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Abstract Coordinates for Full Somatic Enlightenment

Master your senses, what you taste and smell, what you see, what you hear.
In all things be a master of what you do and say and think. Be free.
Are you quiet? Quieten your body. Quieten your mind.
By your own efforts Waken yourself, watch yourself, And live joyfully.
Follow the truth of the way. Reflect upon it. Make it your own. Live it.
It will always sustain you. ~From the Dhammapada


The Role of Love in Our Soul Evolution

When you decide to be more of who you already are,
you take on the responsibilities of functioning with more integration.

Vibrational Congruency between Body, Emotions & Mind

Alignments are vibrational aptitudes that tap into the energetic blueprint
of creation so that we can connect with that higher frequency of Love & intelligence.
At each vibrational plateau we evolve into greater empowerment, wellbeing and intimacy with our soul.

Coloring Your World Anew

In opening that transcendent portal, you initiate an opportunity to reunite with your higher self (collective resonance). The Higher Self is a collective resonance comprising of many splinters of consciousness, many of which have previously journeyed along this material tier before. They have much knowledge to impart to you, much knowledge to aid you in remembering with wisdom and grace, as they are living through you on the front lines of creation, waiting for you to enter into a space of grace so that they can speak in a language that only you recognize, and tell you through your heart who you are, what you have come to impart and where you are headed.


Body Wisdo
m &
Physical Wellness

When you are deluded, you are used by your body.
When you are enlightened, you use your body. ~Bunan

Physical Wellness
The Mind and the Spirit Contribute to Physical Fitness

Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result

he mind, body and spirit are crucial coequal determinants of health. The boundaries between body and mind are very fluid and cannot underscore the importance of using powers of the mind and spirit in marshalling the healing forces of the body.

We know that the human body is a marvel of creation that is dependent upon an internal system of organs that work together synergistically to give the body life to move, interact, work, play and enjoy pleasure and the outside world. The body’s myriad capabilities surpass all human-made innovations because the physical human body, as a vessel, encompasses and protects our Spirit. To ensure the protection of our spirits and minds, we must protect our physical bodies, our tabernacles from unhealthy choices that deplete rather than build. Hence, the importance of the physical body lies in its refinement, which leads, paradoxically, to the ability to transcend it by making it a vehicle through which the energies of the higher self can flow. We can do much to facilitate refinement through attention to exercise, diet and the myriad alternative healing modalities.

Many chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle choices. We can better take care of our bodies through a well-balanced whole food diet, regular physical activity and exercise, adequate sleep, maintaining proper weight, avoiding risky sexual behavior, limiting exposure to environmental contaminants, restricting intake of harmful substances, making informed and responsible decisions about health, and seeking appropriate medical assistance when necessary.

The cultivation of a healthier body is an important aspect of spiritual training. Heeding the guidelines and standards of health and nutrition by implementing them into our daily lifestyles can help better protect our bodies and, furthermore, our spirits and minds.

As the living vehicles for our spirits, our bodies deserve loving attention and care

"After breakfast work a while.
After lunch, rest a while.
After dinner, walk a mile." ~Edgar Cayce

Vibrational Healing Alignment: Physical Refinement: Know your power by powering your body with Live foods. Develop life affirming habits that empower you. GROUND and Master your physical body--make it move and exercise even when your emotions would prefer your body to hang out on the couch.

1- The body needs only enough attention to keep it in good working condition, leaving us free to do other things. Exercise should not induce a cortisol (stress) response, otherwise the body loses energy or life force. Walking, yoga, Qigong, swimming, stretching, light weight training and dance are good forms of exercise.

2- Develop a deep desire to live in the present, keeping your focus in the moment. Living in the present necessitates being patient with yourself and those around you. Carefully examine your personal environment.

3- Recognize your personal power and its depth. Do not take your energy flow for granted. You are a powerful being - accept that responsibility. Take care of the mind with enthusiasm to learn and the physical body by eating live food and your energy level will rise. This process will allow for spiritual awareness and growth.

4- When the etheric structure of the body you live in stays grounded through a connection with the Earth Body and is physically nourished through food that is right for you, Physical Wellness ensues and you feel:

• A heightened level of fitness. Persistent light exercise is key.
• Ability to use the body as a sound vehicle for soul expression.
• More comfortable in your own skin.
• More appreciation for your shape or size even if there is room or improvement.
• A physical awareness and in tune with your gut instinct.
• More control over how to direct your body to accomplish the things you want it to do.
• How your body supports your ability to live--the comfort and function that is appropriate for you in the moment.
• Good about your food choices and how your body feels when you eat wholefoods that nourish you.
• An optimal state of health in your body for the age that it is.
• Confident that your choices, care and discipline is your insurance to sound health.
• No physical pain or less pain in areas of the body that used to contain holding patterns (miasms).

