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The Law of Love is the Seed upon which All Creation is based

A Holistic Universe
Connecting to the Gaian Life Streaming for Somatic Enlightenment

A global perspective is the true mark of spirituality.
From family to tribe, tribe to community,
community to nation, nation to human race,
human race to all life on earth –
this is the journey of expanding spiritual perspective
that we all need to take.

~The Living Field


The Role of Love in Our Soul Evolution

The Rainbow of Love

The world is full of luminous light. Light is a form of unique energy that never dies, it casts no shadow and transmutes from one form of energy to another. All energy comes from the base energy of love. Love is the mother energy frequency, the feminine face of the GODDESS from which all other energy forms are created. Love is a beautifying vibration as it shimmers across face and form flowing from within the body in communion with Soul, the planetary body and Spirit. Flow and grace is feminine essence. Love is the essence of whom we are. Love is the embodiment of Earth frequency.

Light is an aspect of love. Love is Source - Prime Creator of Love or whatever name you wish to identify the wellspring of life energy. From the Great Creation Chamber emanates rays of expression, the manifestation or action, each unique unto its own quality and purpose. These Kosmic rays are translated in their descent to Earth from Love to Light to Vibration to Color in all its hues and qualities that is masculine in its principle of movement. From the One arrives the many. From the many comes diversity in perception and myriad forms of expression. Diamond Light. Yet there is only one True Center. One Absolute. One Godhead. The Inner Sun must meet the Outer Sun at the Center of the Heart of any matter. The Earth body has a central sun. She is upon whom life lives, moves and has our being. The Spirit in Nature is our Great Sustainer. The One Life!

When the power of Love is greater than the love of power,
the World will know Peace.

Every individual has their own unique vibrational quality of their own inner sun - a unique energy base code frequency signature, DNA, facets and color of expression like light splitting off a prism into thousands of unique rays. While each color and individual is distinct with its own vibration, quality of expression and value (the intensity of light present) there is also a natural blending together of what has split off or been stretched to pull back together to its Source. We contain all colors of creation within us. We are not just a part or a facet of, but a fractal of the living archival field of consciousness. As color is to the rainbow, the Soul is part of the One Life anchored by the regenerative Law of Love base frequency of Nature.

The Colors of Love

Love has many colors as it relates to expression. It is this color of light that is reflected back to Earth. Positive (+) energy reflects light (gives it out) and negative (-) energy absorbs light (takes it in). The heart is a great reflector!!! We are the color of light as it is reflected within our physical body (heart). We each have a unique ray of light or color to share in harmony with others. It’s about “attribute of heart”- the light quality reflected from within the hearts diamond field. Our characteristic heart color or heart consciousness is our gift to contribute to the whole in the colorful tapestry of life. How will you cultivate your inner diamond?

Our power of expression or heart energy has an effect on every molecule around us through our magnetic field or aura. Our magnetic fields create our reality just before we walk into it because the Soul energy is always a step ahead of the physical body.

This is how we are able to pick up on energies around us. If we have become sensitive enough to read the quality or light grade emanating from a beings core we can distinguish between those who are disingenuous characters and those that are authentic. Keep in mind that the Organic Light casts no shadow. All else is an imposter, a mental construct of the astral realms. As we struggle and fight our way into a greater measure of love, we are freed to Be - our authentic self - beings capable of everwidening and deepening manifestations of ceaseless and boundless love in the spontaneous outflow of mind and heart grounded into matter.

Water Crystal

Love & Gratitude

Energetic Imprints

Since all things are collectors of light every time we shine our light upon an object or person it holds a portion of that projected heart emanation. This is the response to our hearts magnetic quality aligned with the magnetic universal field. We are chemical, electro-tonal beings that live in a magnetic universal field that precedes us in everything we do in that it starts to align the energy and particles for our manifestation before we actually step into action. This is especially important since everything we interact with or shine our inner hearts light upon carries our signature. We actually leave an energy imprint physically and etherically upon that which we place our hearts attention. For example, if the love-light we reflect is reinforced through our attention upon it, we charge the object, very much like the way crystals and seeds are charged with specific intent to do service for us. However, if the charge is not reinforced through heart focused attention/intention it will eventually fade, but always remain etherically as a weak or disorganized imprint. The seminal works of Masaru Emoto clearly reveals Truth contained in the imprint of feeling in water captured through photography and frozen. Emotos states, " I believe that the original idea of creation by the creator of this universe was “the pursuit of beauty.” Everything is combination of energetic vibration. As vibration resonates, it makes some tangible objects." His work "The Power of Love and Gratitude," validates to the eye the unseen effects of thoughts and emotions upon the field of life.

You Are What You Love!

Aside from water and physical objects, we also leave energetic imprints or “impressions” upon others. This is a matter of how our energies wear on others. All energy signatures have distinct qualities and with practice we can learn to read them.
For instance, if we like the way our energy looks upon someone we end up taking on that persons qualities. If we find that we like the image we see of ourselves in the other person we have a friendship. If we love the way our own image looks on the other we have a love relationship. This is why people in relationships and those that have been together for long periods of time begin to look like each other. We even see this between animals and their caretakers. It’s a reflective effect. Like attraction energies attracts like! When we face the mirror of our attraction we may wish to ask, "Do I like what I am attracting and do I like what stands before me ?" What we attract shows us much about ourselves. How great is our love for self with the trials as lessons hard won in the process to greater Self Love?

Sentient Earth

Love is the most powerful vibration. If our hearts are filled with love we can change our surroundings by our mere presence because love has the capacity to infuse the molecules around us with particles of our love. What we love becomes a part of us and us of it. It’s a two way reception, a give and take. A power sharing arrangement. The more hollow or coherent, as in emotionally processed, the more we become aligned with the rhythm of the planetary - Kosmic heartbeat. Our sentient Earth mother sees awakened human consciousness as squiggles or undulating waves. The impulse is FLOW.

The emotional quotient or energetic gage of people living in any particular area has the capacity to alter the Earth through the reflection of the collective light. When I lived in Hamburg, Germany and traveled along the autobahn to my summer home in Schleswig Holstein, I could feel the dense areas that held deep pain. I learned that a concentration camp was near energetically imprinted with fear, subjugation and violence. I felt the dark disturbing energy that absorbed the light. The Earth held within her body, the fear vibration of heinous acts plotted against humans/Nature as she does with any large negative event, i.e the bloodshed of wars, slaughtering of animals.

Love is a state of vibrational harmonization, an ability to feel resonance with all expressions of life.
~ Keylontic Science

Just like a traumatizing experience creates blockages in the physical body, the impact of negative events at the planetary level creates miasms or blockages in the life flow of the Earth. This concentration of stuck energy in the Earthen body disrupts flow and clogs the earth's energy channels. The effects are expressed as cataclysm in some form as way of release into harmony and balance. In contrast to fear imprints, if we visit a place where the people hold love in their hearts light is reflected in an entirely different manner. We feel peace, sacredness or an awakened consciousness in the environment. The energy is vibrant, open and inviting. It is this way that Earth is a reflector of our love. She takes on our light particles and reflects sunlight differently depending on the consciousness of those living daily in that particular area. Wherever we go, the reflection of the light differs, although it is simply the same light just reflected through different levels of heart consciousness and their myriad expressions of energy. This is the collective consciousness of a particular area.

The Evolution of Love

It is entirely possible for us to blend together the light of our multidimensional hearts without losing our uniqueness. This is the basis of empathic communion - The Law of Union, which is antithesis to the manufactured Laws created by humans that separate, divide and polarize life into fragments, where vital perception of the whole of life is lost. While the contrast is how we create in a physical body, we need not distort or disconnect from the higher stream of our core vibrational Being. To awaken to our ensoulment signature requires tapping into the undivided stream of wellbeing of Communion Consciousness.

