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Mass Consciousness Grids

By Alisa Battaglia

"The outer web of musical light created the inner earthly one and held it there in its dance of tension. It is a connecting feeding mesh (like an electric grid of humanity)."  ~Doris Lessing

Part 1

Grids are actually fractal and holographic, and they span all of creation including its many dimensional levels. They are not just on Earth, but correspond to the physical universe. The physical universe does not exist without these grids. They are needed to ensure the appropriate distribution of life-force energy, provide the templates needed for material creation, and much more. Not only that, but they are a physicalized expression of the sacred code of creation itself. They are not inanimate "objects" - they are a blueprint of consciousness itself, expressed in a harmonic form.”
~Ron Holt, Director of Flower of Life research

The stratification of grid templates from spirit to matter is an interdimensional metamorphosis in the passage from one plane of existence to another - the bridge between mind and physical matter for both the planet and humanity. This stepping down of worlds within worlds through Earths gradations of fabric density from the etheric, the electrical, to the gaseous, fluid and the denser material, affects each level from the very sublime to the dense. It is the "Grounding of Spirit into Matter" - into the Sublime!

Keep in mind that the purpose of the web network or grids are to serve as a guide or etheric blueprint for organization that ensures proper distribution and alignment of the needed "elemental components," which are the building blocks for creation - a template for its constructive flow and purpose of existence. Life force energy and the many sonic frequencies maintain an effective energetic phase relationship of the planets frequency spectrum, both inside the biological body and outside it, in a constellative connection with the Earth's Organic prototypal design of energy within and light laid out upon Her surface. This foundational informing network with its own focal points of communication pathways serves as a bridge that transfers positive evolutionary energies between our planet's physical and energetic manifestations. The Organic Grid Network (OGN) is the mediator/spiritual interlink for the blending of Kosmic and terrestrial energies in consciousness spiritually irradiating the landscape by distributing the vibrations of Love and Light for the activation of the seed crystal carried within each human heart. The "Cultivated Innerdiamond" is the natural evolution of personal "Self Mastery of the Heart with the Spirit in Nature and with understanding of the Laws on their own Planes in order that we may be vigil in our fine tuning with Spirit using Body Wisdom with the supernatural realities of our planetary life.

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