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Letting Go
Death of the Resistant Self

By Alisa Battaglia

For every mental event there is a physical event, and emotion is nothing but a thought attached to a sensation. When you shift your attention from thoughts to sensations, you dissipate the strength of the emotion, because thought and sensation are no longer chained together. You can contribute to your attitude of not minding by just allowing your awareness to shift spontaneously to the sensations in your body--and then spontaneously to the thoughts and ideas that accompany those sensations. ~Deepak Chopra, Insomnia

When healing is needed we must move into stillness, cry and be alone so that we may release the molecules of stored emotions in the body and replenish our energy through their circulation. This process is an emotional weightloss because it takes alot of energy to keep defense mechanisms erect. Examples are the resistance to change and feelings that we suppress for whatever reason that we feel is justifiable.

If we allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully when they come up, they recede naturally, giving way to another. But, if we are afraid to feel the feeling and repress or act out the emotion it haunts us by running our lives on an unconscious level until we are ready to sit with it. It’s really very simple, all we have to do is feel the feeling and avoid attaching to it or rejecting it. We simply allow the feelings to move and flow through the body, which then passes or dissolves. Each time we acknowledge and give presence to what bothers us, we discover that the difficult emotion was a catalyst for much needed emotional healing.

Nature connection, dreams, meditation, active imagination, tantra, freestyle dancing, movement techniques, drawing, music, song, art and poetry can activate the onrush of emotion because they serve as doorways into the corridors of our psyche that give us insight into our wounds and help us to revitalize our spirit. When we have taken the necessary time and detailed attention to restore our selves in stillness, the recesses of the feminine, we can then begin to draw upon our own strength.

We find that gradual improvement comes by alternating between the whole and its parts as there are many factors that influence the healing process. The four components of the three-fold human are sensation - feeling, thinking and movement. The “wisdom of the body, is an intimate interplay of communication pathways between the physical body and resulting mood states. For example, physical activity or exercise can profoundly alter thought patterns in the way that deep breathing can calm the mind and even release grief, fear or anger. The elements of the body, mind and aspect of spirit must be integrated as they influence one another to make the healing process fluid and self-adjusting. Their combination sets the foundation in ways that progressive release may come. We may see images of our past rise up, even images from previous lives in times of trauma that have created blocks for us in this lifetime in the same area hold important messages. Colors and geometric patterns, images of deity and familiar faces are all important symbolic imagery that guides us toward the comfort in healing our wounds. Do not lock up by analyzing or trying to hold onto an image… just let it flow. There will be plenty of time later to recall transitional experiences. During this cathartic process of discovery it is essential that we remain grounded at all times. Use the grounding exercise daily.

Movement ~ Our relation to space and our center of gravity reflected in our quality of movement as in free style dancing, Infinity Movement Technique, stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques. Correction of movement is the best means to create new patterns of organization because of the elaborate series of actions that is initiated by the brain that sends impulses to the nervous system.

In the way that our awareness allows inner emotional debris move through our physical tensions, we must also become aware of the subtle and not so subtle changes in our bodies posture, stance, stability and attitude when we are becoming reactive. This awareness one enables us to prevent full muscular expression, which is an ability to defer our impulses or reactivity and recognize the stimulus for the action. Ultimately, what we do must align with what we think and feel.

Physical Release shows subtly in a sigh, tone of voice, or change of breathing pattern. Breathing reflects every disturbance in our emotions and physical effort such as our holding patterns or muscular restrictions. Holding patterns may be released as twitches and jerks or spontaneous movement as a shudder or convulsion. Release also increases blood circulation and digestion. When the motor basis within established patterns or habit is shifted, it breaks up the cohesion with our feelings, thoughts and sensations that allow us to create new and healthy patterns. In the process sometimes we go through a physical healing crisis as we release negativity from our bodies and come down with flu like symptoms. We may suddenly have aches and pains or become a hypochondriac. Healing is a time to rest and be quiet. Drink plenty of spring water.

Feeling ~ The conscious and unconscious emotions that color our lives that include a range of feelings from inferiority, self-respect and super sensitivity to the familiar feelings of joy, anger and grief. Sometimes the depths of pain are deeper in the case of unexpressed rage. There can be erratic mood shifts and increased sexual energy to total loss of sexual desire.

Emotional release. Cry, cry and cry some more. The multitudinous layers of compressed emotions seek to move toward release in streams of tears that move us into awareness. The unfolding process occurs through waves and must not be forced as prematurity can produce harm. Emotions rise to surface when we can sufficiently handle them. Once there is allowance of emotional release it is better to set up an atmosphere that will allow release to happen in its own way. Honor and respect your self with patience!

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Thought ~ Thinking includes all functions of the intellect. Memory, the oppositions of good-bad, right-wrong, right-left; understanding, classification of things, recognizing rules, imagining, knowing what is sensed and felt and so on, comprise the capacity of thought.

Mental Releaseoccurs when thoughts are unrestrained. When the mind is free to move beyond social barriers of accepted laws of behavior, religion, ethnic affiliation, morality, sex, economics, art, politics and science we are breaking through tremendous restrictions or illusion. The mind is naked. It is not wrapped around any particular paradigm, preconception or affiliation and is free to float. The previously held structures come as a flurry of mental images that regurgitates onto the mind screen with no impact as memories or information. Some memories are fragments of ecstatic events, trauma or childhood experiences or unintegrated past-life personalities where the soul and personality remained separate to be integrated in this life.

Since our thoughts are linked with our quality of movement, we often feel the solar plexus release stagnant energy (third chakra) that in turn shifts the mental aura around the head. In this case the head may feel lighter. When we create psychological resistance confusion occurs.

Sensation ~ Includes the five senses of sound, smell, touch, taste, and sight. Sensation also includes the kinesthetic sense, that of pain, orientation in space, the passage of time and rhythm.

Awareness is produced by an increasing sensitivity. With increasing sensitivity the brain registers insights of great value, as it is more a coming into consciousness than of something held within seeking release. Sometimes the brain registers split second blips of information or guidance from intradimensional realms. The non-physical realms communicate via symbols, synchronicity, color and sound, archetypal images, words, memories and intuitive teachings in waking and dream states. These mental abstractions of increased sensitivity stimulate the pineal gland region into activity, which leaves a definite imprint upon our psyche.

Forgiveness ~ Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and realizing you were the prisoner.
~ Max Lucado

Breath is liberated after releasing long held suppressed feelings. Symptoms of release creates new patterns of breathing deeply, with ease and awareness.

Alisa Battaglia©2005-2018, Exerpted from "The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration"