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Keys for a Better Life
Commit to a life of Intentional Excellence

Alisa Battaglia, B.D., CHT, EFT 305 753-6389

By carefully following some basic health principles ~ simple things like exercising, eating whole foods, sleeping enough, getting sun exposure, and reducing stress in life ~ will drastically reduce the need for conventional medical care.

Develop Good Habits
Eat right for your Metabolism to Control Insulin & Leptin Levels
Address Emotional Trauma
Smile Alot
Dine Lightly & Don't Overstuff
Stand Guard against Anger, Jealousy & Resentment
Keep Good Hygiene
Do Not Eat with your Emotions
Cultivate Imagination & Engage in Creativity
Sleep Properly
Eat raw & simply prepared foods daily
Develop Positive Thinking & a Cheerful Countenance
Do Not lie with your stomach upward & your head downward
Eat the right fats
Hold Prosperity Consciousness
Maintain Good Posture
Chew Well
Connect to a Higher Power
Exercise, but not too strenuously
Avoid Processed Sugar & Foods
Connect with Nature & Abide in her Rhythms
Stretch to keep Limber
Avoid Wantoness & Keep to this Diet
Trust and have Faith
Avoid Stagnant Air
Stay Standing for a while when rising from a Meal
Pray, Meditate, Relax
Get optimal Sunlight Exposure
Seek Neither delay nor prolong elimination
Cultivate Compassion & Perform Random Acts of Kindness
Drink pure water
Seek Natural Alternatives to Drugs, they are All Toxic
Keep Wholesome Companionship
(friends, pets, plants)
Limit Caffeine & Monitor Alcohol Consumption
Avoid toxins in Food, Products,
& in both Thought & Emotion
Cultivate Healthy Love Relationships & Fulfilled Intimacy

Alisa Battaglia, www.IntegralLifeWellness.comĀ©2017