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You are what You Eat

It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Spiritual Nutrition
A Vibrational Alignment with the Life Force in Nature

Eat food infused with solar energy and avoid those that do not contain its life force

The truism “food for thought” is not just metaphorically true, but is literally as true as “you are what you eat.” You are what you eat becomes “you are what you think and how you “breathe,” as to how fast or slow your thoughts move to metabolize emotions into reason – culminating into “you are how you vibrate.”

Light is information from the living field of which we are all a part. Spiritual wellness takes into account the vibration of things, for instance, the amount of organic light something holds or emanates. This includes all sentience, from the light that food contains - plants, water, and animals to individuals. Everything sentient contains some facet of light. In fact, we know something by its light and yet, not all light is equal. The Organic Light casts no shadow - it is the true Light, whereas, the light that casts a shadow is an artifice, a bio-mimicry. Direct experience and discernment reveals the difference.

Spiritual nutrition is all encompassing with the final note of wellbeing measured as balance that emanates as vibration. Vibration is the wavelength of electrical charge calibrated by ones inner light that manifests outward as an energy signature. This energy signature projects into the biosphere as a vibrational expression or musical cord in the spheres as ones expression or soul imprint.

Vibration determines what is alive and well and offers contrast to that which is synthetic or inorganic and diseased by lack of light quotient, often altogether deadened. For instance, a state of health holds a high electrical charge, whereas a diseased body cannot maintain its high electrical energy state and loses its ability to transmit energy to the cellular body. This energy light value that applies to the health of the body and to food, also applies to entities. For example, a Divine human has a creative spark or "nous," and is composed of light, as opposed to an Archontic entity (cyborg, robotic hive species) of the synthetic Matrix whose signature is inorganic and without creative capacity. Archontic energies aka the Sycophant are based upon a "falsely coded current" that can only mimic, duplicate, replicate, and imitate original life to produce a synthetic version of Nature in its virtual reality meme. Its synthetic current is not compatible with human creative and sentient life capacity, as it short circuit's human–planetary co-evolution.

Somewhere deep in cellular memory is that body-mind and soul were once nourished by the sun and air-ether. The sun provided the minerals and the life force once contained in pure air or prana fed the cells - the light body - through their vital stimulation. Today the human somatic body from light code Matrix lockdown has been conditioned to eat food adapted by lower life forms. Food in actuality degrades the cellular body because it can only be sustained by solar energy and the air. Interestingly, all disease states are stopped once fasting begins. However, today, our physical life system cannot thrive off of polluted air and chemtrails that shroud the light encodements from the sun meant to activate our inner evolutionary pathway. Instead, the human has been mutated by eating the Matrix's replication of organic life. Its synthetic variations of food stuff to mimic Nature through hybridization, genetic engineering, cloning, and growing food with pesticides, and pharmaceuticals and now, nanotechnology as part of the composition of food. The Archontic Matrix is anti - Nature and is powered by a death urge agenda. It has NO ORGANIC ELEMENTS and thus, cannot create, only put together that which already exists in Nature and mutate it into new chains of expression that are wholly unnatural for metabolism.

Understanding the dynamic of Earth light code lockdown, we do the next best thing and consume foods containing solar energy. Since, the body is not only made up of tissue, blood vessels and organs, but of light, foods that nourish a human light body must be light bearing in nature. Eating foods that have absorbed light through photosynthesis (the Sun) are the building blocks of blood (hemoglobin), power our pineal gland and cells and nutriments the soul body. This provides the foundation necessary for health and full body consciousness.

Without dispute, consuming a diet of mostly raw organic food provides the energy needs for the body. Vegetation that is part of the natural food chain is alkaline and has a complete molecular structure containing the exact mineral components of the human body enabling assimilation of nutrition into the cells. The greater store of light energy from organic plants, the more nutritious it is to consume and the greater the power of one's overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy available for healing and maintenance of optimal health, the greater is human potential. Synthetic Archontic food stuff that is genetically engineered (GMO), hybridized, embedded with nanotechnology, irradiated , refined and processed with chemicals, sprayed with pesticides, microwaved and “cooked to death,” ALL lack the vitality (light) and are not fit for human or animal consumption. Without chemical affinity or like vibration, synthetic foods cannot properly nutriment human and animal cellular bodies, or the sentient food chain and thus, sets the stage for disease states to take over. Toxins from these acidic foods are absorbed into the cells, sometimes even to the point of immune collapse. In the toxic food chain, this is evident in colony bee collapse.

