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Alignment & Integration
By Alisa Battaglia, BD, CHT, EFT

Ecology of the Spirit Self-Healing Series

Alignment & Integration
Abstract Coordinates of Ascension

Master your senses, what you taste and smell, what you see, what you hear.
In all things be a master of what you do and say and think. Be free.
Are you quiet? Quieten your body. Quieten your mind.
By your own efforts Waken yourself, watch yourself, And live joyfully.
Follow the truth of the way. Reflect upon it. Make it your own. Live it.
It will always sustain you. ~From the Dhammapada



©2005 By Alisa Battaglia


This manual may not be reproduced in part or whole without expressed permission of the author.


Harmony to Ascend

Through the round of many births I roamed without reward, without rest,
seeking the house-builder. Painful is birth again & again.

House-builder, you're seen! You will not build a house again.
All your rafters broken, the ridge pole destroyed, gone to the Unformed,
the mind has come to the end of craving.
~Dhammapada, 11, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

It is now time to distance yourself from all those who do not seek to embrace harmony in their lives. All those who wish to embody harmony may wish to:

Strive to remain in a state of harmony at all times, with all of creation and all of nature. For without harmony, there is discord. With discord conflict ensues and there is destruction on both inner and outer levels.

Regardless of what people may do or say, always strive to "remain in harmony." Control your reactions even if someone tries to hurt you. If they do, bless them, and let them go. Do not allow them to impregnate your reality.

If you encounter a disharmonious situation, then distance yourself. You have no obligation to remain where harmony does not reign.

Seek truth and harmony at all times. Do not deviate from the Path of Heart. Those who continue to resist the new energies now flooding the planet will not be able to resist much longer. Those who resist transformation are the cause of their own suffering and self-destruction (disease, death, accidents, and so on). The new energies are increasing with intensity to bring about the changes and transformations necessary on New Earth.

Choose to no longer entertain feelings of discord and guilt. Never be sorry for what you are or what you are going through to balance your debts towards life. Rather strive always to improve yourself.

Choose Harmony to be the number one quality in your life, and be assured that it will pave your way for admittance into the Halls of Ascension. You will know when you have reached that level because then nothing will bother you. Whatever people say or do to you, it will not grieve your heart one way or the other.

Someone who is in total harmony is content with Creation. That someone holds total acceptance of what is. When you become that, you are ready for your ascension.


The Evolutionary Process of the Soul

"Knowledge is not the accumulation of data or the information of thought.
True knowledge is to merge with the living field of knowing itself."

On the journey of self-discovery, we all spiral through stages that release us from the limitations that stand between the egoic personality and the awareness of our Soul. Each evolving stage unravels kaleidoscopic facets of our pain reflected by our limitations, blockages and imbalances in our bodies' energy system until they are dissolute. As these limiting patterns and energy blockages of our sheathing process are released, we are able to recognize our maladaptive patterns and understand why they no longer support our greatest need, which is to mend our ailing wounds. It is always our unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and judgments that create the experience of fear based emotions. Emotions are intimateley linked to the braid of DNA that enables our capacity to ascend - to enter into longevity. So, paying great attention to maintaining good feeling states by managing our vibrations is a major priority on the Ascensive Path.

While the process we experience in our quest is unique, we each must pass through a graduating or ascending awareness - an activation of consciousness that opens us up to a wider vision of life and horizontal growth. When we experience an activation of understanding and spiritual light, our energy field gradually expands and becomes brighter and subtler and we move to the next phase of refinement. Each stage of horizontal development (earth life) and vertical growth (spiritual life) must be complete to move into a new way of being, to connect fully with our Soul's purpose and to achieve genuine liberation. With each initiation, from one stage of awareness expanding to another, we recognize more fully our divinity, which brings to us a life more closely filled with joy, love and liberation--all that characterizes the experience of the Soul.

