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Alisa Battaglia Radio & Documentary

Alisa Battaglia February 27 2014 - on Radio Ear Network - Quantum Experience with Michael Brill
Dr. Michael Blum Blog Radio - with Alisa Battaglia, February 3, 2014 LIVE Interview 9-11pm on WWNN1470 AM -wwnnradio.com/streamer, or on IHeart Radio
Alisa Battaglia on Shattering the Matrix Blog Talk Radio - July 4, 2013 - "Empowerment By Connecting To Nature" -
Alisa Battaglia joins us Thursday, July 4th, as she shares her in-depth wisdom about the forces that are sabotaging humanity and addresses the steps that humanity has to take in order to regain our sovereignty with ourselves, Mother Earth and our Creator. Listen to internet radio with Shattering The Matrix on BlogTalkRadio
From Channel 7 News feature story...Fear No Evil DOCUMENTARY
Is there a way you can avoid bad things from occuring? Some people in South Florida believe in a tribal practice called smudging. Spread the burning herbs around your house or body and watch the magic happen!
For Channel 7 News - "Fear No Evil"
Smudging Purification & Invocation
I conducted for Katrina victims at Hollywood Beach, Florida filmed by
Channel 7
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Green Death of the Forests - Documentary
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