Organic Dragon Carrot Grown From Seed

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So, as we come to recognize that living food plays a dominant role not only for the positive effects on both the physical body and mind on a cellular level of which all life IS, but on our etheric and celestial bodies as well, that is, in the development of consciousness. There is an inverse relationship from physical matter into pure consciousness. Since life carries highly electrically charged energy, eating acts as a direct form of information transference to the cellular body. While we eat our way through a lifetime of food, we absorb what is in our diet and also what is in our mind. Those who feed on junk food develop junk food bodies, just as those who feed their brains with junk news inescapably think junk thoughts and are dulled down with the pressure of anxiety and fear. If we think and speak negatively so shall the results be unbalanced. Mood affects the food we cook because they contain water and how well the light quotient of food is assimilated within our bodies. The movie “Au Chocolate” reflects this awareness perfectly. Junk or synthetic anything - that which is without light - stagnates and weakens energy inevitably leading to diseased states, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In short, toxic synthetic food and environment deteriorates energy into physical and mental impairment thwarting life into imbalance.

From the electrical forces inherent in fresh natural organic plant foods to the mental attitude of gratitude that quickens assimilation for nourishment at all levels of Being reveals to us what our forebears meant by, "One should eat as one breathes." If we tap into our body wisdom, The Ghost in our Genesbrings to memory that the common thread that exists between food and breath is electricity. For example, breathing is life itself, for it is through the breath (re-spiriting) that we are connected to Absolute Energy that vivifies the life form via the electrical conduction system of the heart. The body is a circuitry of electric energy and in turn, requires food that contains an equally high degree of electrical resonance to properly nourish the cells of the physical body; maintain the energy body at a high resonant empathic vibration; and mentally, increase the speed of thought.

A lack of integrative understanding of these processes affects everything - the balance of our body, mind, overall health, happiness and potential; and our planet, our future, as well as our connection to each other and Nature. From the manifest physical all our selves are affected, which exists on the multidimensional levels by what we choose and do here on Earth. Either we can create a healthful body and space to thrive in Nature, upon which we may activate our dormant celestial powers in alignment with Source Creation or we can partake in habits that disconnect and block ourselves from Source energy keeping us in Matrix light code lockdown. The choice is always ours to make.

Mindful Eating
All Things Balanced

From an evolutionary perspective, we recognize that plant life took millions of years to evolve for perfect assimilation within the physical body. This means that the entire universe conspired to enable our sustenance and very existence. To be mindful of this fact helps us to feel grateful for such divine abundance, especially when we grow our own food with intention, which is specifically encoded to nutriment and heal our own bodies and soul. In doing so, we add our own conscious intent and savor our foods with a spiritual attitude that honors the intelligent design of our bodies because it will be transformed from matter into vibrations. The food we eat becomes us, our thoughts, our creativity, our life force, our destiny. It is all about the energy balance of food. The vital life force must be balanced between the organs for smooth functioning and perfect digestion and metabolism. Our digestive system is the medium through which food becomes consciousness. How we chew our food determines whether we assimilate the food we ingest or if it sits and putrefies excreting toxins into our blood. Chewing our liquids and drinking our solids engages our mouth saliva to begin the process of digestion. Remember, if our teeth do not chew our foods then our stomach must, so it's never a good idea to rush through a meal.

Mindful eating is
being more conscious
of what you’re eating
and why you’re eating!

With awareness eating becomes a conscious activity. Eating mindfully, that is with good feelings, helps us feel the abundance of the Source where everything originates from. With every bite we absorb the energy of Love, and the miracle of creation.

Ask yourself, "Am I participating in a process that is life giving and creating my very Self?
Is food grown and prepared with love, with an inner vision of health and well being?" Spoken or the words - Love, gratitude, divine assimilation, 528 Hz, etc. taped to food and water jars adds a superior energy to all ingredients because as human bodies we are composed of about 70% water depending on hydration and health in balance.

Watch this!

Am I eating calmly or do I rush, mindless of each mouthful, swallowing my food, distracted by noise, the television or the computer? Do I eat only when I am hungry or do I allow my emotions to play out on my body with bad habits—stuffing, eating-on-the-go? Do I eat consciously?

Since food facilitates consciousness and vibrant health, we can either consume foods that support biodiversity in the Garden of Eden, or eat denatured food that destroys it. Our health reflects our choices by the way that we attend to our bodies and what we knowingly put into our vessel.

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Real Food is the Core of Health
Foods & Qualities that Enhance the Assimilation of Light Nutrition

Love is ALL Omit ALL DAIRY & Starchy foods - Go Gluten free
Random Acts of Kindness Use sea salt
Personal Integrity in Thought, Word, Feeling and Action - Behave in ways that builds the inner light quotient NOT Recommended to consume animal protein. If so, eat animals fed a grass diet and pasture raised (No GMO or cloned meat or Farm raised fish)
Give thankfulness to Mother Earth for the energy of nutrition from her Kingdoms in Nature Take herbs, Microalgae Super Foods & if needed raw food supplementation
Eat whole and Organic Fruits & Vegetables infused with light/or biodynamically produced foods Detoxify with raw fruit, juices and herbs
Eat mainly local foods in season from Farmers Markets supporting local & organic growers in our communities; Non-GMO or Hybrids Make broths from Veggies and herbs or bone broth from bones & organs (BGH free farm raised animals only)
Eat raw food first if possible, then cooked vegetables Use only the best methods of cooking (steam, broil, sauté, bake, grill) rather than buying preserved selections
Have a high ratio of raw to cooked foods 80/20 diet Use a food dehydrator
Drink Pure Filtered Water Use only the best types of cookware (glass, ceramic & stainless steel)

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Negative Emotions & Food

Every moment of every day your thoughts –
all the endless chattering inside your head are manifesting themselves as your reality.
If your internal voice is a monologue that constantly criticizes your every move as a failure, you will fail.
~The Intention Field

What we put in our mind is as important as what we put in our mouths, just as the exercise of our mind is as important as the exercise of our bodies. This makes sense, as the body-mind is one system where every thought creates a biological reaction in the body. In fact, life-negating thoughts are infectious and have a powerful negative effect on the healing system of the body. For instance, if our thoughts are filled with fear, guilt, anger, depression or anxiety we often necessitate a physical compensation of eating comfort foods to return some sense of balance despite the physical consequences. Over time these compensating eating behaviors become fixed in the unconscious mind, thereby turning this process into uncontrollable cravings that creates destructive patterns in our lives. Negative emotions acidify the blood - a precursor to dis-ease states.

In my own process to wellness over a span of two decades, I discovered that there was a direct link between my emotions and food cravings. That the food I ate was only one source of energy--a secondary source of energy in my life because it was secondary to the primary sustenance that comes from feeling good in my body from movement, having healthy happy relationships, a fulfilling vocation, creative outlets and most importantly a spiritual practice.

The quality of my life in all areas directly affected my thoughts and feelings, which were closely linked to what I would eat and drink. When I was bothered by something I gave up a wholesome meal for a small box of chocolates- an impulse buy at the checkout counter. I used food as a way to insulate my pain. I have always exercised and have never been overweight, but assuredly, if I had not worked on my emotional eating patterns and discovered a correction between my negative mood states and the effects certain food had on my physiology, I very well could be. I found, however, that it was not so much about weight, but developing body wisdom and affirming attitude towards life. This important distinction between what primary food and secondary food is makes or breaks quality of life.

