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Your Creative Genius Mindset:
The Essential Qualities for Thinking Outside the Box

To be creative is to have the capacity to think freely, openly, without limitations or constraints about problems and challenges. Creativity allows you to think outside of the box, around the box and through the box in an imaginative and free flowing manner.

A Creative Genius has a certain set of qualities, beliefs, methods of talking to themselves, asking the right kinds of questions and taking strategic actions that naturally cultivate creativity within the recesses of their minds. By consistently and persistently instilling these traits into your psyche, you can supercharge your mind and unlock your capacity for creative thought.

The Qualities of a Creative Genius Mind

Flexibility: A Creative Genius is flexible in thought, opinion and in the decisions they make on a daily basis.

Possibility Thinker: A Creative Genius persistently thinks about the possibilities that are available to them at any one moment in time.

Risk Taker: A Creative Genius fully understands that without “risk” there can be no worthwhile rewards.

Focused: A Creative Genius is fully focused and locked mentally on the goals they seek to achieve.

Imaginative: A Creative Genius utilizes the full capacity of their imagination to find the answers they need to overcome the challenges in their life.

Dedicated: A Creative Genius is fully committed and dedicated to the outcomes and objectives they seek to achieve.

Patient: A Creative Genius realizes that creativity is a process that involves patience and careful preparation.

Proactive: A Creative Genius is constantly moving forward towards their objectives.

Courageous: A Creative Genius is courageous in action and thought.

Independent: A Creative Genius is an independent thinker and doer.

Intuitive: A Creative Genius fully understands that some answers can only be realized when they have an intuitive understanding of the world and the problem they are facing.

Persistent: A Creative Genius is aware if they persistent long enough over a consistent period of time, every problem can be solved in a surprising and creative way.

Curious & Playful Nature:
A Creative Genius approaches every task or activity in a curiously playful manner.

The Indispensable Beliefs of a Creative Genius

Belief in Self: A Creative Genius has full confidence and belief in themselves and their own ability.
Belief in a Higher Power: A Creative Genius isn’t necessarily religious in nature, although they can be. However, they do believe that there exists a higher power that helps spark the creative forces within their body and mind.

Belief in Learning From Every Success & Failure: A Creative Genius essentially does not distinguish between success or failure. Instead, they only acknowledge the feedback they receive.

The Proactive Actions of a Creative Genius
Proactive Learning: A Creative Genius fully understands that life is a process of constant and never ending learning and self-improvement.

Journaling: A Creative Genius keeps a regular record of their life experiences, learnings and questions within a journal.

Mind Mapping: A Creative Genius consistently uses a set of accelerated learning tools that help to build strong associations between seemingly unrelated ideas within their minds.
These Creative qualities are very much like muscles -- they must be trained and built over the course of days, weeks, months and years. The more time you spend flexing these muscles and utilizing them, the stronger, more creative, effective and efficient they will become. And when you have these qualities ingrained deeply within your psyche, then your true Creative Genius Capacity will finally shine through.

Sources: Lifehack.org September 3, 2008

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