpreting disharmony and the distortion of frequencies within the different levels of the personality and higher self is to bring intentions of the Soul in realization of the personality. Open to receive divine energy impulses across all levels – it is all there, all the information, all the loving, all the abundance, all the Grace to support us in our awakening to truth of the unity of all things.

We heal by restoring harmony in awareness. The power of free will ignites us to remove the shackles of faulty programming and to take full ownership of our bodies, to expand our faith and courage to embrace new ethics, values and humanitarian attitudes in the context of divinity consciousness. Grounded in body, centered in heart and expanded in consciousness we live in the world without getting caught up in the world because we recognize the artificiality that our modern world is with its routine and uncreative activities, and that an insensitive life is devoid of wisdom. Our actuation is to remediate where we have placed our energies into wrong channels that have blocked and deterred us and to reestablish contact and harmony with our wholeness, the true source of our energy.


Focus and Clarity of Purpose

A rich life is created by being more concerned with who we become than what we acquire.
It’s created by clarity of purpose and clarity leads to power. ~ Michael Angier

As we evolve and raise our vibrations, life becomes clearer, more focused, cohered. We find our way into coherence by our feeling structure. Our behaviors – our expressions in word, thought, feeling and action either increase coherence or confuse it. Can we come to some kind of receptivity knowing that reaction is caused by what we believe? Remember this profundity: "The clarity of your perception is the accuracy of your response."

Coherence is ever important as a preamble to healing and abundance. Dis-eased states are caused by some form of disunity in the stream of undivided consciousness. Prosperity is coherence or alignment with the streams of Universal energy that surrounds the Law of Abundance. Coherence also offers connection with Source, our soul and our natural instincts making it a powerful ally and force in the Universe. Since clarity is light it offers freedom from obscurity that reveals authentic truth in our willingness to question and dispel falsehoods. Such falsehoods shroud areas of our life that cause us hardships, setbacks and weaknesses that we often project onto others. Yet, each time we clarify those areas of our lives we come closer to our authentic self in that particular regard. Clarity is the only way any one of us can progress or evolve.

The clearer we are, the better our creations match what our purest desires are all about. Clarity and focus is the cohering power to bring into practice whatever we understand and ground that knowing into the reality of daily living. If we have not grounded our knowing into experience we struggle to change our attitudes and behaviors. This indicates that experience is our teacher and that knowing evolves from a commitment to explore and investigate, which requires effort and patience (self-discipline). If we systemically reflect on our experiences we can make wise decisions and act from a place of greater understanding (self-containment). A better part of wisdom is humility that is the understanding and acceptance of how things are, and what we cannot control. Often we are confronted with situations that we try to control, only to find that assumptions formed out of confusion dominate our knowing because we failed to take the time to more fully contemplate the circumstance. Such lack of clarity, constitutes a loss in the opportunity to meet our destiny and vice versa. It also puts us out of repose and integrity with ourself and all others. And because it keeps us trapped in our suffering we cannot align with our passions, our service in the world in this new cycle of time, or the natural ebb and flow of Life. Without clarity, contentment is something we will always strive for.

Ultimately thinking about what we deeply want does require changes in our lives. Unfortunately, change has become a dour word that we wish to escape. For instance, if we don’t think about what we want nothing has to change. This is an illusion of the mind because in reality we are in constant change all the time. Change may feel so scary that we may prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty. But not changing is a nightmare in itself that offers no newness - the same ole, same ole banality. Using our experience as navigator through a commitment to explore and investigate, an effort requiring patience, maintains a constantly fresh persepctive and experience to life. This investigation into our inner domains always leads us to greater clarity.
When we are not able to bring into practice what we know we should do, think and evolve, we need to spend some time in contemplation. We need time in meditation and Union with God so that we may be best directed. What most of us don't realize is that if we give quality time to our thoughts and contemplate on a matter, we would generate clarity around our ideas and have the power to make the thought practical. However, clarity of purpose is not about goals, but in par with the essence of what we truly want and feel good about when our life is over. It is a clarity about what drives us to do what we do in life. We have figured out that everything we need is already inside us - we need not look or chase beyond the interior self. We need only to think carefully and intuit deeply in order to gain insight that is followed by a real clarity about ourselves and a keen focus to endure the necessary changes that are spiritually directed.