Through Integrative Nutrition I can help you discover the secondary food that is right for you. The process is based on you as an individual, not a particular theory. I believe in the natural intelligence of the body to aide in healing along with gentle detoxification and emotional purification to assist in loosening emotional and physical imprints (miasm article) for processing.

Affirmative Thinking
I know health is a vehicle for the soul, not a destination. Physical refinement requires disciplined focus that prepares the body for spiritual work to receive and distribute higher vibrational energies.


Body Awareness

Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had
speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is
read through the body, not the words. ~Deborah Bull

The most effective approach to health is to listen to our body’s innate wisdom and do the best to follow it as it is supported by mental and spiritual dynamics. It’s really that simple. The most basic needs of the body are: Presence; pure water; fresh air, sunshine, and time outdoors; regular movement and exercise; plenty of rest, affection and closeness; a simple natural whole foods diet; and healthy emotional, spiritual and creative outlets.

Ambivalence about our physical home that is the body remains disturbingly pervasive. For many learning to honor the true needs of the body is a discovery process since so many have been abusing it all their lives. Honoring the body returns us to ourselves. Its awareness allows us to root within ourselves--to inhabit our bodies fully by bringing attention to the body's inner field. Such presence allows us to feel from within and anchors us in the NOW.

Are you the Master or the Victim of your own body?


Be In the Body

I define comfort as self-acceptance.
When we finally learn that self-care begins and ends with ourselves,
we no longer demand sustenance and happiness from others. ~Jennifer Louden

Our muscles mirror our daily activity that is coded within our nerves impulses, our needs and habits, memories and talents. Within our genes is our ancestry and it forms the composite of our being which is reflected in our body. Etched in the flesh and posture of our bones are our pains, joys and within our cells, the chemistry of the food we eat. In order to understand the body we must inhabit the body and feel the life from within. The life inside the body is the animating presence, which is the point of access into the realm of Being. When we are rooted in Being there is an awareness of the deeper self, our invisible and indestructible reality and we know that we are beyond the outer form and connected to something so vast, sacred and immeasurable.

Clear the Mental Clutter
So, how can we “be in our body” if we ignore our bodies senses that speak to us through pain or that lets us know when something is uncomfortable? Denying our bodily messages that ask to be heard is the root of our physical and mental sufferings. Our bodies are living archives of information whose physical response system contains innate abilities to receive from our senses. Our ailments inform us of our resistance and of our imbalances. Why are we not actively listening to the information that we receive from our inner senses, our gut instincts? Listening is a receptive mode of sensitivity; the inner ear that listens to the messages of the body, our moods, reactions to others and the landscape of our dreams. The inner ear also listens for signs from Mother Earth through the nature of her rhythm and the signposts that give subtle direction to our lives. Listening is often distracted by noise pollution whether from the television, IPods, our social framework of consumption and our rigid and negative thinking that closes off our ears and dialogue with our inner reality. When we ignore our bodies we cannot establish a circuit for mutual interaction between our inner and outer worlds--the integrity of body and mind and interconnectedness of body and Earth.. Body awareness is a key component in developing a new relationship to our environment, as it addresses the primary concern of our time, how best to live on Earth.

Our physical body reflects our mind and emotions. The dichotomy between our mind and body is an example of how we take our health for granted. We do this by living in the negative portion of our mental realm and so we have little to no relationship with the body we live in or how its functions. We barely inhabit our bodies yet we want it to excel for us. We are emotionally stuck over dramatizing each event so that we may feel intensely, but we don’t listen. We seek perfection in our bodies, yet we distort, reject and deny its messages and instead allow our minds to fall prey to a media fed ideal about how we should look, think and feel at whatever cost.

For some, the body is an obstacle in the higher reaches of spirituality and everything is done to negate its desires. If we could alleviate our erroneous misconceptions of reality about our body being an obstacle and come to peace with it we would recognize that our body is the primary vehicle of enlightenment through which we create experience. Through our bodies is how we experience the currents of Universal Intelligence that unfolds as the incredible wisdom that dwells within the innermost recesses of our bodies’ expressed as the desire to heal and the will to live in every cell, the “lifeprint” for human potential, which is the birthright of our multidimensional nature. Ultimately life is about keeping the flame alive within our selves, but when we consume alcohol, drugs and suck toxic poisons into our lungs, over or under eat--mistreat our bodies and then complain how tired we are of life, we have little will to live. Our desire to embody our life force is so frightening to most that every effort is made to sabotage so that the will recedes and our bodies becomes diseased and eventually transforms into some new form of energy. Why are we so frightened to allow the life force of spirit, the eternal non-physical self embody us? Amazingly, most of us fear death and we are already dead, yet we equate the body being alive with living. We fear death because we are afraid to live. We shun death and the fear of it draws it closer to us--we die while we are alive. We pretend to Live! So, to understand the body we must ‘be in’ the body, feel it, listen to it and heal it!