How do we manifest love during this transformative period of incoming spiritual energies? Love is the goal in both the personal and universal sense and as humanity evolves out of individual selfishness (ethnocentricity) and into the direction of increasing care and concern for others (worldcentricity), we traverse the way of compassionate unfoldment. To walk in the human condition while carrying the powers of the heart is an expression never before seen. This is the path of the Spiritual Warrior who summons the courage and strength of the sovereign Soul to express a universal love without being crushed by the experiences of pain or deterred by the inertia of obstacles abound in our world.

The Secret Ingredient is
Self Conscious Spirit

I Know Who I AM!
I Have Found My Wings!
I Can Fly!
Initiate Me!

We each hold the possibility of carrying our full powers of spirit while still in physical form. However, to hold the power of Love it must be balanced with responsibility. This means that we take our power back right where we are and allow entry into a crises of reorientation. The process of trust in ourselves brings alignment of the lower self (lower mind) with higher Self (higher mind) in order to function from intuition (synthesis of heart & mind). We learn to master our “own” thoughts by breaking down old thoughtforms and examine those beliefs (programs) and our responses. We bring death to our emotional habit patterns and begin to take responsibility for our own happiness. Once we allow this process, our developed character can harness the powers of creation and participate with the full creative energy of our Spirit. We each are to find our wings…spread them, take the Leap and fly! Trust!

The action of taking a leap of faith produces a vital shift in consciousness that creates a path beneath our feet just before they actually hit the ground. We may not be able to physically see the path, although it is there for we have built an inner channel, a bridge that connects the the inner life with the Soul of humanity and that Self with the planet and greater galactic realities.

If we accept the challenge to carry and use our co-creative powers, our days ahead flow with Grace, joy and passion. The choice is for each to make. Release and trust the process! Faith has no need to control a situation.

Acceleration of Consciousness - Hurry Up! Wake Up!

The evolutionary path of humanity is ever in motion. Change is a constant. The vibration of our collective energies towards life affirming change in society are beginning to take shape as more people gather to participate in sustainable lifestyles. To step into full creative power sets the tone as to how the current World Game in motion will unfold. There are forces that do not wish to Liberate the Life Principle. All attempts to dominate Nature, the human will, intelligence and the emotions into automaton is the Death Urge Agenda. The death Urge Agenda is the intrinsinc nature and structure of evil. Do we surrender to terrible consequences because we give our creative sovereign powers away? Or do we center in self-empowerment and rise to the occasion of human, Earthly and world need and to finally, catapult the evolution of humanity much farther than ever thought possible into new spectrums of light, earthen realities yet created? Gather forth Brothers and Sisters of Earth into Global Communion for we are ready to make a collective Quantum leap into Presence and certitude.

This truly is a battle between the Life Urge of Spirit and the Dearth Urge Agenda of human Evil and the Archontic intra-spychic parasitic forces that feed off of human energies. Awaken from the illusion that divides the Self from its inherent divinity! Force is the great destroyer of Love, while Power is born from knowing Self as Love.

Find your Wings -
be your own light and govern the Law of your own Being through the Spirit in Nature. You are what you Love! Be it

Circle of Life

I honor the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Trust, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me,
We are One.


Expanding Consciousness

The Essence of all Experience is Consciousness.

It is the common element of all experience.
It is the one undoubtable fact of all life.
It is that within which all our experience is constructed.
It is the essence and substance of everything we know.
It is the ultimate reality.

This essence is the essence of everyone, whatever their race, age, gender,
background, rich or poor; whatever their time.

Whatever they think, experience or believe, they are all conscious
beings like myself, and thus share the same inner essence.

This essence is the essence of all sentient beings whatever their body,
senses or nervous systems, whatever their perception of the world.

Where we differ from other creatures is not in consciousness itself,
but in the picture that is painted in our consciousness.

Human beings are privileged in that they have the potential to become
aware of this inner essence, to know God in this sense.

This essence I choose to call God.

~Peter Russell