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Divine Axis Alignment
Building the Inner Pathways of the Light Body
through the Silver Cord and the Light
Column of Spiritual Awareness

By Alisa Battaglia

We have been asleep to the higher vibrations of the Self. Oblivious to our infinite past and future we are deprived of the continuity of consciousness over many lifetimes. We act inconsistently with our true nature and abuse one another and the planet. At a new threshold of denial, the light switch that illuminates the authentic inner Self has been turned off or dimmed due to our own unconsciousness in making inner connections that already exist within. Intrapscyhic predation and external agendas of sensory overload and distraction also pursue to quash the soul into automaton, forever seeking to switch off the souls inner light. No matter how suppressive the insult of forces that deny liberation into Soul consciousness, acting against the principle of unity cannot stop spiritual, systemic, planetary and galactic evolution itself. Collective crystallized thought forms can, however resist necessary changes and cause a rough dismantling of those world structures based upon sole interests of the ego, while at the other spectrum of occurrences, a re-evolution in the ranges of contact steadily expands to a point of synchronous vibration within the environing whole. Evolution is unstoppable as “all living beings possess an inherent drive to evolve, to become the highest expression of life and to fully realize themselves. Personal development is the willful cooperation with this natural evolutionary process, but an understanding of the processes involved is required to be truly effective.”

For instance, our level of consciousness is directly related to what we place our attention upon. If we cannot remember, we don’t know why we are here or why we exist. Unconscious of our spiritual purpose, we are immobilized, obstructed at the root inhibiting primordial life force energy to rise up the five chakras to the crown of knowing within the dimensions. Since, portions of our consciousness is stationed within the higher dimensional fields where these expanded levels of ourselves holds knowledge and participates in perceptual experience beyond the usual range of our waking perceptions, we must stimulate our Higher Senses into operation to expedite the natural process of higher identity integration and bio-spiritual evolution (ascension). Thus, we take an active hand in expediting the process of our multi dimensional evolution by using our 3-D mental body awareness to direct our current range of perception. Therein, we build a perceptual bridge between our 3rd dimensional and higher dimensional consciousness. However, we must take the initiative to build a perceptual bridge of consciousness. This is the first step in a series of processes of building inner pathways of the light body.

As we swim in the great sea of consciousness and study the nature of Spirit, soul and matter we begin to understand the natural conductive forces that comprise the mythic terrain of the human body. We learn that energy flows up and down in a continuous circuit, uniting the root to the crown, heaven to earth and we manifest the miracle of awareness. Our soul’s purpose, our nature, level of development and our present ability to penetrate the veil is revealed. Awakened from our spiritual wasteland memory begins to regenerate, quickening the soul that has forgotten its origin.

Everything we have forgotten and need for our redemption lies within the heart. It is through the heart channel that we harness our lower forces with the higher energies of the Soul, to control them, and thus gain insight into the divine Trinity and the electrical nature of all phenomena. As we shift our attention onto the soul within the form as a creative agent in the material world, our place as a part within the whole can be clearly seen.

Let us explore what this means: “the soul on its own plane looks down at its reflection, the gender body on the physical plane, and sees no way to interfere with its development. There is very little the soul can do except create a body, give it its various physical, astral and mental make-up, and leave it to get on with the job of evolution. Eventually, there comes a life - a series of lives in fact - in which the soul sees that its reflection, the man or woman, is beginning to respond to the influence of the energy which connects the soul to its reflection, and the process of 'ensouling' begins.” The gradual expansion of conscious awareness, through the conscious building of the light bridge brings forth an alchemical response called "consciousness" or the “the Christ Principle” introducing a greater quotient of light into the body—the perfect balance of individuation and the unitive consciousness.

Essentially, building a light body to become one with the solar fire is a gradual evolvement that occurs in stages—in a series of conscious inner alignments that culminates in liberation. Just as the process of descent from Spirit to soul and from soul to personality (spiritualizing substance) has been slow, over millions of years, so the passage back re-enacted in reverse order is by a process of at-one-ment from the soul to the spiritual Triad (ascension) can be a long, drawn-out happening for most of humanity. However, after successful alignment of the three lower bodies the personality desire must invoke a soul response whose heart desire is first built in mental substance and then light. The internal creative process catalyzes the opportunity for integration between the personality and the Soul leading to a gradual unity. The heart chakra is the nexus for transformation. Between the inner and outer heart chakra is the electromagnetic doorway, an esoteric middle ground that creates a bridge of communication between the physical brain and the soul. It is the passkey to building our light body, interaction with Earth’s visionary consciousness and spiritual presences that mirrors our own makeup.

