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Wellness Philosophy
You Behave How You Believe

"Do you know what ALIVE means?
ALIVE means that the infinite resides within you."

Wanting a better life is a never-ending journey. We all seek it. Good health begins with our thoughts, grows stronger with feelings and manifests itself through our actions. Our choices inevitably determine the level of wellness we experience, now and in the future. We can always make improvements to any area of our life, however, there are two prerequisites required for us to succeed. First, find a discipline of change to practice on a daily basis, such as physical fitness, healthier eating habits, kindness or meditation. But, more importantly, "you" MUST believe in the possibilities of your success! What you believe becomes!

What is Primary Food

Our body's need energy, but energy not derived solely from food, but of Spirit. Food is actually a "secondary energy source" that feeds us, Spiritual Nutrition is the actuating fuel for life. It is the primary food that feeds us, however it does not arrive on a plate. Primary nutrition is Spiritual nutrition, for instance, absorbing sun through the skin, communion with the Spirit in Nature, attitude of Peace and goodwill, the intimacy of Soul union and loving relationships, natural movement, spontaneity, music, dance, fun and laughter, creative self-expression, exciting projects, animals, gardening, warmth, hot baths, massage, a good book, downtime, and so on - all of these feed our Souls and satisfy our hunger for living. Often in the throes of such nourishment eating is wholly forgotten because we are full-filled by our direct feelingful experiences grounded in Natures realities of the NOW moment. We are vibrating high on life in Natures rhythmic sine wave. This vibrational quality inspires the Soul circuit by maintaining a steady flow with the Spirit in Nature. In other words, the Soul is connected to Spirit by our enthusiasm, our love, care, passion, creativity, reverence and awe of our beautiful world.

"I know that when I am fulfilled on the inner levels, food does not become the center of my reality. It never has. Rather, food is fuel for my body and communicates its physiological needs by signaling hunger, not a means to feed or stuff away my emotions or use as a dartboard of abuse in some form of substitute or mis-use of creative life energy.

I only eat when my body is hungry for food. From this point of view it is easy to listen to my body wisdom and determine its authentic needs, which are fresh healthy foods, movement and exercise, touch, social connections, creative stimulation and daily communion in Nature because they all produce positive feelings that make me feel great, as they relate to direct in-body experiences. They are not mental or virtual constructs. For instance, I exercise my body by walking every day in Nature even when I may not really feel like it. This is when my canine ally from the animal kingdom inspires me. I reach for my partner when I yearn for his touch and circulate love energy through my body, heart and Soul and into his, to Source and back. Our power sharing union is grounded into the Spiritual flow of love. Friends and family open my heart to sharing and acquire greater patience. My furkid Diamond for unconditional love and companionship when I am feeling a little disconnected. Dwelling with Diamond in my beautiful garden to silently communicate without language with the animistic surroundings of lifes intentional rhythmic circuit informs me with the language of feeling. Keeping my primary needs in balance through NATURE CONNECTION is essential so that I do not seek emotional substitutes to fill an emotional void because I have disconnected my "Innerdiamond" at my hearts center from the core Diamond Heart of the Earth Mother- my great sustainer. Grounding into Nature also helps to balance my meridian system from assaulting electromagnetic radiations from WIFI, cellphone, computer and mast towers, etc. The body receptors receive and are transmitters for mineral frequencies that come from the Earth via our tether or vivaxis connection that sustains us in a two way flow. The psyche as Soul receives nourishment is this way."

When we are not connected to Source energy in a two way circuit of sustainment feelings of lack arises. Nature deficit disorder produces fissures in consciousness and whole self wellbeing is siphoned from self containment producing a lack of self worth. It plays out in many ways through self questioning and self doubt in the measurement to societies social value system. For example, a lack of self worth and money are often the two components that trigger emotional eating and aggressive behavior. It does not help that television commercials subliminally teach us to hate ourselves. Tucked deep inside our conditioned world of astral/virtual realities lives are turned upon themselves in self-destruction, self-loathing and perpetuation of the artificial life.