Mastering the Seven Phases of Inner Alignment
Summary of Integration Process of Increasing Awareness & Expansion

“Life must be seen from the angle of the soul, not from the world.”

e are in transformational times amidst a collective initiation as part of a larger Kosmic transition. The more the human family prepares to move into a new way of being passing through the phases of development of increasing vibrational sensitivity and attunement, the more quickly we are able to make spiritual progress and raise our light quotient to ascend. Ascension (reunification with) is an evolutionary process of expanding consciousness that never loses awareness of its Source. It is always connected to the Source power that fuels it regardless of its current state or location in the great infinite.

This process of nature is part of humanties natural spiritual growth since birth incarnation on the Earth. Acceleration of this natural evolution allows us to make spiritual progress in a month rather than over a period of years or even lifetimes.

The "quickening" of development and expansion of consciousness is what Ascenison is about. It is the desire of the individualized consciousness to be in sacred union with "All That Is" and physical matter (Earth). Thus expanding awareness expresses itself in and through its individual parts, not in its whole, yet the whole is ever contained within the parts. At the intersection of this awareness we rebirth ourselves into the world of form with the awakened knowing that we are Divine Beings creating Heaven on Earth.

Humanity exists in a time of great opportunity and tremendous challenge, but as with anything of value, the experience of joy, love and liberation as a result of integration comes at a price. The price for self/collective liberation is high. The choice for advancement asks us to be willing to take responsibility for ourselves in surrendering our falsehoods, bargaining and mediocrity and to fully commit to the creative self-fulfillment of our Soul's path. Fortunately, the organic unfoldment of our Soul's purpose is exciting and also our greatest joy. It is why we are here on Earth. However, the process of expanding consciousness in many societies has become sidetracked. One such way is the continual identification with the physical body in the atttempt to find fulfillment through physical senses. Another way has been to understand "mind" and "spirit" from the operation of a physical brain, as it is "mind" that expresses through the physical body not the other way around.

With this in mind, we see that there are varying degrees to which we are aware of our own Divine nature as there are varying degrees to which we express our Divinity. In the first three phases of alignment, we see that they are personality interactive and that they concern the development and cohesion between the physical, emotional and mental bodies into an individuated or integrated three-fold human. When the primary layers of imbalance within the physical, emotional and mental bodies are cleared to function in a more unified rhythm, the first phase or initiation is completed. With each developmental phase there are limitations of opposites that must be overcome in that we may integrate the healing process and move to the next evolving level. The goal is to be non-reactionary in all the bodies - in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Inner transformation is relative to how we each honor our physical body, the quality of our subjective life and clarity of emotional expression in response to circumstances and the environment. Our individual spiritual status or stage of development and state of consciousness is congruent to our level of willingness. In other words, no matter what or where we would like to be in the future-the Self is preserved in the moment and is thus, where personal work begins.


Phase One Alignment has its focus on physical body awareness that serves as a grounding force for the Soul. The physical-etheric body must be well cared for through proper nutrition, exercise and inner dialogue so that it may effectively process its internal and external environment via healthy reception and expression. Developing a rhythmic relationship with our environment is inclusive not only of attentiveness to our immediate surroundings, but an interconnectedness of life in tandem with nature and the greater biorhythmic circuit of our Universe. When we live against nature and disconnect from the whole of life we live against ourselves and begin to erode. Here we learn how to bring discipline to the body.

• Understand the Laws of the Physical Plane
• CARE Wellness Program; Part I- Physical Detoxification, Nutrition & Supplementation
• Exercise/Movement/Body Language
• Body Awareness-connecting mind, feelings with body
• Grounding-connect the etheric with physical body & Earth
• Develop Awareness of Surroundings-attunement with nature & environment
•Create Positive Life Affirming Habits
• Notice the Effects we have on Others--Observe Responses (Action vs Reaction)
• Instinct responses, reactions and reflexes are an integral part of the ego structure. It is the first call that leads us to respond to our Soul Note.
• Understand the Ego Mechanics: The response of the ego structure to its environing material world (physical, emotional, mental), its defense mechanisms and the power of personal will.

