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Emotional Purification

Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness

Temple Arts of Rejuvenation

The body knows, the heart is wise...let them teach you

Sexual Energy Cultivation & Rejuvenation

When we tune into Heaven, Heaven gives us Blessings of love, joy and happiness, But Earth gives us Healing and Wealth. ~ Mantak Chia


Self-Heal Manuals for Advanced Healing

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Living Forever: The Longevity Revolution - documentary video
Qi Gong

Sound Healing
Insight Meditation

By Alisa Battaglia

Insight Through Meditation Manual - Buy Now

is a form of rejuvenative vibrational sound therapy.

What are the benefits?

• Has a "rejuvenative" effect on your body producing feel good hormones
• IMMEDIATE stress relief!
• Improves listening abilities
• Releases physical and emotional pain
• Balances hemispheres of the brain, allowing the perfect electromagnetic field to put the mind, body and spirit in harmony with itself
• Boosts confidence
• Combats depression
• Encourages intuitive abilities
• Enhances your own personal spiritual path
• Clarifies the "Big Picture" of your life
• Look and feel more youthful from an inner glow

Balancing The Bodies Network through Self Massage

By Alisa Battaglia

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Flower Me Botanicals Aroma Anointing Oil



Body Bonding & Sexual Healing
Sheathing into Authenticity

Sexual energy is the key to the Creator, they are the same. Orgasm is the original life force and DNA Renewal. Experiential, spontaneous and direct experience is the embodiment of Tantra.


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