What You Think & Eat
You Become

No doubt, the kinds of food we eat are essential to our health. The food we digest is assimilated into our bodies and transforms food and nutrients into blood. The bloodstream picks up nutrients from sunlight infused food, the digestive tract, oxygen from the lungs, hormones from the endocrine glands and enzymes from other parts of the body, and transports to all tissues, structures head to toe. It also picks up wastes and transports to the lungs, liver, kidneys, lymph system, etc. for detoxification and eventual elimination. Blood builds, fuels, cleanses, moistens, cools and warms all structure and function.” The energy output of our food that creates our cells, new tissues, organs, skin and hair is a factor held within the pH (acid/Alkaline) balance of our blood directly linked by food and negative emotion.

Most people consider food the only aspect of nutrition, but I discovered that when I was nourished on a deeper level that my body would shift into an intuitive eating pattern. For instance, when I was grounded in my body, I noticed that it would tell me what it needed to feel nourished. When I did not observe my body’s wisdom and ate something other, I often got a stomach ache. This became a trial and error process of what to eat and when to eat. I also discovered that the body self-regulates. Self-regulation—the inner wisdom of my body, lets me know through healthy food cravings that I need to eat more raw food, protein, fruit or vegetables nutrition, and so on. For instance, if I have a craving for salt or sugar, I take note of my monthly biorhythm & what may be temporarily out of balance due to hormone fluctuation of nutrition imbalances. I then seek to fulfill that craving in a healthy way.I find that eating a large tablespoon or two of thick raw honey readily satisfies a desire for sweetness or raw 88% cacao chocolate increasing serotonin the brain.

Even if You Eat "Perfectly", Not Knowing This Could Leave You Depressed -
And there's a very simple reason why - the greatest concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control, depression and aggression, is found in your intestines, not your brain. But until you understand which of these 3 "gut types" you are, you'll be putting your mental health at risk.



Does this Sound Familiar?

After several rounds of eating your favorite dessert question, “What is causing this to happen’ & "Why do I want this right now?" Pondering these questions en route to the fridge, pantry, special drawer, or better, as you're entertaining it - will surprise you to learn your answers to these questions.

The key to releasing cravings is to recognize them as they arise. Attention placed on the current emotional state automatically sets up an interruption of the pattern. The interruption is "noticing" the craving. Craving a particular food is an indication that your body already has too much of it. It indicates imbalance in the body, which can lead to food allergy. Sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates, meat, and dairy all affect mood and only lead to health problems in the end so, try not to indulge in negative cravings as they will always spiral out of control.

Cravings come from the unconscious. They're patterns that we're used to and do not think much about because they provide comfort. We all have a need for immediate satisfaction, to seek after the pleasure principle, whose innate response urges us to insulate our true feelings with something - whether with food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, gaming, or whatever. Whatever ones delight, it is meant to dissipate physical tension, at least temporarily to soften the edges.

Cravings offer a positive side, too. It's the way the body sends us messages to maintain balance, to refuel our energy or lift our moods. For instance, the body may require Vitamin C to help heal a cold. Desiring an orange or citrus would be a result of a good craving and positive habit to reach for an orange. Body wisdom is working by sending us messages to maintain balance. Yet, if we ignore these messages for any prolonged period to find equilibrium, the more we get out of control and suffer the negative repercussions of our faulty habits and unresolved emotional cravings.

Learning to listen to the needs of the body is essential, as are the responses we get from eating food that causes symptoms (gas, indigestion, acid reflux, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, skin problems, bad breath, headaches, achy joints, etc). So, whenever the body is craving something, pause for a moment and wonder, “What’s really going on here?” "Is this craving coming from my body or my emotions?"

When we find ourselves impulsively reaching for some food, take a moment to slow down, breathe, and reevaluate the situation and consider what your heart and Soul are really asking for. Remember that the pause alone sets up an interruption to the behavior to overcome the craving. The choice is ours. We may choose to honor our bodies needs with Love or to hop onto the vicious cycle of negative pattern repetition where dissatisfaction, self-loathing, and low esteem await claim.

The point of focus is to look for food imbalances, emotional deficits and behaviors in your life that are often the underlying cause of cravings. Many times what we think are emotional cravings are cravings caused by nutritional imbalances that affect emotion, and vice-versa.

For difficulty in changing self destructive habits and negative emotional patterns, I am here to help you.

Schedule an appointment to bring balance and wellbeing into your life



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