Phase Two Alignment focuses on clearing emotionally conditioned systems and physical habits through the feeling body. We begin to understand the aggressive, fearful energies and illusion of separation behind our patterns that is losing grip upon us. We learn to pause and assess the actual threat of a situation before we emotionally react. The intentionality of adapting new emotional patterns reinforces new behavior that supports an integrating and changing body. What we feel and do is congruent.

• Understand the Laws of the Emotional Plane
• Inner Observation-Witness of Emotional Reactivity--Response to Crisis and Tension
• Examine the Nature of Emotions
• Power Imbalances--Aggression & FEAR Patterns
• Examine Relationship Patterns
• Emotional Purification--Clearing Negative Emotional Patterns--THETA Healing, EFT & Meditation
• In Mastery of Creative Spiritual Energy

Phase Three Alignment clears the first layer of co-dependence freeing ourselves from the hold of mass consciousness. This concerns repatterning the brains neural pathways of imprinted patterns that hold thoughts and beliefs as true and replacing them with new ideas and values. Like resetting a clock for a new time zone we shift in complete mental perspective. New healthy patterns are reinforced through vigilance and practice. How we think about ourselves, our clarity of expression and our ability to respond becomes congruent with our new perspective. The body, emotions and mind are becoming an integrated dynamic personality. Self-empowerment becomes the way of life action and the reality of a deeper meaning of life sinks in.

On an outer level we become aware of how other people, groups and social systems exert control over the human collective mind and we take the steps needed to be free to follow our unique path. While this may sound exciting, this period is particularly painful and requires the Will of the Inner Warrior because as we withdraw our identification from mass consciousness, we subject ourselves to the scrutiny of our family, associates and peers. At this stage we begin to practice intelligent living.

• Understand the Laws of the Lower Mental Plane
• Examine the Nature of Mind--The Instrument of Thought
• Mental Habits & Patterns of the Brains Neural Pathways
• Thought Building--Planting Seed Thoughts
• Examine Belief Systems; Dispel Illusion
• Eliminate Power Struggles
• Work on personality life: Character Integration, Eliminate Self Limitations, Addictions, Fix Inadequacies in Conduct
• An increasing Withdrawal of Identification from Mass Consciousness is the result of inner alignment
• Create New & Healthy Perspectives that are wholistic
• Personality Invokes the Soul

Phase Four Alignment marks a deeply intropsective period that awakens us to the possibility that there is more to life than meets the eye. The desire to seek outwardly for fulfillment shifts inward for a deeper and more meaningful existence. It is a gradual integration into the heart space that we discover a more meaningful reality, authenticity and deeper meaning to life through the heart of compassion.

The experience of individuation depends upon our conditioning and may look differently, but this stage is easily characterized when selfishness begins to give way to selflessness. The impetus is mainly upon healthy relationships in development with those of like consciousness, for instance connecting with our soul group for support and co-creation. Relationships begin with our selves and we consciously focus on clearing core emotional blockages, which includes healing the dark side of the inner child, past lives and clearing contracts on interdimensional levels. There is a willingness to release any impacted experiences of the past that holds us back from being present. The gift of clearing the emotional body is an increase in spiritual light and a stronger relationship with Soul.

As the personality vehicle senses completion or has reached integration enough to enter the heart of compassion we open and embrace the Love that we are in celebration to the awakening of our Authentic Self. This recognition marks the culmination of inner work that identifies Soul as self as the center of our reality.