The Body as Gateway

Look in the mirror.
The face that pins you with its double gaze reveals a chastening secret. ~Diane AckermaN

Have you ever noticed that what you think, feel, say and do is incongruent? How you say one thing, yet feel something entirely different in your body or when you say one thing, but think another? Imagine all the ways that we say yes and mean no and say no when we mean yes. Our bodies tell us to eat when we feel hungry. If we honor our actual physical hunger, our body self-regulates in weight and we needn't worry about dieting or self-starving. We often mis-take our emotional hunger for physical hunger expressed through our moods, tensions, discomfort and even pain. Our body reveals that we are out of alignment with self honesty or inner truth. Somewhere in the layers of our emotions lies an answer.

This Mind-Body split is often so thoroughly repressed that we live unconsciously disconnected from our body's feelings. Certainly we know people who live in their heads and don’t fully participate in life or those that are so emotional that they can’t seem to get a logical grip on things. Does this excellent way at pretending through life sound familiar? Ultimately, this separation of self with Source frequency at our inner core being leads to most illnesses and emotional breakdowns, conflict, self sabotage or feeling numb to our core essence. Chronicity at the phsyical level is an indicator that our vibrational patterns are imbalanced.

When we are in alignment with the vibration of our inner core being, our self honesty reflects our inner truth and we walk our talk and live by example. We are self-empowered and inspired. To live in a consistent stream of harmony or right relationship to life and experience, we must make successive adjustments that result in growth – the assimiliation of ever expanding experience. Assimilation in terms of food and eating involves assimilation of all the planes of life and consciousness. Real food is nothing but a consolidation of energy for use by the physical body which is why we are what we eat -- essentially, how we treat ourselves, what we feed our bodies, how we metabolize our emotions and honor our spirit.

Being mindful of eating purer foods to help open our consciousness to fuller expression, helps us to prevent or overcome disease especially early on. Our only work to do is to line up with the expansion of the Universe and make the necessary adjustments and reorient from within. Our feelings are our barometer as to what feels good or bad. We care enough about how we feel so we invest our energies in the kind of relationships that evoke good feelings - from the relationship to self to the world about us. As we listen and feel for our emotions, our standards begin to change as we acquire greater discernment in registering our vibration as it varies between feelings. Keen registry enables greater discernment.

Pretending through life?

As our thoughts, feelings, words and actions coherently align with one another, a steady and fluid vibrational stream is created and we feel joy, passion and connection. From this stream we get another angle on life and our problems are more easily solved. By our bringing attention to them and committing to a self-imposed discipline and training, we guide ourselves through mental and emotional changes by degrees. This enables us to assimilate the experience. Engagement with our personal interior landscape always leads us to a broader view.

Without a self-loving desire to care how we feel, negative experiences pull us into the trance of addictive consciousness. A constantly repetitive cycle of experience that is stuck on a track of self hypnotic beliefs, encouraged by negative inner dialogue, transgenerational and social conditioning. It is this reaction loop that clearly reflects how the ego-mind displaces its feelings of discontent onto the body to keep them hidden! And yet, to suppress our most intense fears gives them more power over us.

Until we can gain some sort of steady control over our body and inner faculties by holding in alignment what we are thinking and feeling, the expression of the authentic self remains suppressed and in a trance of self deception that the ego structure promotes. The clever ego-mind always finds myriad ways to keep the focus distracted from looking within and to what is hidden in the relationship between the unconscious mind and its vehicle, the body. The personality ego abhors change and in resistance, it will cling to false beliefs especially when its feels threatened in any way. Its very essence is survivalistic and secretly fears its annihilation and yet, it resists true peace.

But, since we are always non-physical Source energy expressing non-physical energy in a physical body, we can access our true power through the feeling body. The feeling body condenses levels of consciousness that act as our unconscious mind. Our answers lie within the hidden recesses of our body.

How do you really FEEL inside your body at the core?


Internal Body Perception

hen we stand or move in an upright position our body is in constant adjustment and oscillation to keep organized around a vertical axis in order not to lose balance. To achieve balance we rely to a large degree on our internal perception of the alignment of our body in space or proprioception. The same idea of proprioception translates to how many slim people feel ‘too fat’ in their internal body perception because there is a distortion of the internal body representation which influences the outer shape of the body. Anorexia and its psychological variations are clear examples of this. Unless there is success in altering the internal body perception, curative attempts will be limited.

At a quantum level everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy, our words are energy, and our emotions are energy. Whatever we choose to focus on multiplies. That is, energy flows to whatever and wherever we place out attention upon and it grows exponentially: what we think alot about, speak alot about, and to whatever we respond with emotion. We all have a relationship with our bodies and some have better relationships with their bodies than others. Know that whatever you think about yourself that "YOUR BODY IS LISTENING TO YOU!"

