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By Alisa Battaglia


We learned that the energy zones on the body are key places where stress and attachment accumulate blocking the free flow of energy and awareness. We also learned that the pain and negativity we feel is from our own resistance (inhibition) to the flowing current of those energies. Miasms are toxic personal distortions.

When and how we generate anxiety depends mostly on the details of our personality structure. The degree of anxiety, anger or fear generated will determine if there is a physical reaction to produce a miasmic symptom. Anxiety, anger and fear are undesirable emotions that we would rather not be aware of and so the brain produces a physical reaction that becomes a substitute to the experience of the painful emotion. The fight or flight defense mechanism of the brain is unwilling to give up its convenient strategy of diverting attention away from the realm of the emotions. This built-in tendency to repress unpleasant, painful, embarrassing emotions or fearful psychological trauma is a stimulus for the mind to keep them in the subterranean precincts of the subconscious.

When complex energy patterns generated by our thoughts, emotions and behaviors obstruct the current of life energy due to resistance of our self-imposed limitations, tensions in the body are encountered and impurities created. These impurities accumulate in the physical body in the formation of the melanin protein complex or crystal. Keep in mind that the crystal formation is the symptom, while the suppression of “thought energies" captured from negative and painful experiences are the cause. Awareness that pain serves as a distraction from looking inside the self is the first key! The purpose of pain is to make us focus on the body, but if we ignore our bodily symptoms and think psychological, the emotional energy will rise to our awareness. When we fully understand that the brain, the organ of the mind seeks to prevent the conscious mind from becoming aware of unpleasant emotions pain will no longer have the ability to attract the attention of the conscious mind. Its defense mechanism will fail to camouflage the inhibition and the miasm or symptom will cease and the constricted energy will flow once again. The only thing worthy of our attention is our repressed feelings, the causation, not our bodily symptoms.

These self manufactured crystals are a storehouse of information-a kind of psychic energy in the form of thought, word and emotion that are held in a continual state of creation by our conscious or unconscious resistance to life. Until the information is accessed within the crystals and dissolved full healing is not possible because it still remains at the level of unconsciousness where lack of awareness persists. Where there is a lack of awareness free agency is lost. If the crystals are broken up without any ensuing change in consciousness they eventually reform to the extent that the consciousness remains unchanged. However, when the information in the crystal is accessed and moved from the unconscious through the scale of emotions (apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and eventually enthusiasm) with acknowledgment in the present healing can occur on all three levels (physical, emotional and mental). True healing accompanies a shift in consciousness.

Where are Miasms found in the body?

First of all, the psychic blockages or miasms are delivered into the area of the body that is most vulnerable or best demonstrates our repetitious resistance or contraction of energy from habituation. The most common resistance to life is the holding of the breath. Otherwise, miasms can be tricky because they can begin as a tender spot in the body, revealed as a weakness, or chronic pain in various reflex points along the spine, areas of the body and cranial sutures or from an injury. Miasms generally impress within the body's musculature, tissues, organs and skeletal structure (joints, arthritis and spinal subluxations). They may be felt as a gripping hold in an area of the body or numbness. The crystals or calcifications generated in the body from resistance also hinder the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, impede nerve supply and circulation, increases lymphatic congestion and contributes to poor nutrition and elimination on a cellular level.

Do note that what we often think of as a physical happening is not the cause of our miasm, but a trigger to discharge painful emotions physically. The symptom of pain, inflammation, skin problems, fever, soreness or any other symptom whether severe or chronic is a cue to listen to the messages of our body-to move within to feel the emotional association of our malaise. Our deepest wounds contain the root feeling or thought pattern that initially created it. Ignoring and holding back emotion creates enormous amounts of stress that distorts the environment of a healthy body-mind. Static energies and deficient areas affect states of being that produces a domino effect in all aspects of life affirming negative living and experiences based upon a negative reality. These patterns of living become crystallized imprints of negative energy that draws to us those experiences of a similar vibration that we are suppressing. Miasms tell us what we have accumulated in life and what we need to let go of. On the outer level health varies from person to person, but on the inner level we each exist within the parameters and limitations determined by the resistances held in our crystals.

The Release of Suppressed Information on all Levels

To correct imbalances we start on the external level and move inward layer by layer. At source four levels need to be addressed: body, breath, mind and spirit with all the five senses used to harness the body's intelligence. We begin with the physical body because this is what we see and because it is where all disorder originates on a cellular level. Obeisance of the physical laws, good nutritional habits, other beneficial practices, and the appropriate application of Body Cartography dissolves the crystals in the physical body yielding up the suppressed patterns of thought, word and emotion. With some degree of physical discipline we move to the next layer where the emotional body can be accessed at the pain level. Each level therein is mastered by acknowledging the blockage with enthusiasm-an eager willingness to let go of emotional resistance. Here each resisted emotion is acknowledged, felt and accepted. The willingness to allow the painful emotion to surface and to accept it without judgment transmutes the experience by discharging the emotional energy around the situation. At this point full memory rises from the unconscious purifying the emotional body.

Resistance originates in judgment at the mental body level of identification. Moving to the level of the mental body where thought controls and determines the structure of substance, all memory and trauma is re-experienced as if occurring in the moment. The reflective mind will begin to understand the healing crisis as the body begins to repair itself through a shift in consciousness. A shift that creates a clearer perception because it translates the emotional release via brain messages by circulating and integrating the new information to all the cells and body systems interactively throughout the entire body. When the energy has clear passage to flow a biological shift occurs. The pain will have lessened or is removed completely as the energy is released that was used to maintain it. The chakras and corresponding fields, energy points and channels align to their natural state of integrity and peace and vital energy is once again free to circulate and nourish the body processes. The body-mind is now receptive to the resonance of new patterns and rhythm of life in the present.

Mindfulness dissolves the perception of separateness as the healing intelligence of Universal Mind is engaged. With a newly acquired self-awareness of our repressed emotions that caused our pain we realize that our faulty patterns no longer work for us. We are guided into new beliefs through our inner promptings and are free to move forward and clear unresolved emotional energies with greater ease. We are willing to think, feel and speak in alignment with our truth.
Great care and vigilance must be taken to stay centered in the truth that the only creative forces in the universe are thought (sensory experience), feelings (emotionality) and the spoken word (verbal expressions in word and thought). These three we must master on the pathway to individual self-realization or enlightenment.

©Alisa Battaglia

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