We all share primary needs and we must know what they are in order to love and care for ourselves in the fullest, rather than in the least. "Take for example, a time in your life when nothing was going right. Feelings of depression and low self esteem crept in because you were starving for primary food - perhaps the touch of a lover, someone to have fun with, close friends, or your creative self expression was blocked.

Whatever the desire no matter how much you ate, nothing could satisfy the inner craving that sought relief. In fact, no amount of food or secondary food could fill that hunger because what was really needed was not so much food, a hug or even a friend to talk to - it was something much deeper - existential, which is to have a purpose and live that purposeful expression." Life is always full when we live a purpose driven life. We can learn our purpose when we connect our Soul realities into the Earthen Diamond core that enlivens our Spirit.

First, we must understand the root of our yearnings. Here we discover that there is a direct link between our emotions and need for full-fill-ment. And food too often becomes a substitute to provide fulfillment. The more primary food or spiritual nutrition we receive, the less we depend on food being the center of our reality, which is why every spiritual tradition encourages fasting and detoxification methods to keep the body from stagnation, and support rejuvenation and longevity. Reducing food intake allows us to be more present in our senses and provides the primary nutrition from the Earth that feeds our lives. When we are in purpose, we lose the impulse to react emotionally by stuffing the body and mis-shaping it with comfort foods that are the processed, fatty, sugary, salty, genetically modified and chemically laden food stuffs that ALL block our creative life force born of Nature and instilled through the life giving rays of the suns solar light. Disconnection from the Earths sine wave streaming induces negative mood states, illness, and early death. Gluttonous and self-inflicting behaviors that stuff our bodies with food, the less we are able to receive the incoming flow of light energy garnered from primary foods that fortifies life with sense-ability.

Many people eat a so-called perfect diet and still lack passion and joy in their lives because they are obssessive and can not enjoy life's fruits without the focus being on food. There is duality - a disconnection of feeling with Source and a focused mental connection that sustains the neurosis. Nature communion mends the gaps in consciousness for a healthy mind association with life. Communion in Nature helps us to identify our strengths and observe what is missing. Joy and passion can be cultivated in those areas for a more balanced life expression grounding the psyche as Soul into the Spirit in Nature.

Check out Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP).
"Integrating the Natures System Thinking Process (NSTP) model is an intelligent resource management tool to restore empathic connection with the Earth through natural attractions, free of intellectual or indoctrinal filters for a genuinely lived animism. Earth is a life system that we are a part and Nature bridges the planet-person duality." (Alisa Battaglia)

"People are afraid of life, and they are afraid of life because life is only possible if you are capable of being wild - wild in your love, wild in your song, wild in your dance. This is where fear is. Who is afraid of death? I have never come across such a person. Almost every person I have come across is afraid of life. Either you can be afraid or you can live; it is up to you." ~Osho


Laws of Living

The Principles of Wellness

• Planet Earth is Alive, Sentient and Everything is Interconnected.
• Life is Purposeful, Expansive and ever Evolving. Follow the Joy!
• Time is Cyclical! Abide in Natures's Rhythms.
• Our Inner Life is Reflected in the Outer World - As Within, So Without! Cultivate Wisely!
• We are Endowed with the Power to Co-Create with Nature. As Above, So Below!
Imagination is the builder, Nature is the Teacher. In-Spirit the Law.
Purification of Thought increases Clarity and Right Action.
The Powers of Observation amplify Imagination.
• Follow the Path of Least Resistance. This is the Way of Nature. Like Water, Go with the Flow.
• Respecting Self, follows Respect for Others and our Nature Kin.

Wellness is a Positive and Comfortable State that Enables Us To:

• Live life the way we choose enjoying the abundance and beauty Nature has to offer.
Fulfill our Creative Purpose.
• Care for self, family and others more effectively.
• Contribute our best to the world by living our Spiritual Planetary Ideals or Ethic.
• Better cope with life’s difficulties by holding equanimity.
• Increase our efficiency due to increased focus. Right use of Force.
• Maintain firm boundaries that sustain and protect you.
• Emotionally handle present situations without reactionary impulses.
• Make fewer mistakes because actions are adjusted more competently.
• Feel more connected to Self on a Soul level, with Others, Nature & the Kosmic Circuit.
Reach fulfillment through direct experience and particpation with Nature Intelligence.


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