If the mind is caught up in replaying sabotaging tapes by telling your body that it is FAT, it will continue to be fat for you. Your cells are an intelligence system with which you communicate. Whenever you say, "I am fat," your fat cells listen and respond.

I have always found this to be true. There were periods of time that I felt less than beautiful and however I felt, was reflected back to me in body weight. I began to take notice that I gained weight when my inner dialogue about my body became negative. Equally, the more accepting I was about my body, its curves and shape, the more I loved myself. Today, loving myself thin or thick is an empowering feeling that does not rely on others opinions about me. If I choose to become more lean I exercise more, maintain healthy food choices and essentially honor my body, my emotional needs and keep my personal boundaries in tact.

There is a distinctive relationship between weight and emotion, which is why controlling our emotions is the key to sustained weight control. As our waistlines expand, so does our obsession with both the problem of being overweight, and the search for a solution.

If you're struggling with your emotions, take it seriously and seek out treatment; your body will thank you.

In my early days of body unconsciousness, I struggled with external perfection that did not allow me to love myself unless I was lean and the right weight in my eyes. Cultural stigmas to be beautiful along with the modeling industry were great ways to distort my internal body perception. Like most, I learned to bring balance to my body and emotions through trial and error, peeling layer by layer. So don't give up and give in to what does not serve the best in you. Your body's intelligence system is genius. I believe the natural state of the body is to be lean and healthy. The body is always striving for this outcome, yet the power of the mind to disrupt this natural outcome is extremely strong -- especially when our body's get daily doses of negative feedback. Don't listen to the negative inner chatter. Instead, like a robot devoid of emotional currents, put on your walking shoes even when you don't feel like's good for you, so do it anyway. And then remember how good you feel when you're finished. This is the good feeling that you will have to draw upon through memory to override the negative sedentary voice that just wants you to do nothing, but be miserable about yourself.

Since most people with weight issues are accomplished at negative self talk the result is that by negating themselves, they keep "adding weight" to the problem. It is almost impossible for your body to change when you keep sending it negative messages. As long as you say, "I am FAT," you give your body more instruction and energy to BE FAT!

The point being is that if you want to change your reality you must begin to change the way you think and listen to your inner dialogue for expressions of injury, abuse and fear. Oh, and even fear of the aging process. Just notice how you respond.

Trust your body to do what it was created to do. Nurture it. If you despise your body, you weaken it and block its power. Love your body in its current condition. The body is in many ways is like a small child vying for attention. It just wants your acceptance, to please you, be appreciated and loved. Imagine your body as if it were a small child, to whom your thoughts and words are directed every day. Are you being an abusive adult to your body? Stop abusing your body with your thoughts and words. Start loving your body with all its imperfections, and you will be amazed at how it will start working even harder for you to get the results you desire. Honor your body, it's the only vehicle you have in this life. Teach it to serve you in the most healthy and best way by creating life affirming habits.

our body knows exactly what your subconscious beliefs are about every issue. These beliefs may or may not serve you. ThetaHealing™ has found that whenever there is anything in your life that is imperfect, then there is at least one limiting belief in your subconscious. You can change that belief with ThetaHealing™.


Body Inventory

Loving Your Body:
I've never met anyone who has initially loved everything about his or her body. To experience more flow of positive energy within you and between you and your partner, establish a loving, accepting relationship with every aspect of your body. By communicating and exploring life through your body, you participate more fully in the dance you are both creating. Try this.

Name a body part that you don't like, such as your thighs, stomach, upper arms, hands. Gently place a hand on that body part and say this phrase, "I am willing to fully love and claim my ________ (thighs, for example)." Do this with any other unlovable body parts.

Repeat this as often as you like.

Body Awareness Exercise:
Bringing your feelings to surface into the light will lead to discoveries and growth for yourself and in your close relationships. I've found that unlocking the doors to frozen or long hidden feelings leads to greater intimacy and vitality

Think of something you feel sad about. Perhaps a painful time in your past or a love that you lost. Picture it in your mind.

Think of it any way you can. Feel it in your body. Do this for 15 to 20 seconds.

Now, notice how you experience sadness in your body. Where do you feel it the most? What specific sensations do you experience? What happens to your breathing? Notice small and big sensations. Do this for a minute.

You are doing this to learn how it feels for your body to experience uncomfortable and/or painful feelings. To be with them without stuffing, suppressing or create distractions away allow yourself to feel, acknowledge and release them without any need to control or attach to them. Feel, acknowledge and let go gently.

