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Body Pollution
An Epidemic Illness

By Alisa Battaglia, BD, CHT, EFT


As part of the evolutionary process our bodies have learned to defend themselves from naturally occurring toxins when fighting infections, bio-chemical after-effects of fighting stress and natural toxins produced in the body from internal repair and maintenance. These toxins are discharged in stools, mucous and bile; in urine, sweat and tears; through our skin and even in our hair and nails. In order to maintain life the internal biochemical process must be able to monitor and protect against harmful organisms.

Our bodies are in a constant bio-chemical process to detoxify an ever-growing quantity of known and unknown toxins, which has overloaded the body's ability to properly detoxify that lowers the immune system. This produces an accumulation of waste build up producing myriad of symptoms that affect the quality of life that are determined by interactions with physical, chemical, biological and social factors. The human body is not equipped to handle the toxic onslaught we encounter on a daily basis.

Since the middle of the twentieth century we have increasingly been exposed to a vast number of new substances produced by chemical industry in the West. US food producers knowingly maintain profit by creating low-cost quantity at the cost of quality and consumer health. With diabetes and obesity rising at an alarming rate it is clear that quality for convenience has been sacrificed. For example, the fresh produce section of the grocery store seems to get smaller and smaller. Processed foods filled with genetically modified ingredients without labeling line the grocery shelves riddled with enough chemicals to barely be called "food" anymore. Laced with artificial sweeteners that claim to be healthy, cheap hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, sugar, preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), cysteine, aspartic acid, artificial colors (red dye #40, which is made from coal and banned in other countries) and a list of toxins that goes on and on. What is left is of little nutrient value on any level. This is from food, not to mention the products that we use on our skin, the clothes we wear and the homes we live in. Surely, when we cannot pronounce the words on the ingredient label we should not be eating it, wearing it or living in it.

Toxic Food and Water Supplies

For low-cost quantity, foodstuffs are grown in under rotated dematerialized lands using fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that degrade the quality of soil producing less nutrient dense food. This contaminated pesticide-embedded food makes its way into our kitchen. This quantity over quality mentality is quickly overturning natural and organic farming practices with experimental genetically modified crops that not only erode the soil and alter environmental ecology, but is often the source of unspecified allergies. Animals for slaughter have also become part of the processed food chain. Raised for consumption they are fed abnormal feed (animal by-products) and confined to small containers that they cannot even turn around. They are pumped with steroid hormones and antibiotics to treat infections caused from standing in their own defecation. Aside from this being an inhuman practice, slaughter animals are soon to be cloned and will be part of the next generation food supply.

Our water source is in crisis with agricultural and factory runoff as the leading cause of water quality impact to rivers, lakes and ground water pollution. Our water supply protects us from contaminants by adding in more chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and arsenic, etc. that are known to be toxic to the human body. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs these chemicals when we bathe, hydrate and wash our fruits and vegetables. Gone are the days of fresh water leaving future generations with a dark legacy from the effects of over consumption.

Our ocean waters are contaminated with oil spills and is a dumpsite for chemical waste that fish are now contaminated with mercury. We thought that farm raised seafood was the answer to contaminated fish from ocean waters, but now deadly PCB's and dioxins have found their way into farm-raised seafood from waste-water and factory runoff.

Air pollution is a problem especially in large cities that rely on diesel-powered buses, automobiles, industrial operations and power plants. The fumes have devastating effects that are evident in a variety of health problems especially in children from learning disabilities to asthma. Asthma is now one of the nations most devastating diseases and Cancer diagnosis today is one out of every six people occurring in children and early adulthood at an alarming rate. Is there no wonder that one out of every two Americans is chronically ill? Whether it is from food, water, pollution, electro-magnetic sources, or modern lifestyle stress, toxic overload has compromised our immune systems causing an immunodeficiency syndrome where we fall victim to dis-ease in greater and greater numbers.

Like the empty calories consumed in non-nutrient food, the bargain to value ratio (our health) is null and void leaving us to live in the threat of disease. Diabetes, obesity and cancer considered diseases for the elderly population have now become common diseases with no age marker.

How can toxins be driven out of the body to optimize health and vitality?

Disease originates in the colon, so colon care and cleansing is critical to healing and keeping the body healthy. Colon health means that the intestines are free of toxins, waste material and unhealthy organisms that accumulate on the walls that prevent food from being properly absorbed and there is ease in elimination. When waste cannot be properly eliminated it accumulates in the colon and backs up the rest of the intestinal tract then to the liver and kidneys providing a breeding ground for parasites, yeast and viruses. Toxic waste accumulation impairs physical elimination of feces or chronic diarrhea that prevents friendly bacteria from colonizing, which is essential for immune health. Since disease originates in the colon it makes sense that healing begins through the colon.

©Alisa Battaglia, 2006

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