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The Chakras

By Alisa Battaglia, BD, CHT, EFT


There are twelve levels of Being that comprise the multidimensional human. For brevity sake, I will discuss the seven major chakras that pertain to our current personal evolution before the higher spiritual realms can even be entertained.

The chakras are the veils that cloak the soul. As transducers of spiritual energy the chakras generate etheric matter that the Soul uses to weave reality and to achieve enlightenment. Each chakra is a level or eye of consciousness in how we perceive, live and move in the world and the etheric spine is the channel to each gateway (chakra) of progress. Each is an expression of varying levels of love and wisdom.

On an etheric level the seven chakras are seen as spinning wheels of light with each situated in a vertical alignment from the base of the spine to the top of the head. From the front and back of the body the chakras look like funnels as they receive and assimilate Kosmic energy currents for output of expression of the personality. The energetic ascent of primal life force originating at the base of the spine, or the descent of heavenly energies at the crown flows in a double helix configuration, that of a DNA-molecule, which contains the genetic code of life. Such circulation between the crown and the base chakra consummates Spirit with matter, or unites lower consciousness with that of the Soul.

Each of the seven centers relates to the health of the body and correlates to one of the seven endocrine glands. The endocrines are glands that secrete hormones (chemical substances) directly into the blood stream that affects our states of being. While DNA contains the genetic code of life and the blood carries its blueprint, the endocrine system acts as a conduit for spiritual information. The energetic composition of the human body and the endocrines (hormones of life) translates the frequency or vibration of the encoded DNA via the language of Light.

Front & Back In-body Chakras

Energy flowing in a
Double Helix Configuration

This is important because as a conduit between interdimensional realms, the proper functioning of the endocrines relates to our development and progress and thus, assists in closing the gaps in consciousness. Imagine seven steps that compose a ladder and that between each step is a gap - a gap in consciousness. Each gap in consciousness is closed by reaching the next successive step. The higher step encompasses all those steps below it and thus integrated, creates the whole ladder as a connective bridge of understanding from one level of perception to another. The seven chakras are like steps in connecting the seven eyes of consciousness and the seven attributes of heart into greater Love and Wisdom - Unity Consciousness.

Emotional purification of the chakras from disharmonious energy blocks (resistance to flow) enables them to open and flow freely. Clearing resistance raises our vibrations to higher levels attuning us to the higher stream of Unity consciousness. Integrating any misalignments between masculine and feminine spiritual energies is necessary in order to harmoniously express the creative use of generative force.

As with all things in our reality, they chakras are linked to DNA, sound, light and color. To heal, is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance. We can purify the chakras through vibration using Tibetan Singing bowls, Crystal bowls, chanting, and tuning forks for their ability to balance energies within the body using sound vibration. Clearing the chakras through meditation is also effective as are many different energy healing modalities.

Uniting of heaven and Earth through consciousness into the One Life is called The Great Work.

©Alisa Battaglia, 2009

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