Ways to get in touch with your body and stay connected

Somatic Awareness


Article: Four Ways to Shed Belly Fat


Emotional Control

"The emotional body expresses as emotion, desire, receptivity and intuition. This is our Will. Without desire and emotion, we do not have the passion to do things. We become slaves driven along either by the insistence of our mind or the demands and expectations of others. Our Will is not a bunch of positive thinking by our mind. Our Will is the feminine aspect of our being and it is underdeveloped in both men and women." ~ Ceanne DeRohan, Right Use of Will

Removing Psychic Turbulence
Living Effortlessly Without Struggle or Suffering

This is the fundamental law: if you are happy, more happiness comes to you.
If you are joyous, you attract more joyousness. Like attracts like.
If you are miserable, more misery starts moving towards you. You create your world. ~Osho

Our ability to recognize, understand, accept, feel comfortable with and express our emotions appropriately and our ability to address problems that arise in life plays an integral role in our emotional development. How we manage our feelings affects our wellbeing. Our refusal to acknowledge our feelings or a problem does not make it or the consequences of denial go away. Denial never alters reality, rather than create psychic turbulence between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind of our inner source always perceives in Love, while the conscious mind, in doubt creates confusion.

Every emotion is a reaction to an experience. If our reactions to emotional stress are negative it weakens us. Our life force is drained making us susceptible to dis-ease. And there is a physiological reason why: the brain controls both specific emotions and specific hormone patterns, and our hormones affect our health. If we are in touch with our emotions, we reduce any health risks we may face in our lives.

The mind and the spirit contribute to physical fitness, but may also play a part in illness in that a large percentage of all physical problems have emotional roots. Mounting evidence indicates that virtually every illness may be influenced for good or bad by our emotions and attitudes, which include factors such as faith and hope.

Our emotions can be divided into two types: negative and positive emotions. Our negative emotions, such as anger and frustration, increase heart rate and constrict the arteries, putting extra strain on the cardiovascular system. Our positive emotions, such as happiness and hope, stimulate the nervous system which protects the heart and reduces blood pressure.

Achieving emotional stability requires an ability to adjust to change, cope with stress in a healthy way, accept limitations and enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations. However, not everyone's emotions are on an evolutionary path of development where there is enough understanding, discernment and self-acceptance to integrate more emotional expression into their outer lives. This leaves the emotions easy prey to others manipulation, coercion, powers of persuasion, and essentially control. If the emotions are shut down abhorrent acts can take place due to mental polarization where there is little feeling. Such imbalance reduces Heart presence on Earth.

are where our thoughts and feelings converge. Both are states of mind that can be altered so that perceptions of the past no longer limit us. How do we create inner coordination between the two? There are a few things to know. Most helpful in uncovering emotional issues is the attachment to drama--ours or others is enacted to distract attention from seeking inside self. It is always feels safer to dwell on someone else’s issues than to actually confront our own feelings. In addition, our emotional reactions are defense mechanisms that cover something much deeper-- often a horribly uncomfortable feeling that comes to our awareness when we are quiet or when it has been triggered by a personality, place, scent, memory, or action. Essentially, if we wish to avert the consequences of denial, our emotions and perturbations have to be addressed.

Psychic Turbulence.
If you're struggling with your emotions, take it seriously and seek out treatment; your body will thank you.

Vibrational Healing Alignment:
Listen, feel, Let go and take affirmative action. Master your emotions to develop your intuition and open your heart with healthy boundaries.

1- Listen to your inner dialogue and how you communicate to others. Self-communication is imperative for healthy growth. As communication becomes clearer you will feel empowered as you release judgment and practice forgiveness with self and others. This practice leads to compassion opening the heart to new revelation.

2- Practice trusting that you can make good decisions for yourself. As you make decisions, notice your body's reaction to what you choose. Examine your attachments to ideas, ways of doing things (habituations), other responses, objects, and addictions (most of us have at least one) and take positive steps to address the issues involved. The more we let go to what we cling to the more room there is to fill us with love. We must "Let Go to Let In ."

3- Strive for balance at every opportunity, even when your emotions are whirling around you. If you recognize emotional imbalance, you can quickly remove the emotions from a situation and respond in proper context to the situation with reason. It's up to you to control your reactions. YOUR RESPONSES ARE THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL!

4- Open yourself to your inner wisdom and intuitive awareness. Self-respect and keeping integrity with your word is an important tool for continued intuitive growth that leads to higher levels of awareness, contentment and wisdom.

5- Learn to detach with compassion from your own problems and those of others. Maintain healthy boundaries between feelings that are healthy and those that are counter productive.

As emotions evolve they lead us to a deep kind of inner knowing and freedom that can move us into a real alignment with others without the use of pressure, coercion or manipulation.

Theta Healing to release faulty belief systems that hold you in limitation.

Something To Ponder

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me...It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride and superiority. The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too."

They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee simply replied..."The one I feed."


Care of Mind

One of the secrets of life is to be honestly who you are. Who others want you to be,
who you used to be, and who you may some day become ... these are fantasies.
To be honestly who you are is to give up your illusions and face today with courage.
~Bill Purdin

Committing to a life of Intentional Excellence

“To be evenminded is the greatest virtue.
Wisdom is to speakthe truth and act in keeping with its nature.”