• Understand the Laws of the Higher Mental Plane of Intuition
• Mental Rapport or Telepathy: Examine the Nature of Intuition which illumines the mind; Understand & Trust information projected on the Soul's Mind-Screen.
• Ability to raise the conscious mind to contact the Soul and evoke the intuition
• Trust overturns Fear: Love and Trust are the first qualities to develop to overcome the strictures of fear
• Greater receptivity to feeling compassion for self, others and nature
• Eliminate the capacity to: Express irritation, Misunderstand, Criticize, stand in Judgment
• Desire to Connect in authentic ways--to express Compassion of the opening Heart to Create viable Change
• New Belief Systems from the Heart of Awareness Anchors in a new Reality
• Cultivation of Self Love, increasing compassion and Goodwill toward all
• Personality life increasingly gives way to creative urge of the Soul
• Attracts and synchronizes with those of similar type and like mind because of ray, karmic relationships, point of evolution and love for humanity
• Submission to the Fire of Love that burns and destroys all barriers in one’s nature; all separating walls between individuals, between groups and between nations. Are you Ready?
• Build the Rainbow Bridge--the Antakarana-the gateway linking the personality with the Soul

Phase Five Alignment is the second Initiation that marks a definite shift in focus leading us to the doorway of higher evolution through the demonstration or manifestation of the spirit of Love through Wisdom. Here we integrate the polarities of personal and group archetypes and move into the Soul's expression uncovering our true purpose. At this juncture we continue to uncover the blockages that phase four began which prevents us from fully embracing our soul's purpose. Here we examine roles more deeply as they play out in our interactions with others. These are the archetypal roles that we resonate with; build concepts around; and the different experiences we create as we role-play as male and females, friends, siblings, lovers or partners, as parents, employees or employers and spiritual aspirants, and so on. The goal here is to release any limitations in our relationships that prevent us from being authentic, which means that the achievement of sovereignty requires us to transcend the limitations of polarity via integration of the group archetypes and their lessons.

Familiar examples of include: Initiator of Action or Cowardice, Controller or Supplicant, Aggressor or Pacifist, Manipulator or Victim, Saviorship or Victimhood, Conformer or Rebel, Know-It-All or Fool, Builder or Destroyer, and so on.

As clearing progresses our connection with Soul gains strength and we develop the roots of self-empowerment and move forward in strength onto our 'Own Authentic Path' of expression. We have survived the scrutiny of those around us and seek to achieve sovereignty and self-reliance. The forefront of this phase of development is engaged in increasing our sensitivity to the in-pouring of higher energies that nourishes our desire to follow our Soul's path in our unique form of expression. This accelerated life practice is accompanied by the birth of a new sense of liberation and personal power that continually unfolds and strengthens over time. There is a definite and expressed realization through voice or some form of creative expression that all of life is ever interconnected. The mind focus is upon creating depth of the vertical life (spiritual) that reaches from earth’s realm to the Kosmos. Tools of self-empowerment are taught for use along the journey of self-mastery.

• Study Forces, their Origin and Effects
• Clarity brought between conflict between the Pairs of Opposites; Confusion as to Motives; Sacrifice & Purpose
• Expression of Truth through Creativity or Service
• Work with positively sensed intuitions, definite soul impressions and impulses evoked through meditation and growing purity of intention
. See Triangles.
• Soul Identification and Unity Consciousness
• In purpose with Soul Path

Phase Six and Seven Alignments constitute advanced stages of human development available during this world cycle to those who aspire farther along the evolutionary line of development. The consciousness of the Soul is the perfecting agent and controller of the mind in tandem with the demonstration of love in action. On a physical level this requires a total clearing to create joy, love and freedom in all aspects of our life.

Phase Six Alignment entails the capacity of greater vision for purposeful work gained through integration in phase five. The intellect, intuition and heart are now engaged in refined union towards the reflection of our Divine nature.The Spiritual Will seeks to manifest Soul life upon the foundation of Earth. In order to achieve this feat, we must have cleared most of our personal blockages and have recognized the degree that the Matrix or societies structures had bound us in addictive consciousness-attachments. Essentially, our attachments are based upon the illusory fear of losing our things (life’s trappings).

