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Poverty Consciousness and Abundance
Opposite Ends of the Same Spectrum

By Alisa Battaglia


Poverty is a human miscreation, and it was never intended to be part of our Divine Plan.
The distorted patterns of lack and limitation are an illusion that we created and that
we are sustaining through our thoughts, words, feelings, actions and beliefs. ~ Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The material world is essential to our total unfolding. It is far easier to exist when we have the financial means to provide for our comforts and raise our children. This frees us to pursue our spiritual awareness free of stress and poverty. But, with the state of world affairs, wondering how we are to survive without a job, food and roof over our head.

Human relationship with the world is in part conditioned by how we interpret it – as one principally of scarcity or abundance. Material poverty is an unnatural state and is not a requirement, but perhaps an option for spiritual growth. What is necessary is a proper attitude toward the personal material, emotional and mental life. Excessive material plane orientation creates negative attachments out of fear of loss whose mental patterns create circumstances that inhibit our spiritual lives from flowering.

With the threat of very real scarcity looming on the horizon – not just in credit, but in arable land, fresh water and other species- greed and fear of scarcity are in fact being created and amplified. During this global economic turmoil we are asked to think out of the box – to manifest new ways in living and organizing our lives, otherwise the direct consequence is to fight with each other in order to survive. Fighting is never a solution, but an error in consciousness. The way into a better future (individual or corporation) is to make past ways of doing things obsolete. Being motivated solely by money rather than by a higher view of how we soulfully fit into humanity is moving into Obsolescence. Hence, the mind moves into accordance with the heart!

Polarity Thinking
Abundance vs Poverty

An abundant thought is that the Universe supports us when we are in creative flow.

Flow moves by rays of influence that come and go to support the evolutionary development of all life. The planetary body and all life forms are under the influence of the incoming seventh ray of consciousness. This is a liberating energy which invites us to find our own personal truth in every situation and then to positively uplift the environment energetically by our thoughts, words and deeds. We are invited to explore our passions and to expose our heartfelt impulses, which are at one with the universe from the distortion of selfish perceived desires and needs.

The seventh ray from an economic angle shows how humanities relationship with money is changing. For instance, the energy offers new ways of marketing that are placed upon the dissemination of ideas instead of campaigning to raise money for a project. Money always flows into avenues that are magnetic and vibrant, into ideas that carry authenticity and consequently evokes a ready response from people’s minds and hearts. We attract to us through magnetic appeal those who can carry forward our work. In order to make this possible we must first examine our attitudes about our personal sense of responsibility in relationship to money that flows through our hands. This will show us how we have contributed to our present condition of consciousness—in abundance or poverty.

Our beliefs about money directly affect how we manage our money--whether we live above or below our means. Managing our money, living within a budget and even below our means, marks the difference between breaking free of the financial stress and the cycle of debt and putting ourselves to the grind to keep our heads above the financial downfall. Money management allows us to live in peace and contentment and provides the best way to stay above board during this global recession, while money mismanagement makes us feel disheartened and discouraged because we can’t meet our obligations and debt with no end in sight. Finding balance between these extreme attitudes of having too much or too little is vital to our serenity and oftentimes survival.

Excessive debt is a spiritual as well as a temporal trap, for it has great potential to damage or destroy partnered relationships and lives. Too many people live on glamour (shortcomings, blind spots, conditions that veil and hide the light and impede our ability to see clearly) holding a sense of entitlement that they should have whatever is in the NOW and smack the balance on a credit card. I know people who actually have lived this way bankrupting their very lives. After all the hoarding of possessions they are left with nothing. Proper money management and living within our means is essential in today’s contracted economy if we are to live wisely, abundantly and happily. But, how do we manage money if our attitudes reflect a poverty consciousness or sense of entitlement, which is really the same thing from another angle of fear?

Poverty consciousness is the creation of unprosperous beliefs that dwell deep within our unconscious mind. These beliefs actually shape the world around us and add to the reasons why this attitude about money is so widespread in the world. We live in an abundant universe and yet we have thought it into one of poverty and pain. Like a systemic infection it has created the Global economic wreckage destroying the lives of many.

Images of poverty are implanted into our conscious minds and then transferred deep into our subconscious when we hear of people losing their jobs, foreclosing on their homes, sick with no health insurance to pay for treatment, cars being repossessed and with the hungry and homeless rates increasing, we believe poverty to be real. Fear that it will “happen to us” brings more poverty into reality because strong emotional responses such as fear become the glue to attract to us what we believe in our current and past life incarnations.

Poverty consciousness exists by the power of our collective thoughts, beliefs, words and actions creating a vicious cycle that is self perpetuating. It runs deep in our cellular memory, our inner archive of past remembrances of struggles & underlying spiritual precepts, activating our emotional bodies at the soul level. Because many people live on emotions failing to balance them with logic, our own and others beliefs are accepted without question and embraced as true.

In order to master our reality we must control our two weakest bodies, the emotional and mental bodies, which mean we are to control both our thoughts and emotions. We do this by choosing what we think and how we feel each moment. If we examine poverty without emotion we recognize that it is the opposite of abundance. Both poverty and abundance exist on the same spectrum, yet what differs between the two are degrees in perspective and emotional response. The Law of Abundance is a difficult Universal Law to fathom because when we are seeing and experiencing the losses, it definitely feels real, however, poverty is only real for the moment in which it exists.

Now we understand that we are the creators of our own reality and that our beliefs and emotions are the cosmic glue for manifestation. Energy is neutral; our minds create the images for manifestation. So, what would each of us choose poverty or abundance? To choose one means that we must let the other go. We can’t hang on. We must monitor our thoughts and beliefs and then decide how willing we are to let the negative ones go.

NOW is the time to remember who we are—to realize the power within to ground Spirit into Matter, to assist Earth to move to the fifth dimension--to be the Light and integrate spirituality into everything on Earth. At the heart of empowerment is the concept of manifesting all we need to live in peace and harmony. Empowerment is always connected to the strong and those who take charge of their lives and assist others to do the same, and is never associated with victimhood mentality. We can challenge our old beliefs about deserving money using logic to analyze our thoughts and change those out of alignment with our new goals. To open up blockages we must consciously give and receive to get the energies flowing. The more we receive the more we can give.

The way we live each moment of everyday determines our quality of life. Universal Law supports abundance, happiness, peace and love to be shared by all.

People with Abundance:

Abundant thoughts & creative ideas are part of their consciousness patterning.
Are able to live within their means, not spending more money than they have whether they have a lot of money or a little.
Are aware of where their money goes.
Will reduce and recalibrate if necessary.
Have a long-range financial plan.
Are aware of and meet their financial obligations.
Generally have a comfortable relationship with money.

Receive Graciously.
Share the wealth & their wealth of ideas.

Where there is demand, supply will appear."

AlisaBattaglia ©2013, IntegralLifewellness.com

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