~ Heraclitus, Fragments

The human intellect is sacred, and like that of the physical body, it can wither if not properly and constantly nourished. Committing to a life of intentional excellence implies a state of mind that is engaged in lively interaction with the world around us and always doing our best in very moment. It is a mental state of unbridled curiosity and ongoing learning. It is the application of things we have learned and the creation of opportunities to learn more. We each have a responsibility to pursue and continue our education which can best serve our families and society and need to take advantage of the many opportunities to increase our knowledge and understanding beyond the school room.

Moving out of the tribal mindset of conditioned thinking and learning from the best sources of knowledge and wisdom cultivates a purer, more active mind better capable of interpreting and analyzing the world around us. A strong individuated mind also opens us to recognize our divine potential within. Care of mind requires that we monitor our inner dialogue and censor what we allow in to ruminate upon. This way we may break down old thoughtforms. It is important to keep the mind pure of dissonance and retain sensitivity through meditation so that we may engage the world more wholly with our hearts.

Vibrational Healing Alignment: Develop a strong mind to "Know thyself!" Master the mind to interface with your Soul. See Thought Building and Higher Path of Discernment

Changing your thinking requires commitment, awareness, and practice, practice, practice. Commimtent is an attitude that takes responsibility for feelings, behavior, and learning new things. Awareness is the first step toward actually changing your thinking.

Monitor your thoughts & ask yourself these questions:

1- What am I thinking to myself about myself?
2- What am I thinking about others in the situation?
What am I thinking about the situation?
4- Are my thoughts pure or are they recalls from memory on the incident?
5- Am I judging and not taking responsibility for my projections?
6- Is my focus of orientation of the lower self?
7- Am I resisting the death of outworn thought patterns?

As you practice and become more proficient in mastering self, use the "Wellness States of Mind" below as a reference to your progression. In wellness you feel most comfortable and centered in self when:

• Mental perspective shifts to more inclusive values.
• Can hold your center regardless of what is going on around you.
• Allow life to happen without being reactionary and out of control.
• Can cope with incidents without compromising your inner peace.
• Are more resilient and can recover more quickly from upsets without carrying your baggage into the future.
• Ego personality is not fractured by others harmful words or actions.
• You feel confident and are unconcerned about what others think about you.
• Are only concerned about your reactions.
• Know that you are not responsible for others and their choices-that whatever they choose is ultimately their responsibility and not yours to control.
• Know that you are ultimately responsible for yourself and to yourself.
• Boundaries become more distinct.
• Feel more integrated in thought, word and action.
• Feel an interdependency with life.
• Create a conscious partnership with nature.

The three legs of a Successful Mindset

Gratitude in seeing the positive side in all things. We realize there are more positives than negatives, so we don't complain or explain ~ we are in control.

Discernment that things CAN be better and we can decide that things ARE GOING to be better.

Clarity of Purpose in that we know exactly what we want & how to go about it.


Understanding the Use of Appreciative Inquiry

Attention is living; inattention is dying.
The attentive never stop; the inattentive are dead already
~Dhammapada 21, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Using the faculty of discrimination we know the false as the false because that which sees the false as the false is not the false. This seeing is the light that elucidates, surrounds us and is ever with us. But, no matter how long the journey, it does not begin until the first step is taken.

1- Question everything.
2- Question the authority of forces that divide, separate, manipulate, create chaos and war--essentially the dark forces that usurp the spirit in life.
3- Question the authority of what conditions us.

Awareness leads us to Gods perspective. Ideas are dissolved and we remain the MIND OF GOD upon which nothing intrudes.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "In a gentle way you can shake the world." And there are ways of doing just that. You can make changes for the better if you:

• Know that significant change throughout history has occurred because of the courage and commitment of individuals
• Believe that you have a unique purpose and potential
• Recognize that nothing you do is trivial, and everything matters
• Take personal responsibility
• Don't wait, and don't get caught up in the details
• Be aware and Observe Thy Self, Others & the
Mass Consciousness Grids in which you live, move & have your being
• Change yourself
• Be the Change you want to See in the World



Values, Purpose, Intuition, Vitality

Spiritual Attunement
Living a Congruent Life

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. ~The Gnostic Christ (Dead Sea Scrolls)

Spiritual wellness is consciously aligned in the vertical flow of spirit--the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the human anatomy that represent one interdependent, interwoven system that is continually in a relationship with the Unified Field (energy that runs through the entire Kosmos, the organizational intelligence behind all things). In conscious alignment there is a sense that life is purposeful and without coincidence to guide us in the direction of meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace.

