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Grounding Spirit into Matter
Through the Platinum Grid of Organic Light


Interpreted through Alisa Battaglia
With the Guidance of Earth Mother and Kosmic Overlight

By Alisa Battaglia, BD, CHT, EFT

Ecology of the Spirit Self-Healing Series


I share this information with those whose desires are aligned with the greater purpose of our planet and are called to work with Love and Organic Light.

Ancient memory fragments have guided me from healing work at the personal level to greater inclusivity at the group level. While it is a collective ascension, Groups of like heart must join together to focalize spiritual energies and anchor them as part of the new Earth consciousness.

Grounded in my “I AM PRESENCE” with the guidance of Earth Mother and other mediating Spiritual Families I learned to navigate through inner processes - to ground Spirit into matter through my body. The intercourse of earthly and spiritual energies consummated at the hearts center of the physical body activates the ray of the inner diamond. The ray of consciousness illumined in the heart reveals what needs to be surrendered, developed and mastered. Love and illumination reveals all!

Ultimately, the journey of self development requires that all things be seen in proportion. Without the capacity to see the place of our unique experiences in the larger picture produces resistance to the light of solar encodements and halts necessary development. For some, the journey of unfolding started as a young adult with pauses along the way while others are just beginning their journey. The process is the same no matter the stage of the journey. Letting go into sovereignty is all that is needed. In this space of receptivity, the weight of our emotional stuff is surrendered and the human vehicle becomes a hollow channel to hold the light of love. The more Spiritual light we can hold in balance within our threefold body (physical, emotional and mental) the greater the capacity to intermediate between heaven and Earth.

To connect the two spaces (heaven and earth) into continuum requires a bridge. This bridging process is known as the Antahkarana and must be self-constructed through spiritual Will. Also called the Rainbow Bridge, it is the conscious linking from personality to the soul that enables us to experience multi-dimensional relationships.

Utilizing the bridge concept, there comes a point when the vibrational body increases. This higher octave produced through a series of inner connections broadcasts a signal to our multidimensional selves interlinking our soul lineage for conscious communication. When the connection between the personal will and Soul is strong there occurs a Divine Axis Alignment. The Divine Axis Alignment is a cord or channel of light that spontaneously pierces the crown passing through the seven in-body chakras connecting our multidimensional selves, and through the planetary bodies to meet our Galactic lineage.

This galactic channel of Light is a mode of interstellar travel as referenced by the Maya collective. Harnessing the transformational power of Light energy through the Great Work accelerates healing in self, the human collective, the Earth and her kingdoms.

Alisa Battaglia©
This manual may not be reproduced in part or whole without expressed permission of the author.

Table of Contents

I-The Origin of the Great Work
• The Nature of Light
• The Purpose of Light
• Rays of Light
• Color Breathing
• Color Healing and the Rays
• Harnessing the Power of Light

II-Grounding the Body into the Light
• Heart Cord Colors
• Light Transfusion
• Invoking the Light

III-Challenges in Grounding the Light
• Ungrounded Light
• Soul Wounds
• A Light Bearer in Every Family

IV-The Three Quest Process
• The First Quest
• The Second Quest
• The Third Quest

V-The New Group of World Servers


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