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Nature Deficit Disorder
Violation of Right Relationship

By Alisa Battaglia

Today, we are at the brink of planetary disaster because our economic system does not consider the environment as part of itself. This degradation to Planet Earth by monopolies and the current system of agriculture depletes fertile soils and destroys forests, eliminating whole species. As a result the number of options we have at our disposal for survival decreases. This decrease of diversity starts a downward spiral which will inevitably end in our extinction if we take it to the extreme. But there is also the concept of an upward spiral, a trend that will increase our future options.

Environmental Politics is about looking at humanities economic activities and the environment in which we live. It identifies irrational forces that tie people to their poor environmental habits. For example, consumptive habits are deeply rooted in addictive attractions that the advertising industry pushes to make us into compulsive consumers. Consumptive habits are also false and shallow replacements for spiritual connectivity of which we all share part in the One Life. We cannot possibly heal our Souls without address to the complex ecological system that we are an integral apart. Our self destructive blindness works against environmental sanity and serves to imperil the planet. Living in denial causes loss of self-respect. With a loss of self respect comes a diminished connection with family and friends, an even lesser connection with the natural world, and little or no concern for the planet.

The devastating issues of our world today are symptoms of disease caused by separation from the source of life supporting nourishment. Dis-ease is an outward manifestation of what lives inside us. It is an outer reflection of our inner terrain that occurs when the roots of consciousness are pulled from its source of connection and thus, begins to asphyxiate. This disconnect pertains to all life forms whether accidental or forced.

We are all equally responsible for the condition of our world. Global change begins at home. How we live, the quality of our thoughts, speech, and actions has a profound effect upon all life on this planet. Since change can happen either from within the system or outside of it, only we know the proper path for us. Success comes from connecting to the needs of our generation and making our lives a testament to upliftment. Conscious connection is necessary to an extended healing process. The next time we see bees buzzing around and birds fly or hear them sing, consider their interconnective roles in the song of life. For instance, birds help the inner music in each region attune to one another in their flight, while bees attune the inner music between fields of herbs and flowers in their travel. Let us ask of our roles in the attunement between Heaven and Earth.

We are entering a trend that will increase our future options. We all can become healers for ourselves, others, our community and society by observing our inner thoughts, words, actions and by asking ourselves these questions: Is what we are being healing or hurting? Restoring or destroying? And then shift our choices from self-centeredness to “We, The Planet”. This allows for more connectedness to the Source of Interconnectedness--the sacred web of life of which we are all an integral part. We might discover the joy of a real and purposeful connection to Spirit, to begin to truly love ourselves, our neighbors, and maybe even Earth. It all begins with Right Relationship!

Environmental Politics

There is an attack on the atmosphere, our enevelop of life, with special interest groups behind it. The observations and data that overlap in these five major areas show the degradation of life and ecology on the planet.

• Environmental Modification and Control • Biological Operation
• Electromagnetic Manipulation • Planetary and Geophysical Change
• Military Operations  • Oil Spills

©Alisa Battaglia, 2008

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