Whole health begins with spiritual congruency, which means that we live by the standards we believe in—in other words we walk our talk without lying to ourselves by justifying our actions with a “story of why.” The issue of spiritual health is not what we believe, but rather that we reconcile ourselves to our beliefs and that we do not lie to ourselves for any reason about the beliefs we hold. Such self deception always chokes health and peace to death. Our same beliefs must also apply in the way of Universal Law in terms of principles and ethics that are always applicable because they never go out of style. Ethics are integrity, love, kindness, compassion, peace, trust, humanism and so on. Such values hold no pretense and are neither religious, but universal, as each imbues the life print of spirit.

If we assess our way of life from a personal quest for understanding answers to ultimate questions about life, about meaning, fulfillment of our mission, and about relationships to the sacred, as all these eternal components of humanity, we rapidly reconcile our real spiritual beliefs and make sudden progress. This inner alignment is our soul’s vital essence making changes and modifying behaviors to a higher plane. From a higher perspective we gain an ability to monitor our thoughts effectively, manage our emotions and develop faith in our body to heal. But, if we lie to ourselves and fail to ask questions and skirt the surface of things we diffuse our vital energies on non-essentials and plod along without any real inspiration. We may live a horizontal life filled with spurts of excitement, but essentially the deeper meaning and opportunity behind the world of occurrences is lost to mechanical living.

Once the truism of living our truth and abiding under Universal Law is understood and accepted there is prompt improvement in our health and happiness. As we cultivate spiritual health we dramatically influence our physical, mental, and emotional health because spirituality, like love, which is our essence, buffers stress, making us better able to resist and fight disease. Without stress we relax and heal more quickly and completely without the reactionary process being in the forefront of responses. This helps us to develop a deep feeling connection with spirit whose focus would otherwise be used for survival issues.

The more we guide our lives with ethics, values and moral intuition by which we interpret our world view and organize our day to day living, we become less self-focused and instead reach out to others who are in need. This attitude of compassion and goodwill promotes health in general. It is the only way to truly be at peace and to have ideal health in this life.

Essentially, spiritual strength promotes positive thinking, positive ideals, positive habits, positive attitudes, and positive efforts to the best of our present ability in consciousness. These are the qualities that promote wisdom, physical and mental well-being and enthusiastic acceptance and response by others. And when we have attained sufficient self-mastery we are able to govern the law of our own being through right use of Will (higher will). See BUILDING A LIGHT BODY.

ll of life is imbued with spirit. We are all spirit manifest in form. Spirituality is the backdrop for life and is therefore, not religious. Religion in turn is a deeply personal orientation to a specific belief system. There is a spiritual aspect within us all and while some may feel uncomfortable expressing their spirituality or find it difficult to reach inside, others cultivate some form of spirituality as a necessary daily practice. Spiritual practices can include being with nature, being kind to others, of helpful service, praying and meditating, creating, singing (chanting), Art, playing music (drumming), dancing, walking a labyrinth and contemplative practices, doing yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Eastern martial art forms, gardening, and so on. These are all doorways to access our creative essential self. Whatever chosen method of creative inspiration it is meant to feed our spirit. Essentially, expressing the true side of our nature, is to be a consistent extension of the world of God.

"Millions are now ready to awaken because spiritual awakening is not an option anymore, but a necessity if humanity and the planet are to survive. Everything is speeding up – the madness, the collective egoic dysfunction, as well as the arising of the new consciousness, the awakening. We are running out of time. From the perspective of the ego, that’s bad news and will give rise to fear. From a higher perspective, the running out of time is exactly what is needed for the new consciousness to come into this world." ~Eckhart Tolle

Vibrational Healing Alignment: Spiritual wellness is a search for meaning and purpose that leads us to strive for a state of harmony with our selves and others while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world. Use the list below to gage your spiritual equilibrium. In Spiritual Wellness you feel:

• Enriched in some way.
• Focused and able to concentrate longer and more deeply.
• Tolerant of others foibles and your own.
• Less judgmental and loving towards self and others.
• More Compassionate.
• Connected with the web of life.
• A stewardship over planet Earth and preservation of all life forms.
• Concern over ecological destruction.
• A call to action to preserve the good, the beautiful and the true.
• Your authentic self leads over your ego desires.
• The need to forgive rather than punish.
• Aligned in your Truth.
• Your Masculine and feminine forces are equally integrated and balanced in your gender body.
• In tune with the rhythm of the Kosmic Circuit.
• Integrated physically, emotionally and mentally.
• Connected with the undifferentiated stream of Unity consciousness.
• The need to support and uplift those to a better quality of life.
• In sync with Universal Law and Principle.
• In synthesis with the law of opposites.
• Comfortable expressing your creative sexual energy.
• Connected with your Spiritual core and the multi-dimensional aspects of your self.
• The force of your souls urge.
• In your purpose

Intimacy with Soul
Know Thy Self First Be True

Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the Self is enlightenment.
Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength. ~
Master Lao Tzu

Knowing the Self is the most important relationship we have with the spirit of life, as understanding who we are influences everything we think, feel, do and say. When we develop an awareness of our inner life, we become aware of the disparity between our integrity and the way power structures operate around us. We see that they are out of integrity and that this creates a conflict with our inner values. The question becomes will we be moral agents of change and align with like hearted people and coalesce power to bring about institutional change?

