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Why Detox?

Detoxification is one of the most important healing protocols we could do for ourselves. I believe we need to be armed with certain detox techniques as a form of general life insurance program.

A little every day helps us maintain balance to the intense assault against our immune systems. We currently live amidst a pool of mostly unseen chemicals in the elements: diseased soil, pesticides, GMO food; technology, radiation and EMF's; body & household products; furniture and flooring, clothing and accessories; home construction and so on. It seems that anything we touch these days is derived from some form of toxic substance. At times even our thoughts can be toxic. The following provides simple ways to get a handle on this toxic bubble that surrounds us.

The simplest method is to detox daily. Consume a diet high in raw fruit, vegetables and juices. Eat a large salad daily. Consuming bitter greens such as dandelion, arugula, endive stimulates the liver to dump toxins into the bowel and lymph for elimination. Also, drinking freshly-made juice and living water simplifies the process.

Other than what we can do daily to keep the body clean, there are periodic cleanses or detox programs - one day a week, a weekend every month, or a longer detox in the spring and fall using herbs and other foods.

Saunas are a powerful adjunct and relaxing way to help eliminate toxins via the skin by sweating, thereby cleansing the skin and lymph system from impurities. Do consult your physician prior to starting a sauna regime.

A daily Stretching program such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong, or just plain stretching are excellent ways to stimulate circulation to excrete toxins.

These can all be done daily. For more targeted detoxification protocols deep at the cellular level book an appointment with Me to help you reverse symptoms of an inflammed body caused by acidic conditions.

Read my article for more detail: Body Pollution, An Epidemic Illness