When there is transmutation, assimilation and cooperation the inner axis alignment is formed through an invisible vertical column of light above the head. In that light column are three threads of awareness or strands of energy spreading outwards from the individual into every sphere of the environment producing a gradual expansion of consciousness. And, the more conscious we become or heighten our vibration of consciousness, the greater the number of threads of consciousness extends outwardly to the world, and the greater awareness there is to the nature of reality. We grasp that to evolve we must transcend the world while still being a part of it--to ascend by an upward movement in consciousness that enters a fire within a greater consuming fire.

Divine Axis Alignment

Bridging the
Human soul to the planetary, Spiritual Hiercharchy and
galactic realms

Experiencing a Divine Axis Alignment
This divine axis alignment is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being stimulating the mind, the intuition and the creative will. The personality vehicle more or less soul-infused begins to harness the will of the ego with greater control and express the purpose of the soul as service and creativity. On the physical plane service is the life of the soul creatively expressed.

When the heart and mind of the personality is filled with aspiration for a higher power and willing to step onto the path of service in an accelerated pace, the filaments of light extend outward to make the connection. The soul is the bridge, the mediating force of communication between the microcosm and the macrocosm. When activated in the physical body, the axis of love which is a manna antenna or white ray of light known as the crystal cord or silver cord, acts as a conduit of force for interdimensional communication. This cord descends from our Divine Presence through the mediator (Master Teacher) and is anchored in the threefold flame within our heart connecting us with our Divine Source. The cylinder of shimmering pure radiance descending from our I Am Presence that surrounds the master teacher to the personality is called the crystal-diamond tube of light, which can be invoked daily for protection and empowerment.

Perhaps my experience will lend some light on how a divine axis alignment can spontaneously occur. About a decade ago within the mundane of daily life, walking and deeply absorbed in spiritual purpose, a massive channel of light skewered my center. Not only could I feel the Light force further integrate and expand my consciousness within the unifying whole, I could somehow see it all happening while inside my body. The crystal cord entered the gateway at the crown of my head, pierced through the central axis of my body down to my coccyx, and through the Earth body interlinking with other planetary bodies. Imagine interlinking constellations like connecting tinker toys together. My consciousness heightened and I perceived the web of complexity and unity of life in an instant. I felt a connection with everything, both seen and unseen. It was a grand initiation that re-birthed me as a Mediatrix or Peacemaker, a feminine mediator that shifted my consciousness onto a galactic level. As a soul in conscious mediation between heaven and Earth, I was successful in building the first bridge. As you will discover this is only the first bridge of many to form.

Since this initiation, I have been learning new ways to play with the light...to understand and enact healings through the dimensions; to ground Spirit into matter for aid in building a spiritualized humanity; and to raise Matter to Spirit with the Earth body in our co-creative ascension into higher realms of activity. The crystal tube of light was experienced about 10 years ago and just today during meditation, it came to my attention that our mission on Earth while reflective is a different version along the interdimensional planes of activity and therefore, has a slightly different purpose as well. We must each determine our purpose and fulfill our missions within these other planes as well, for greater congruency into the light matrix.

Interestingly enough, the intention is to align the inner or biological axis of Love (microcosm) and bridge it with the Divine Axis of Love (macrocosm) by opening up to the 5 different levels of our light body--so that we may access the inner planes of being--the corridor between multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves in other times and other dimensions of consciousness...to be a consistent extension of the world of GOD. The Divine Axis is a Kosmic gateway, a crystal-diamond tube of light whose potential is reflective in the human physical body once the inner or biological axis of Love or crystal tube of light is activated.