How deeply we are connected to our core selves are the depth of our capacity to be incorruptible in speaking our truth, living with courage and how successfully we relate to others. Every aspect of expression comes from this centrifugal force at the core. Is the core of "your" being strong or is it weak?

The inner strength within us makes virtue possible and the "Given" accessible. But, if we let the illusory promises of the external life introduce distraction into our consciousness, it blocks our self knowing and overshadows our co-creatorship with Spirit. We are then out of purpose which in turn reflects back onto others and we never come to know ourselves and live life reflexively, day-to-day on the surface. An epidemic among spiritual beliefs is the dis-ease of psychological attachment to what we want to believe or feel the need to defend, which is often very different from what we believe in the first place. This disease works for both radical religious individuals and for those who have abandoned their faith out of anger, frustration or confusion. It is a dis-ease out of being.

To cultivate a strong relationship with our inner life we must not allow the external world to get inside of us, the fear brackets of society or we will never be free of the conflict of falsehoods, fear and drama. External systems merely facilitate our reactions, fear or insecurity, and produce the means to implement them. The influence of worldliness corrupts--it opposes ethics to artificial divisions and undermines human honesty and Truth. When our voice is vertically aligned with Source we are consistent at all levels of our being. Our voice is no longer an echo of others. Our sense to discriminate recognizes those with clear voices and those of the masses caught up in choices created for them. Where there is discernment there is the recognition of who we are. 'Know thyself, accept thyself, and be thyself!'

When our lives are not based upon external values we are free. Freedom from within comes when we build strength in our psyche and internalize our power. This gives us courage to live from the heart and live in harmony with the Universe that in turn frees us from the illusions fostered by the outer world. When we "Know Thy Self," we elevate our attitude and project courage and character to the world. We become wise and find contentment in the power of our soul's authority.

Every human being has an immortal personality that is part of the great plan of creation—a real self, and a mortal personality, which represents us here on earth. Our higher self is closely bound with the soul as mediator between the Soul and the personality. Although, the personality may not be aware of its mission, the Soul is aware of its particular mission and seeks through the aid of the Higher self to bring it into expression via the ego personality to make it manifest. The potential that our Soul wishes to bring into realization through the personality are not concrete, but in fact are higher ideal qualities, or virtues of the Higher Self. Such virtues include gentleness, firmness, courage, constancy, wisdom, joyfulness and purposefulness. Realization of these ideal archetypal soul qualities of humanity leads to true happiness within the context of a greater Whole. When these virtues are not brought into realization the opposite feelings sooner or later develop reflecting those that we have failed to realize and now show themselves from their negative side, as defects. Defects such as pride, cruelty, hatred, self-love ignorance, greed are the true causes of dis-ease. Every person has an unconscious desire to live in harmony for nature’s huge energy field is always endeavoring the path to least resistance or the more effective energy state.

Vibrational Healing Alignment: First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~Epictetus

Cultivate self awareness that comes by questioning the authority of your thoughts.
Examine your belief in other people's ideas.
Awaken to a new intelligence with determination to not allow it to be compromised.
Enter a state of holiness.
Transform loneliness into the joy of aloneness.
Leap into spontaneity instead of being a passenger in your own life. Let go of the child of conformity.
Speak your Truth and don't be afraid to say how you feel because of others limitations.
Make room for silence and daily contemplation in your life.
Practice sharing the love and blessings you feel inside yourself with others.
Be able to say "I am Sorry" and make the necessary corrections to amend.
Stay close to nature and in rhythm with Kosmic flow.
Express your creative energy.
Trust your intuition--the guidance of your inner compass.
Accept rejection and reject acceptance

Soul Mantram: I am the Soul, I am Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed Design!

I am the Soul. I have a physical body, but I am not my physical body. My physical body is a part of me. I am the Soul. I have emotions, but I am not my emotions. My emotions are a part of me. I am the Soul. I have a mind, but I am not my thoughts and opinions. My thoughts and opinions are a part of me. I am the Soul. My body, emotions, and mind work harmoniously and in unison under my loving direction, for my highest good and for the highest good of all. I am the Soul.


Simple Living Voice

A Strong Simple Living Voice is:

The voice that says you don't need so many things to live comfortably.
It's a voice that urges you to choose quality over quantity.
It's a voice that says don't be distracted by all the meaningless jabber and media nonsense that is out there.
It's a voice that says having a balanced home life is essential.
It's a voice that says raise your standards.
It's a voice that says be in control of your life and avoid entanglements, people or debt that will rob you of that position.
It's a voice that says aim for happiness.
It's a voice that says richness comes from the relationships that you create, and these cannot be purchased.

We need to listen to these voices.

~Simple Living Network



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