To Know thyself requires self-honesty, openness and a willingness to change which may completely disrupt our current life. But, it is through seeking and finding clarity that we inspire new beginnings and possibilities to enter our life field. Clarify every facet of your life that you are in relationship to and with and say "Yes" to creativity, growth and joy. We each are the creators of our own lives. When we are clear about who we are, what we want, where we’re going and have a plan to get there, we will not only be more effective, we will experience better health, more fulfillment and abundance. Knowing why we are doing what we are doing is the clarity we need to empower ourselves, others and the planetary body. I offer a few questions to ponder.
• What are you creating with your life?
• Do you have a direction, or are you aimlessly moving through each day, like a robot?
• Do you have a destination on your journey?
• Are you motivated by a sense of purpose that guides and brings meaning to your life?

In our techno savvy society where every block of time is allotted to doing something, it is easy to see that busyness is a way to create a distraction from self - a distraction from listening to the quiet yearnings of our hearts. The status quo sends strong messages that if we are not doing more things and acquiring more stuff that somehow we will come out with less and feel unhappy. This mindset keeps us so busy so that we won’t have the time to think about what we really want for ourselves. Chasing things outside us is the ultimate illusion.

What does it take to get out of our hectic and purposefully orchestrated busy life? Re-consider, re-examine, re-align and clarify everything before we make an attempt to cross the threshold into the most profound spiritual cycle of our time.

Who said that living our dreams would be fulfilled through the stagnancy of emotional safety?

Four Master Keys:

  1. Always clarify when you are out of touch with your mind.
  2. Always clarify in silence.
  3. Never forget that clarity must precede every decision or choice you make (don't make a decision or choice without it.)
  4. Your clarity cannot be found through another's opinion, experience or perspective. To have clarity of knowledge is to bring theory into practice


The Higher Path of Discernment

The individual is supreme and finds the way through intuition

Discernment is an essential quality that is developed through awareness. Cultivated, it enables us to look beneath the surface of outer events- the world of effects to causation, to become more self-reliant, and thus, life is perceived more clearly. Discernment, the higher faculty of discrimination leads us to progressive developments within consciousness and hastens alignment between the lower vehicles where a more permanent merging or bridging between the inner and outer worlds becomes possible.

Oftentimes, in an effort to sidestep the dangers of criticism we fail to develop and exercise our discriminative powers. Somehow, we think that to live a spiritual life is to be open to accepting everything. We disjoint this attitude with the reality that all things are interconnected and united under the one life, and we end up in situations that are best avoided. Caution is ever necessary is spiritual work. It is most wise to take a more active, rather than a passive approach to life and yet, maintain an underlying quality of inclusive love for all of humanity. There are so many false prophets and power structures who acclaim fame in Gods name and yearn for our time, recognition and devotion. Their distorted teachings of truth sidetrack us from our path. They weild astral shells, energy hooks - the psychically induced pseudo-spiritual power and magnetism that have no basis in reality to tangle the unaware in a web of confusion in order to create doubt and fear. Fear is the great self-abnegator. In recognition of this power play, it is always important to be vigilant and investigate any teachings before getting involved because in our naiveté we can be duped into delusion. There are many new age ascension teachings with an admixture of truth and fiction. Always focus on Love that is ALL, rather than light with its gradients of lumination that hold much illusion. Observe closely! The subtle inversions of truth are everywhere hidden from the undiscerning eye!

Devotion to a teacher, group, political party, religion, or anyone weakens our resolve, self-sovereignty, and creates dependency and selfishness if we allow it to condition us as it blocks contact with people and other groups. While finding the right way to channel our devotion may be a challenge on our path, expanding our worldview and integrating it with the "One Humanity" supports rather than seeks to dominate individuals in a group.When we this understanding has synthesized with action, and for the power of the greater good for all sentient life, the gateway to our higher faculties open.


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