Like mice we run on a treadmill and out of fear we continue without recognizing the possibility of simply stopping and getting off. As we clear our personal blockages our vision broadens to the awareness of this phenomenon and there is a greater understanding of the world systems, which impact all of humanity through the veins of culture or channels of living. It is only at this point of awareness can we assist in the collective exploration of higher forms of expression. Examples of the World Systems Matrix include the: Monetary and Banking System, Taxation System, City, State, and Federal Governments, Organized Religions, Education System, Medical System and the Media.

With Integration we have reached the point where we have transcended the lessons of this dimension of reality and are ready to move fully into a higher dimensional experience of joy, love and freedom. With our energy field energetically coherent we may connect with our divine blueprint that anchors this higher dimensional experience into our life. This concerns correcting the etheric grid work and re-aligning our energetic bodies to reflect the wishes and intentions of the Universal Soul for Divine purpose alone.

• Group Consciousness: A consciousness devoid of self interest and always preoccupied with the essentials of spiritual living
• Spiritual Instinct--The capacity of the soul to register contact with the Hierarchy of which the soul is a part & personality vehicle.
• Clear Vision to recognize and Know Purpose
• Careful discrimination between the high grade personality inclinations: responses to truth and ideals; true Soul reactions; Spiritual Wisdom; and Intuitive Perception.

Phase Seven Alignment is the refinement of integration leading to mastery of the subtle body connections with spiritual energies that express our Soul’s purpose. It concerns the effective wielding of force and awareness to detect blockages and imbalance in each moment and to move forward in willingness to use this awareness to monitor our selves on multi-dimensional levels. We must also be willing to excavate the roots of any remaining fear, anger and unresolved emotions and do whatever it takes to pull them or neutralize their effects. Accepting full responsibility for our selves and our actions takes commitment. This is especially important, as the auric field that surrounds us has become more subtle, expansive and magnetic enough to have an impact on people around us. As a living influence our unbridled expressions of negativity can actually be harmful to others.

As we open the possibility of anchoring into a higher dimensional grid via the construction of the Rainbow Bridge or Antahkarana, the transcendence from matter to spirit, we connect fully with our intuitive and clairvoyant abilities along with the higher dimensions that make true co-creation possible. The Light Body provides an access channel or cable to intra-dimensions that involves a preservation of triple states of awareness through focused points of tension: The awareness of our own identity, in that the physical body is a vehicle for Soul life expression; a Soul contact that is registered via the brain brings increasing fusion between the Soul and the integrated personality; and finally, the Soul in incarnation that establishes a relation with Spirit. While in the physical vehicle, this tiny point of consciousness that is eternally present is aware of these factors and yet preserves its own identity. This is the capacity of a multi-dimensional human who is capable of traversing the various fields of consciousness to manifest spirit on earth opening us to the experience of co-creation of the divine plan for humanity. This state of awareness also provides a role in assisting humanity through the transition we are collectively undergoing. While the price is high and the road is narrow, the rewards of moving through this stage are tremendous, which concerns how to direct the inpouring energies of the Soul and higher sources of God power into realms of activity for spiritual practice and spiritual service to humanity, as well as harmonizing energies or anchoring in a new etheric mass consciousness grid as a necessary part of bridging in a new reality.

• Work with and under Divine Law & Principle
• Consciousness devoid of self interest and always preoccupied with the essentials of spiritual living
• Through Visualization, power of focused and directed thought, speech, the seed thought begins to materialize and take form (in line with the plan of Love & Light).
• Guide humanity out of bondage/from slavery to freedom of thought and action
• Aid & Support Spiritual Leaders with Love (i.e. Dalai Lama)
• Reorganize the mass consciousness grid
as the mind becomes the vehicle for Soul life. Support of a new spiritual template or blueprint for organization that ensures proper distribution and alignment of love and light that is responsive to the inflow of Spiritual energies.
See Christos or Unity Consciousness Grid

©Alisa Battaglia

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