Higher Dimensional Pathways

Once light has been anchored into our bodies, we can expand our focus to build higher dimensional pathways between the mediating worlds on different levels: planetary, systemic, and galactic. The focal point of building the planetary bridge is now between our selves and the members of the human race as a whole providing an expansion of awareness through the heart vector. When compassion has illuminated the heart we can succeed to higher planes of subtlety to build a greater bridge between Humanity en masse and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Humanities contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy further evolves to greater inclusive contact with Shambhalla. The extended bridge between Humanity, through the Spiritual Hierarchy, and Shambhalla creates a triadal relationship that enables further expansion by creating pathways between planet Earth and other planets, this solar system and other solar systems. The evolutionary process of bridge building into subtle planes is a long journey home to the source from which we have originally come. The trinity of light, love and will represents the highest conception of divinity of which humanity is capable and therein lies the principle of liberation. Our individual and collective focus need only lie upon current capabilities and what is possible for the human race at this time.

Once we realize the interconnectedness of the microcosm with the macrocosm, our sense of purpose deepens providing a stimulus for greater concentration to build a direct line of ascent to the underlying purpose of God-head for our perfectionment. Crystallized through inner connections we begin to understand the underlying purpose of our incarnational experience of this particular solar system that all of us, as microcosms, evolving precisely in the same way as the macrocosm, holds a key to divine purpose, which is precisely to spiritualize substance—to ground spirit into matter, that is to create Heaven upon Earth. Like Prometheus, to bring down the Fire of God onto the Earth for the Benefit of every living being.

When we have taken substance and energized it with the energy of the soul, the consciousness aspect, by expressing ourselves and sharing our unique gifts, we add our wisdom and vibration to the planet. We become divine by heightening our vibration and raising it onto an ever-higher level, the soul on its own plane, until the point is reached when the soul is reflecting itself without resistance and directly through the personality bringing it up to the level at which the Will of the One Life, the Purpose aspect of God that is Love, can be expressed.

Accessing the Tools for the Journey
Accessing the Tools are the same for everyone no matter where we are in the great school of spiritual experience. We each are one body of light operating at different frequencies.

As we participate consciously we need to equip ourselves with some subsidiary tools for successful esoteric work: meditation and soul inspired service that is serving others who are less developed, less experienced, less knowledgeable, and less capable than we are. Corollary to mediation and soulful service are mastery of these basics: having an open mind and no fanaticism, constant awareness, living in the Now, patience and persistent effort, vision, sound discriminative judgment, and humor. Rightly practiced, rapid progress upon the lighted way is assured.

Our journey of self-development and awareness is based on personal levels of emotional purification and incorporation of light. When we have aligned our hearts and integrated with the Divine axis of Love, we understand that we are mediators, souls, standing betwixt heaven and Earth.

In summation, meditation and visualization are key components in making an inner bridge possible. Meditation holds visualization steady in order to build mental matter into a thoughtform to direct the various stages by a psychic wire that when activated in the physical body, connects the chakra bodies in a vertical line to the Crown Chakra, through to the Soul, and links the spiritual triad to the One Life of All That Is. When this Divine Axis of Love or vertical channel or crystal-diamond tube of light passes through the center of the heaven, the core of the Milky Way galaxy onto Earth and pierces the central axis of the body with light/love it reorients the body’s subtle energies equivalent to Spirit. The white ray of light known as the crystal cord or silver cord, descends from our Divine Presence through the mediator and anchors in the threefold flame within our hearts connecting us with our Divine Source. There is now communiation from our Divine Presence, known as the I AM THAT I AM to the intermediary or teacher, the one who communicates the holiness and love-wisdom of God to our evolving soul personality.

Conscious Breath During Meditation
Conscious breathing is the absorption of life force (prana) that feeds the light body through consciousness via the vertical light channel, much like an umbilical cord. Breath and light acts in a similar way a plant absorbs solar (light) energy in the chlorophyll process.

Correct manipulation and stimulation of the seven major chakras or parallel processors rarely communicate and work together due to lack of inner coherency. However, each Chakra, when working correctly, acts like a transformer in an electrical system. This electrical system (chakras) steps down Spiritual energy frequencies, chakra by chakra, like a way station that is the energy system of the soul. The higher energies of Truth, prophesy, intuition and Initiation are received by the soul in this stepping down process, Octave by Octave, through each Chakra to that of the Earth, so that the Earth itself can raise its frequencies and evolve with us. We have been created to help in this creative act.

Each Chakra as it evolves corresponds to one or more of the Planets. This is the secret of Astrology. This is the means whereby the Seven Seals (chakras), the Seven Sacred Suns and the Seven Sacred Constellations in this Sacred Universe have an interrelated affect upon us.

Alisa Battaglia ©2/11/09